The Sass3nachs Journey to San Diego Comic-Con : With Insights of Terry Dresbach and Bear McCreary Panels

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Whether you have San Diego Comic-Con passes or not, going downtown during this event is quite an adventure!


This blog will include getting to Comic-Con, exhibits to see if you don’t have a badge, and an interview from a friend who attended the Terry and Bear panels.

Here are some tips on getting downtown and enjoying Comic-Con.

Getting downtown for Comic-Con

Of course you could drive to downtown San Diego in order to attend Comic-Con, but you’ll be fighting traffic and paying quite a bit for parking- if you can even find any!

Our preferred method to get to Comic-Con is taking the Metropolitan Transit System (MTS) trolley.

During Comic-Con trolleys are covered with event-related scenes.

The trolley schedule is altered for Comic-Con in order to accommodate the amount of riders headed to the event.  Trolleys usually arrive within 7.5 to 15 minutes (depending on the time of day and station) so waiting for a trolley car isn’t a big deal. For SDCC 2016, this was the trolley schedule.

We drove and parked our car at Qualcomm Stadium.  We find that this station has plenty of parking and is well-lit at night for our return to the car. It’s our go-to station.

Also, while riding the trolley we noticed the further we go west, the trolley car became crowded; so boarding at the stadium offers enough room to board.  The Hazard Center station is another good one with ample underground parking.

Qualcomm Stadium station


You can purchase your ticket at the trolley station or buy a mobile ticket by using the mTicket app on your phone, as we did. The mTicket app is free, but there could be standard data and usage charges.



By using mTicket you can bypass the lines at the ticket machines/booths. According to the MTS website, “One-, two-, three- and four-day Trolley passes can be purchased for mTicket-supported events. Day passes are valid for the entire service day.” This is great for ComicCon whether you’re lucky enough to have purchased the full 4-day SDCC badges or are just going for one day. A one-day ticket costs $5.50. Even though you can buy the mTicket prior to getting to the trolley station, mTickets are to be activated just prior to boarding the trolley.

You can purchase mTickets for up to 5 people on one device, but ALL riders must board together!  Be sure your device’s battery doesn’t die as you will then be responsible to pay a cash fare or you may receive a citation.  Maybe a screenshot of the activated ticket would be a good idea, just in case your phone dies during the day!

screenshot of mTicket

Mobile tickets are available for other special events in San Diego such as Charger, Padres and Aztec games. The mTicket app has an up-to-date list of events.

If you don’t want to use your phone to purchase tickets, you can get your ticket at the automated ticket machine for $7 or the cash car for $6. 


MTS Cash Car

Get off at the Convention Center station and you’re at the scene of Comic-Con!

Convention Center trolley station drops you off in front of the Convention Center
Convention Center trolley station drops you off right in front of the Convention Center

So Much To Do Outside of SDCC

Don’t have passes to San Diego Comic-Con?  No worries- there’s still PLENTY to do outside!  Many of the activities are even family friendly.


Of course, pubs and restaurants are open during Comic-Con, many with Comic-Con specials.  There are also special booths, photo ops, and events going on around the downtown area!

ComicCon drink specials at Bar Vie on 6th Ave in Gaslamp Quarter
Comic-Con drink specials at Bar Vie on 6th Ave in Gaslamp Quarter at Marriott Residence Inn

We visited the Batman vs. Superman Fan Experience in the Gaslamp Square.  There were photo ops with the Superman statue and Batmobile.



There were several free items being passed out- we just HAD to get the Wonder Woman headband!13626389_10209680666190482_6143783898386632504_n

Then we were ready to head over to find the Wonder Woman Invisible Jet Display at Island and 6th Ave.  The Wonder Woman movie is scheduled to be in theaters on June 2, 2017.

With a simple #WonderWoman75 hashtag post on Instagram you could get a sticker print-out of your photos!



In addition to the invisible jet, they also had a few Wonder Woman paintings.  A group of female superheroes came by to pose with fans as well!

13903282_10154175285086329_544010649753399305_n 13900115_10154175285071329_4171491720666200623_n

While walking down the sidewalk we spied a sign for a free Star Trek art exhibit.


The window at Michael J. Wolf Fine Arts studio read “Star Trek: 50 Artists. 50 Years. Art Exhibit.”  Well, since Outlander Executive Producer Ronald D. Moore had worked on Star Trek: Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and other Star Trek projects in the past, we went in to check out the art work!



Star Trek: The Next Generation
Star Trek: The Next Generation, one of Ronald D. Moore’s excellent projects!
Artist: Nicky Barkla from Australia; The Final Frontier, 2015; Oil on canvas 24X36; Nicky Barkla is a self-taught psychedelic-surrealist artist. With no prior art training, and only a belief that art should be free of any rules, Barkla displays an unmistakable free-style approach when it comes to portraying self-expression, pop-culture icons and surrealism to represent deep thought alongside simple-yet-complex galaxy scenes from a tent on Mars (OK, not really on that last bit, but close). Content from photo information plaque at


Artist: Stanley Chow; United Kingdom; Teleportation of Mr. Spock, 2015; Illustration 36×24; Stanley Chow is an illustrator, artist and graphic designer who hails from the North of England. He is known for his portraits, particularly of pop-culture figures, and his clients include Saatchi & Saatchi and McDonald’s. In June 2014, he launched his first UK solo retrospective, which was held at the Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art in his hometown of Manchester’s Northern Quarter. Content from photo information plaque at

This following piece was one of our favorites: an illustration of the sad fate of the “Red Shirts” that tend to die on Star Trek expeditions.

artist: Anna-Maria Jung from Austria; They're Dead, Jim; 2015; Illustration, 36x24; Anna-Maria Jung is an Austrian illustrator who produces illustrations for the editorial market, children's books, graphic novels and apparel. At 18, she published her first graphic novel, and went on to study Mulit Media Arts with a focus on traditional animation at the University of Applied Sciences in Salzburg. She then graduated from FIT in New York in 2011. She lives in Graz, Austria.
artist: Anna-Maria Jung from Austria; They’re Dead, Jim; 2015; Illustration, 36×24; Anna-Maria Jung is an Austrian illustrator who produces illustrations for the editorial market, children’s books, graphic novels and apparel. At 18, she published her first graphic novel, and went on to study Multi Media Arts with a focus on traditional animation at the University of Applied Sciences in Salzburg. She then graduated from FIT in New York in 2011. She lives in Graz, Austria. Content from photo information plaque at

Of course, people watching is always great fun at Comic-Con! There are so many different and creative costumes and show/movie promotional characters out and about.

Star Wars bounty hunters
Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman
Sharknado 4
Sharknado 4

At Comic-Con many shows and movies are being promoted.  Characters walk around the streets attracting attention, such as Sharknado above. Others have specific billboards and even interactive events and displays, such as Wonder Woman’s Invisible Jet Display and the Batman vs. Superman Fan Experience we described earlier.

We were excited to see one up-and-coming television show that carries our own name: Timeless!  It premieres October 3 on NBC.

Timeless Experience interactive exhibit

As described by Movie Pilot, “The Timeless Experience casts Comic-Con guests as new employees at Mason Industries, a fictitious company from the show responsible for creating a time machine. As you enter the experience, you’re shown a series of documents referencing famous historical events, but it looks as though they’ve been slightly altered. You learn that one of the company’s time machines has been stolen, and are tasked with traveling through history to track down the culprit. After a quick trip through time, you learn that history has in fact been changed. Naturally, you’ll have to watch Timeless to see exactly what happens — and to see if future world-changing events can be prevented.”

That’s us! 😉

As we walked around inside and outside of the Convention Center, a variety of freebies were being passed out, again to promote a show, movie or product.

special edition magazines
more swag
more swag


At the end of the day we relaxed at the Hilton San Diego Bayfront Pool Club. We had a beautiful view of the sunset and were able to chat with Outlander friends that had also made their way to San Diego Comic-Con 2016!

Hilton San Diego Bayfront Pool Club view
Hilton San Diego Bayfront Pool Club


Until San Diego Comic-Con 2017…slainte mhath!


Inside Comic Con 2016:  Seeing Bear and Terry’s Panel

Although we didn’t get a badge for any of the panels, one of our dear friends did.  Here’s our interview of her experience.

Sass3: Hello Susie! Would you tell our readers a bit about yourself and when you found Outlander?

Susie:  Well, to start off my name is Susie Young. I’m a Mom of four adult children and a grandmother of four. I work full time in the hospitality industry in San Diego. I started reading the Outlander books in 2004. Being part of the Outlander fandom has been a joy as I have met some fantastic ladies that share my obsession.

Sass3:  We heard that you attended Comic Con 2016 this year.  Would you share your Outlandish experience?

Susie:  Why, yes! At Comic Con this year I was able to see Bear McCreary; he was solo so no panel which was outstanding! He gave us some insights as to how he comes up with his compositions for certain scenes. He went over four of them with us. We watched each one first without musical score. Then he asked the audience to tell him how we felt while viewing each scene. For example, did we feel anticipation, fear, anxiety, apprehension, and so forth?  Then he went back and played the scenes with the music he had composed for each one.

Sass3:  We know he composes for other shows.  Did he share scenes from different shows?

Susie:  Oh yes. He went over Agents of Shield, Battle Star Galactica, Outlander and a scene in the movie 10 Cloverfield Lane. It was so interesting to see his thought process and how he works. He explained to us how he breaks down the scene to compose his music. The scene he went over from Outlander was from episode 8, “Both sides Now,” when Claire sees Craig Na Dun and run towards it. Frank is also going up the hill and is going towards the stones. It was interesting to see it without any sound and then when it was played again with the soundtrack.

Sass3:  How is Bear to his fans? Did he do a meet and greet?

Susie:  Bear himself was very sweet, open and charming. After speaking, he took time to sign autographs and take pictures with everyone. I was able to take a photo with him.  It was a great experience for me as I never have been a real fan girl. But, now with Outlander, what’s not to love about it? Even at my age, I’m having a blast! (Susie giggling)

Meet and greet with Bear.
Meet and greet with Bear.

Sass3:  We also heard that you were lucky enough to attend Terry Dresbach’s panel.  Tell us about that experience.

Susie:  Terry’s panel was “Dressing the characters:  The Designers behind the Costumes.”  On the panel was Terry Dresbach from Outlander, Ann Foley of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Giovanna Melton of Agent Carter, and Luis Sequeria from Strain.  The panel started with snippets of the costumes each designer had for their respective show or movie. 

Dressing the characters: The Designers behind the Costumes with Terry Dresbach at San Diego Comic Con 2016
Dressing the characters: The designers behind the Costumes with Terry Dresbach at San Diego Comic Con 2016

Sass3:  Did Terry discuss or show any of her costumes?

Susie: (nodding yes) For Outlander she showed the following costumes: Master Raymond’s, THE red dress, the dressage dress, the beige and black cocktail dress, Jamie’s, and Comte costumes.  The other shows were also shown, and Agent Carter had all the 40’s look to them.  All the others were of the sci-fi genre. 

 Sass3:  We heard Terry talked about how she got started in the industry.  Would you tell us about that?

Susie:  The panel went over how they all got started in the industry and how they first got their break into the business.  Terry went over how she never sews and only designs as she stated she doesn’t really know how to sew.  (Susie smiles) Terry went on to discuss her first sewing disaster which happened to be one of my own (see explanation below). There were many in attendance that were there to find out how to get into the business and wore costumes that they made.  The audience was comprised mainly of Outlander fans.

 Sass3:  You had the opportunity to speak to Terry.  What was your conversation like?

 Susie:  They later had an autograph signing and it was there that I was able to get Terry’s autograph and speak to her briefly. (Susie sits up proudly) I told her about when I was sixteen in the 60’s and would sew to make extra money.  I had described to her that I had made a pair of psychedelic pants so they would glow under the black lights.   I wore them to a teen dance.  I told her I would never forget it as a popular group of the era “The Strawberry Alarm Clock” was playing.  As I was out on the dance floor I felt a sudden breeze. (Susie laughs out loud) I then realized that I had forgotten to sew my pants and that they had a basted stitch holding them together.  Needless to say, she (Terry) nodded and laughed as that was also her first sewing disaster: Forgetting to sew your basted stitch.

Sass3:  Thank you for chatting with us.  Let’s end the interview with three words that best sums up your experience at the panels.

Susie: (scratching her head) A great question, hmmmm…I was inspired by their talent.  …amazed at their artistry and feel the anticipation of what’s to come. Those are my words: inspired, amazed, and anticipation.

All photos from our blogs are owned by Timeless Sass3nach Journeys, unless noted or attributed. The use of our photos is not permitted unless consent is given.

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