The Making of Outlander Book Signing Event – Scottsdale, Arizona

Going behind the scenes of our favorite television show, Outlander, would be a dream come true!  The likelihood of that, however, is slim to none.  Thank goodness author Tara Bennett wrote the companion book, The Making of Outlander!

The Poisoned Pen bookstore in Scottsdale, Arizona hosted a book signing event at the Hilton Scottsdale Resort and Villas.  We didn’t want to miss an opportunity to meet Tara and see Diana again, so we loaded up the car and headed out towards Arizona.

In today’s blog, we will share our adventure meeting Tara Bennett. Here is what we will cover:

  • Our road trip from San diego to Arizona
  • The Making of the Outlander book signing and meeting Tara Bennett
  • Some quotes from Diana Gabaldon and new books coming out
  • Our review of the hotel accommodations
  • The gem we found on our drive home

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J&C Hike Los Penasquitos Canyon Preserve

Our Jamie and Claire Funko Pop! figures tend to go a lot of places with us, particularly on our My Peak Challenge (MPC) hikes.

On this serene day, which happened to be Sam Heughan‘s birthday,  a group of “Peakers” decided to hike to the waterfall at Los Penasquitos Canyon Preserve. This oasis is centrally located to the 5, 805 and 15 freeways right near Mira Mesa, California.


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Creating Your Own Modern Outlandish Wear

The gown was two years out of fashion by cosmopolitan standards of Jamaica, but it was clean, which was the main thing so far as I was concerned.

The gown itself was not at all bad, it was of cream silk, half sleeved and very simple, but with panniers of wine-striped silk over the hips, and a ruching of claret-colored silk piping that ran in two rows from waist to bosom.  With the Brussels lace I had purchased sewn around the sleeves, I though it would do, even if the cloth was not quite the first quality.

“I’m glad you picked that one.” I said, touching the stone gently.  It was warm from his body.  “Goes much better with the dress than the sapphire or the emerald would.”

Jamie had finally taken time to notice the rest of my costume.  His eye traveled slowly over me from head to hem, and a smile spread across his face.

“Ye make a verra ornamental jewel box, Sassenach,” he said.  “A fine distraction, aye?”

Diana Gabaldon, Drums of Autumn. Chapter 6, pages 101 – 104.

I love fashion.  I often look at web sites of my favorite clothing stores to look for inspiration on looks and sewing ideas.  Lately, I have found myself often turning to Anthropologie and Pinterest for my newest ideas.  Unfortunately, my tastes do not often meet my budget.  So when I can, I try and make pieces myself.  There  is nothing better that adding new life to something that I already own or even upscaling a piece of clothing that was once considered out of style. Just as Claire’s gown in Drums of Autumn.  ♥

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Fergus’ Roasted Tatties To The Rescue!

“You roast them.” Fergus came to the rescue once more…’                          -Dragonfly in Amber, chapter 32, “Field of Dreams”

Pixabay CC0 /
Pixabay CC0 /

Fergus’ Roasted Tatties have been both a dream and a rescue to my question “What should I make along with this dish?”

Found on page 206 of Outlander Kitchen, this recipe is greatly enjoyed by the family. Continue reading Fergus’ Roasted Tatties To The Rescue!

When The Starlight Ends, A Weekend Journey to Venice Beach, CA

We are fortunate enough that we can hop in our car and drive to Los Angeles for Outlander fan-centered events.  For this journey we were headed to The Other Venice Film Festival.  There we would get to see Adam Sigal‘s independent film, When The Starlight Ends (WTSE), starring  Arabella Oz and our beloved Sam Heughan.


Since the event spanned over 2 days, we had plenty of time to play tourists in Venice Beach, CA.  In doing so, we also got in plenty of walking which we chalked up to be part of My Peak Challenge.

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The Domaine Artefact Winery is the Perfect Place for all Outlander Fans to Gather

Courtesy: Domaine Artefact Winery /
Courtesy: Domaine Artefact Winery /

I truly enjoy attending events and gatherings that bring Outlander fans together.  One of my favorite gatherings was held at the Domaine Artefact Winery located in Escondido, California.  The winery previously held an Outlandish Wine Tasting event to help celebrate their wine entitled La Dame Blanche, named in honor of our beloved Claire Fraser.
Courtesy: Domaine Artefact Winery /

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Outlander Herbal Event at the FIDM Museum Shop


The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising Museum Store (FIDM) had an event entitled “A Morning in the Apothecary.”  At the event, there was a guest alchemist that spoke about the general medicinal usage of herbs within 18th century apothecaries.   We couldn’t wait to attend this event and learn more about this topic.  With trivia, giveaways, treats, and Master Raymond’s embroidered jacket being close at hand, we knew this would be an event to remember!


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Timeless Poems

The Outlander series is special and irreplaceable. In my eyes, there is nothing like it. Each person internalizes the story differently.  For me, it not only provided an addicting escape I would anxiously look forward to, but it also allowed me to expand my circle of friends with others who share the same passion and to travel to places I may not have previously gone.


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