Whiskey Tasting with Our Jamies

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Back in September 2016, we posted a great article about going whiskey tasting with our husbands.  To honor Saint Patrick’s Day, we thought we would repost it.  We also hope to reintroduce a great place for whiskey  – enjoy the read!

Fraser didn’t ask but poured them each a dram of whisky, warm-smelling and smoke-tinged. There was something comfortable in drinking whisky in company, no matter how bad the whisky. Or the company, for that matter.

—Roger MacKenzie

Written in My Own Hearts Blood by Diana Gabaldon,

Chapter 31

Of course, today our company was the best and the whiskey was right in line with the quality of our companionship. We, Sass3, took our Jamies – our wonderful husbands – out whiskey tasting together on a triple date.  The men whom we just adore are loving, supportive, honorable, and caring – the Jamies of our lives who tolerate our fanatic worship of Outlander and who say with endearment, “Yes, dear…” every time we ask to attend another Outlander gathering or event. How could we not cherish them?   So, our intimate group spent an afternoon savoring some spirits and took pleasure in simply being together.


San Diego Distillery

For our date, we found a great discount! Living Social offered a two for one deal for whiskey tasting at San Diego Distillery, a small and very unique establishment in Spring Valley, California.


The distillery is located at 2776 via Orange Way Suite H, Spring Valley, CA  91978 within an industrial park. You’ll see a driveway and a wooden OPEN sign.

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There we met owners Trent and Maria, a young couple, who run the distillery.  Maria is the whiskey blender while Trent is the distiller.  They do everything right in their little warehouse.  Maria’s friendly and delightful demeanor created a comfortable atmosphere.  Trent’s one-on-one attention made our party feel like we were honored guests.  The sweet duo made us feel right at home – like we were visiting old friends.

San Diego Distillery owners and operators Maria and Trent

Settling in to Taste Some Whiskey

The tasting area is beautifully decorated and designed to create a cozy setting where you can easily sit for an hour to enjoy all they have to offer.  They have benches, modern and antique-style chairs for seating, and barrels for tables.  The combination surprisingly works and gives the place a unique flair.  For bigger groups, there are two larger areas that would accommodate up to six tasters comfortably.

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A smaller, more intimate section towards the back is perfect for about two people.


A couple of games to keep one entertained throughout the tasting experience are also available.


An interesting feature is the large viewing window between the front tasting room and distillery area. While gazing into the distillery room, we could see large silver tanks connected to pipes.  A few charred wooden barrels sat off to the side.  Watching the process of whiskey production enhanced our overall experience.


Whiskey Tasting Lesson

On their website Trent states, “Our focus of distilling is to merge the world of craft beer with the world of craft whiskey.”  During our visit, he was kind enough to give us a tutorial on the best way to taste their whiskey.  Trent described the proper technique to smell the whiskey and the correct method to taste the alcohol.  He also explained the optimal approach to experience the aroma and flavor.  Trent is very knowledgeable, and his explanation is very easy to follow.  Watch it in the video below.

The Whiskey

Maria set up our flights- three whiskeys each.  Mela’s and Lady K’s husbands chose to get the Connoisseur Whiskeys, Single Barrel Cask Strength variants.  The rest of us chose the Standard Whiskeys. We also had a chance to taste their Chocolate Old Fashioned cocktail: whiskey combined with Creme de Cacao and chocolate bitters served over ice and garnished with an orange peel.


He picked up his own, his nostrils flaring slightly at the scent of the whisky. “The nectar of the country, I’m given to understand,” he said with a wry smile. “I am told I must develop a taste for it.” He took a wary sip, looking as though he expected imminent death to result.

—Black Jack Randall

Written in My Own Hearts Blood by Diana Gabaldon,

Chapter 45

Once the tastings began, we followed Trent’s advice, and it really allowed us to appreciate the variations of whiskeys that were introduced.  We carefully brought the glasses to our noses to smell the fragrance, took small initial sips, placed several drops of water in the glasses, and then took additional sips. We’ve never tasted whiskey in that fashion – we thoroughly had a marvelous time.


Mela and her husband had the same palate for their favorite:  the Single Barrel, Cask Strength Bourbon Whiskey.


Jae enjoyed the Chocolate Old Fashioned cocktail, while her hubby preferred the Standard Eau de Vie whiskey.


Lady K’s Jamie’s top choice was the Standard Bourbon Whiskey.  Yet she leaned more towards the Single Barrel, Cask Strength Single Malt Whiskey.


He wasn’t quite drunk, and neither was she, but whatever they were was a lot of fun.

—Roger MacKenzie

Echo in the Bone by Diana Gabaldon, Chapter 47

Behind the Scenes

Trent and Maria were very attentive during the whole tasting process answering a multitude of questions and even giving us a tour of the distillery area. We discovered that Trent is a nurse by day and distiller by night. They both spend weekends at their business, which they began in 2014. Tastings and tours are available Friday through Sunday, but private ones can be arranged by appointment Monday through Thursday.


Trent has a background in beer brewing. Thus, some of their  distilling involves using craft beer grains to create individually developed flavors in whiskey. Trent enjoys experimenting with his whiskey and is currently in the process of distilling sake.

sake in the making
photo courtesy: San Diego Distillery / www.sddistillery.com

We had a spectacular time and we plan to return again. Going out together with our Jamies proved to be the best choice in company.  San Diego Distillery was the perfect venue in which to raise a glass to our husbands in appreciation and adoration.  Cheers!


We highly recommend that when going whiskey tasting, consider using a ride-share such as Lyft or Uber.  That way your group can enjoy the beverages without endangering your lives or the lives of others on the road.  DRINK RESPONSIBLY: DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE!

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  1. Ladies, thank you for the recommendation. We had a real fun time today. We tasted bourbon, rye whiskey, rum, and single malt whiskey. Charlie was our host and he was very friendly and knowledgeable.

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