We hear the call of Terry’s Costumes!

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Have you been hearing the call of the Outlander Costumes like we have?  Well, when Terry Dresbach’s Outlander costumes became available for viewing at the Paley Center in Beverly Hills, once again and without hesitation, we dropped everything and answer that call. Here’s our our adventure.

Sass3 eagerly prepares to head north for the two hour drive to Los Angeles. Our husbands and families surrendering, as always, to our Outlandish obsession and ready themselves for another day of our absence. As we hit the road, we look to them with appreciation for tolerating our love of the books. We give them one last wave good-bye and drive off!

The traffic to LA usually takes us 2 to 2 1/2 hours, but we hit unexpected pockets of gridlock. The Waze traffic app was our savior as we listen to Simon’s British accent direct us to our destinations.1aWe make the most of the day and head to the Griffith Observatory before the 12 o’clock opening of Paley Center. The Observatory has nice views of the city and the infamous “Hollywood” sign.  Like the rest of the tourist, we make the trek uphill to get that perfect snap-shot with the billboard.

The Los Angeles haze blankets the sky, but we can still see that iconic Hollywood symbol. On a nice clear day,  great panoramic views of the city can be seen. Today we are out of luck!

1bView from Griffith Observatory

Our stomachs growl to signal lunch so we drive to La Conversation, a French café and bakery, for a quick meal.

1c (2)This cute café, located in West Hollywood, serves salads, wraps, and pastries. If you are a sushi lover, we highly suggest ordering the sushi wrap. It’s a hefty size with tons of ahi (raw tuna) – a refreshing meal for a warm afternoon. Or try the turkey with brie and caramelized onions panini with cucumber water, another light, but filling dish.

Next, we head to the Paley Center for Media to view the long-awaited costumes. The Artistry of Outlander, an exhibit of the costumes and set design, for Outlander Season 2 is scheduled to last until August 14.

We park at a structure that offers free 2 hour parking which is located just one block from the center. We discover there is another one right across the street as well. 2For Trekie fans, the Paley Center is also featuring an exhibit for you, Transported: 50 Years of Star Trek.

1cThe admission to the center is free, but we each give a $10 donation.

2aAfter giving our donations, we are greeted by this! For a moment, we pretend to be the strong-willed Claire Fraser and imagine elegantly wearing THE red dress.

We, of course, take NUMEROUS photos just to get the perfect picture! To other on-lookers we must seem a bit fanatic, but this was OUR day to escape into the world of Outlander. So we take our sweet time to savor it all!

We climb the stairs to the 2nd floor which is dedicated to the costumes and set designs. Our excitement gets the best of us as we each go our separate ways. We survey the room and examine closely, without touching, each costume. The detail of every outfit is exquisite – down to the hand painted patterns and embroidery.

Let’s take a look!

King Louis XV’s suit


A panoramic of some of the costumes.

Claire’s peacock silk gown
Claire’s poison detecting necklace

On the left is Louise de Rohan’s pistachio embroidered gown with matching furbelows, gold lace engageantes, gold lace trim, and silk flowers. On the right is King Louis XV ‘s embroidered silk suit. Embroidery by Outlander’s Costume Department Embroidery Team

Annalise de Marillac’s pink silk casaquain with silver and lavender skirt
6 (2)
See the detail of their craft

Comte St. Germain’s silver suite with metal trim and turquoise waistcoat
See the metal trim and hardware?

Louise de Rohan’s robin’s egg blue with striped silk trim furbelows and antique lace engageantes


Terry’s cute dog is the center piece of this purse.

PaleyJune30 (129)
Comte St. Germain’s brown silk suit with pink embroidered waist coat
Embroidery by Outlander’s Costume Department Embroidery Team

Comte St. Germain’s purple embroidered silk suit with chartreuse waist coat
Embroidery by Outlander’s Costume Department Embroidery Team

Claire Fraser’s saffron silk gown and cape with organza engageantes and hand-painted stomacher and skirt
Hand painting by Outlander Costume Department’s Textile Artist

Comte St. Germain’s turquoise hand-painted silk suit
Hand painting by Outlander Costume Departments Textile Artist

Comte St. Germain’s gold embroidered silk suit with purple waist coat

Embroidery by Outlander’s Costume Department Embroidery Team

12 (2)
Prince Charles Stuart’s pink embroidered suit

PaleyJune30 (186)
Embroidery by Outlander’s Costume Department Embroidery Team

Louise de Rohan’s hand-painted muslin day dress – see the paneling?

Hand painting by Outlander Costume Department’s Textile Artist

On the left is Jamie Fraser’s silk wool suit with grey silk embroidered waist coat. On the right is Claire Fraser’s grey silk day dress with white organza sleeves and antique chatelaine.
Embroidery by Outlander’s Costume Department Embroidery Team
Jamie and Claire Fraser

King Louis XV’s hand-painted maroon silk banyan and Claire Fraser’s hand-painted dressing robe;  Hand painting by Outlander Costume Departments Textile Artist

Claire Fraser’s blueberry wool silk gown and hooded bruinswick jacket with red embroidery; Embroidery by Outlander’s Costume Department Embroidery Team

Claire Fraser’s red evening gown.
Jamie Fraser’s black silk suit with cream embroidered waistcoat; Embroidery by Outlander’s Costume Department Embroidery Team

30Some models of the set. Along the wall are images of set designs and plans. Models are also on display in glass cases.

MediaA station with videos of behind-the-scenes and set designs available

coverWe take one last look before departing.

*Note:  Most of the costume descriptions are from Paley Center for Media displays.

33We continue to make the most of day and drive to Whimsic Alley. It offers some Outlander items and  gifts from other shows/books like Game of Thrones, Sherlock, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Downtown Abbey and more. Themed parties and events are also hosted in their party room located at the back of the store.

34On display, a Jamie Fraser t-shirt which can be purchased inside.

36We end our day with some treats from Milk Jar Cookies next door.


38This place is really quaint!

38aThey offer many types of baked cookies – what should we choose?

38bThey look decadent!

39We order coffee, 1 white chocolate raspberry cookie, 1 chocolate pecan caramel cookie, and 1 cinnamon sugar cookie.

40Jamie and Claire had to get their fill too!

41And half a dozen order for our loved ones!

35We end our fabulous day and bid farewell to Los Angeles. We’ll be back, for sure, when Outlander comes a-callin’!

All photos from our blogs is owned by Timeless Sass3nach Journeys, unless noted or attributed. The use of our photos is not permitted unless consent is given.

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10 thoughts on “We hear the call of Terry’s Costumes!”

  1. Love, love this recount of your day trip! I have to admit, having been raised around quilters, I can admire/appreciate the artwork & respect the time/effort that goes into the detail, the costumes aren’t usually at the top of my list of attractions but you definitely had my attention and peaked my interest. Though it makes me a little sad that I couldn’t share in the excitement with y’all, I feel like a part of me was, and who knows, maybe someday I will😆. Thank you so much for sharing this. I look forward to living vicariously through your future adventures.

  2. I’m inspired! I’ve been thinking about writing my own blog about some of the trips I’ve been on but I’m wondering who the heck would read it? Hehe. Still considering it, but this is awesome that you guys started this…a different way to express a passion! Keep it up!

    1. Vera,
      We are pleased that this brings you inspiration! We would love to hear about your trips through your own blog! Let us know when that happens!

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your escapade. Thank you for sharing your joyous journey with fellow Outlander fans. As well as sharing great spot eateries in L.A. I love the Outlander books but in no way consider myself an aficionado, reading your blog motivates me to stay tuned to learn about behind the scenes while I enjoy watching the series on Starz. Great job ladies keep up the excellent work!

  4. Wow Ladies!

    You’ve out done yourselves. This blog is outstanding and very well put together. I’m very impressed and appreciate the glimpse into Terry’s world of costumes. I’m hoping to visit before end of July when my Sister Yoli is here for her yearly visit.

    Keep up the blog! Oh and I can’t wait to join you three on one of your Outlander adventures!

    1. Thanks Connie! You and Yoli will absolutely LOVE Terry’s incredible costumes and Gary’s sets as well. We’d love to have you along on one of our Journeys! XO

  5. It’s so professional looking, that I wouldn’t have thought three busy ladies would have the time or the ability. Thank you for these wonderful pictures. My eyes didn’t rest until every detail was noticed. <3

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