Our Appreciation for Matthew B. Roberts

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I think we can all agree that there is one scene in Outlander Season 3 that we are all looking forward to seeing:  the reunion of Jamie and Claire after 20 years of separation.  This memorable scene takes place in Voyager, the third book of the Outlander series.  Many fans remember this moment by the finest of details, as the emotions of pain, loss, hope, love, and devotion could be felt in the beautiful imagery and narrative written by Diana Gabaldon.   Without question, we hope to see this reunion faithfully lifted from the book to the screen.  We could not have been happier when it was announced that Matthew B. Roberts was going to be working on this specific episode!

Photo Courtesy / Sandy Smyth Robinson

As fans, we are certainly in good hands.  Sass3 has met Matthew B. Roberts on two separate occasions.  The first being at the event Inside the Writers Room with Outlander and the second at the Writers Bloc Tribute to Outlander.  We are fans of his talents in writing, producing, and photography.  To portray our excitement for this upcoming season, we wanted to take an opportunity to send our sincere thank you for all his contributions to Outlander!  Here are some of our top reasons why we are so thankful for Matthew B. Roberts:

We trust his ability to skillfully navigate the adaptation of the books to the screen. 

As we await season three, many fans have expressed their hope of maintaining the accuracy of the iconic print shop scene.  Without question, this episode will be one of the most highly anticipated segments of the series.   The success of the previous seasons leads us to the confirmation that we will not be disappointed.  Matthew B. Roberts also provides further reassurance to fans through his social media postings.

Via @TheMattBRoberts.  “I hope after 29 episodes we have engendered some goodwill & trust.  Keep Calm and Print Shop On  #Outlander #Voyager #aweebitoffaith & guessing can only cause angst.”  25 Nov 16. Tweet.

The successful navigation of this adaptation was also supported in a recent panel with Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe at Emerald City Comicon.  During the time period for open questions, a fan asked if the stars could use gestures to provide hints toward the accuracy of the print shop reunion.  It was clear from their facial expressions and candid gestures that we, as fans, should not be worried.  As you can imagine, Sass3 and the crowd erupted in cheers!

Photo Courtesy / Cassie Lee Photography www.CassieLeePhotography.com. A photo capturing Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe as they indicate through gestures the accuracy of the print shop scene.

He provides us with teasers via social media.

When you follow his social media accounts, such as twitter (@TheMattBRoberts) and Instagram (nofoolingproductions),  you are consistently surprised by the teasers he sends to all Outlander fans.  From incredible photography to a play on words, he knows how to get us through Droughtlander.

Via @TheMattBRoberts. “So close I think I actually have ink on my hands. #prepping #anyoneknowwhereicanfindcarfaxclose.”  22 Nov 16.  Tweet.
Via @TheMattBRoberts.  “I can’t wait for everyone to see the J/C reunion  #Outlander Season 3 and if #homeiswheretheheartis  #wearehome.”  10 Jan 17.  Tweet.
Via @TheMattBRoberts “Because I care…  #printshopon #Droughtlander.”  13 Jan 17. Tweet.


Pixabay / CC0 1520124

He is dedicated to his craft.

Sass3 admires the time he spends on scouting locations, writing, and just being on set.  There is no doubt that he gives his all to his work.  We, as fans, are so fortunate to get to see the results!  From compliments of the production crew to hints of their team’s steadfast dedication to keep filming despite changes in weather conditions, Matthew B. Roberts always finds a way to make fans feel as though they are part of his journey via his social media postings.  With his camera always in hand, he captures priceless moments that give filming hints, relive favorite memories of the series, or even suggest future filming locations.  Who could ask for anything more?  

Via nofoolingproductions.  “You can never truly leave a place when your heart is still there #scotland #outlander #bestcrewever.”  7 Feb 17.  Instagram.
Via nofoolingproductions.  “Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night, nor the winds of change, nor a nation challenged, will stray us from the swift completion of #outlander.”  13 Jan 17.  Instagram.  
Via @TheMattBRoberts.  “It’s Africa hot today Maybe because it’s #Outlander Read-thru day.  Verra exciting.”  9 Mar 17. Tweet.


Pixabay / CC0 950445
Pixabay / CC0 950445

He inspires us through his photography and words of wisdom.

There is such a positive effect when you can see an image that can remind you of a favorite Outlander moment or allow you to re-admire the beauty of our own natural surroundings.  We truly appreciate his ability to transport us to another place and time with his distinct imagery.  ♥  While Matthew B. Roberts’ photography is a  true gift, his candor and sprinkled pieces of wisdom are also uplifting.

Via @TheMattBRoberts.  “May your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome, dangerous, leading to the most amazing view… –  Edward Abbey.”  4 Jan 17. Tweet.  
Via nofoolingproductions.  “Be like a duck.  Calm on the surface but always paddling like the dickens underneath – Michael Caine.”  5 Jan 17.  Instagram.  
Via nofoolingproductions.  “Did you know that every culture shares three things #doors #windows and #smiles  At least we have that in common.”  27 Jan 17.  Instagram.
Via nofoolingproductions.  “Doesn’t matter our differences, we had better come together. Je Suis Prest.  Are you?  #outlanderland.”  13 Nov 16.  Instagram.
Via nofoolingproductions. “By changing your perspective, you just might open up a whole new view on the world.”   4 Feb 17.  Instagram.


Pixabay / CC0 950445

He understands our passion for Outlander.

There is one fact about Outlander fans that is undeniable:  we are passionate and at times quite vocal about how we feel about the portrayal  of Outlander from the book to the screen.  With so many variations in opinions, we can only imagine the difficulty of navigating through these forms of commentary.  We continue to be  amazed at how Matthew B. Roberts and the entire Outlander team build relationships with the fans through Q and A’s, panel discussions, providing insight behind the scenes, and most of all facilitating thoughtful conversations during the adaptation of the series.  Sass3 could not be more grateful for the time he and all the writers spend to be able to do this.  Engaging in meaningful and respectful discussions has always been encouraged despite differences in opinions.  Let our excitement continue, as we are guaranteed an epic ride in Season 3!

Via @The MattBRoberts.  “Hard to say how you’ll react but you might weep laugh weep sigh, cheer, weep some more, smile, scream, weep.  Oh yeah and weep.”  27 Dec 16.  Tweet.  
Via @TheMattBRoberts.  “There are a few well-placed nuggets sprinkled throughout the episodes  Some  visual, some verbal  S3 will be like a wee treasure hunt. #Outlander.”  24 Jan 17.  Tweet.

Thank you Matthew B. Roberts for your dedication to the Outlander series that we all cherish!  Sass3 can’t wait for the print shop scene in season three!  We look forward to all that Voyager will bring.  We know the adaptation of the book can not be easy.  However, we can not imagine a more steadfast production team and cast.  This season will be well worth the wait, filled with moments that will always be remembered.

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  1. Really enjoyed this blog. He has a magnificent eye, as we see through his pictures and the previous seasons.

  2. Well said Sass3 – I agree totally. So many of us appreciate Matt for all he does on the programme & for interacting with us, plus his beautiful photos & wise words. So happy he knows he is loved by so many.

  3. Matt’s talents, contributions, and on-site perspectives are so wonderful, they truly enrich the whole adaptation journey for us all! Love that guy…this tribute is so well done, thank you for putting it together so beautifully.

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