Roast Beef for a Wedding Feast

I’ll never forget when I came out of the church and saw you for the first time, It was as if I stepped outside on a cloudy day and suddenly the sun came out.

-Jamie, Outlander, Chapter 14, “A Marriage Takes Place”

That’s also pretty much how it felt with the first bite of  the “Roast Beef for a Wedding Feast” from Theresa Carle-Sanders’ Outlander Kitchen, page 94.

I woke up with a desire to make a home-cooked meal for my family from Outlander Kitchen.  I flipped to the table of contents to see what stood out.


My husband loves meat, so I looked to see what main dish I could whip up.  The “Roast Beef for a Wedding Feast” stood out. Continue reading Roast Beef for a Wedding Feast

On the High Seas with Voyager

“That’s verra strong-smelling stuff, Sassenach, ” Jaime observed, during one of his brief visits to the taproom. “What is it?”

“Fresh ginger, ” I answered, holding up the remains of the root I was grating.  “It’s the thing most of my herbals say is the best for nausea.”

“Oh, aye?”  He picked up the bowl, sniffed at the contents, and sneezed explosively, to the vast amusement of the onlookers.  I snatched back the bowl before he could spill it.

“You don’t take it like snuff,” I said.  “You drink it in tea.  And I hope to heaven it works, because if it doesn’t, we’ll be scooping you out of the bilges, if bilges are what I think they are.”

Voyager.  We Set Sail, Chapter 41, page 632.

Source: Pixabay by Comfreak. Licensed under CC0 Public Domain (

Season 3 of Outlander will be epic.  It will be an adaption of Voyager, the third book in the Diana Gabaldon book series.  Voyager is one of my favorite books and I am not ashamed to say that I am on my fourth reread.  As I patiently await Season 3, I have found another perfect escape to relive the adventures of Jaime and Claire on the high seas.  The San Diego Maritime Museum is the perfect place to experience and learn about the ships used in the 18th century. Continue reading On the High Seas with Voyager

Fashion Fit for Royalty

I have always loved the costume designs detailed in Outlander. The first costume display I had seen was during season 1, where many of the iconic costumes were on display in Los Angeles. They were beautiful and authentic to the time period, even specifically weathered to make them more realistic. Seeing this exhibit made me truly appreciate the attention to detail and level of artistry displayed in Terry Dresbach’s designs. Nothing truly compares to her work. She was able to integrate the natural beauty of the landscape and culture into each design. It was breathtaking to say the least!

Claire and Jaime's wedding attire in Outlander season 1
Claire and Jaime’s wedding attire in Outlander season 1

Continue reading Fashion Fit for Royalty

Sass3nachs Remember 9/11

Tuesday, September 11, 2001.

We woke up like every other day…but this was going to be a day never to be forgotten.

New York County Lawyers' Association plaque at 9/11 Memorial
New York County Lawyers’ Association plaque at 9/11 Memorial


8:46am EDT, an airplane crashed into the North Tower of The World Trade Center. Then, within 15 minutes a second plane crashed into the South Tower. Half an hour later, a third airplane crashed into the Pentagon. Another 30 minutes later, a fourth plane was deliberately crashed in a Pennsylvania field to avoid crashing into yet another building. Continue reading Sass3nachs Remember 9/11

Emmy Nominated Outlander Costumes at FIDM



On Saturday, August 27th, Sass3 headed north to FIDM, Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, to see the Outlander Costumes.  Back in July, initially we viewed the huge costume exhibit at the Paley Media Center in Beverly Hills; however, some of the pieces were not available.  For this road trip to FIDM, we were particularly interested in seeing Claire Fraser’s “Dior” dress. Continue reading Emmy Nominated Outlander Costumes at FIDM

A Dhia, Cuidich Mi

Life gets busy.  Crazy busy sometimes.  Everyone needs to find a way to escape.

When I find myself feeling overwhelmed, I need to step back, take a deep breath and re-center myself.

Being a Catholic, Jamie would often pray to his saints and refer to the Bible.

“You know the proper prayer for every occasion, don’t you?”

He smiled faintly in return, and rubbed the head of the torch in the damp gravel to extinguish it. A faint shaft of light from above glowed on the crown of his head.

“There’s always a prayer, a nighean, even if it’s only A Dhia, cuidich mi.” Oh, God—help me.

—Jamie & Claire in Echo in the Bone, Chapter 8 Continue reading A Dhia, Cuidich Mi