My Outlander Anniversary: Making Book Boxes with Fellow Fans

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Let Life Surprise You…


Life takes us in so many different directions.  This blog marks the one year anniversary of when I first became acquainted with my local enthusiasts who love Outlander as much as I do.  I find comfort in the knowledge that there are others as equally passionate as I am about the Outlander series.  Each fan has their own story of how they found other like-minded individuals who have invested themselves into this amazing fandom.  How did I find this group, one might ask?  My simple answer – over coffee.

The Beginning of My Outlander Journey

Meeting a friend at Starbucks one day, we began a conversation about Outlander, more specifically it was a heart felt discussion about our thoughts on the Starz finale of season one.  The thought of waiting for the next season was unbearable, so we did the next best thing – we spent time locating Facebook groups in our area to see if we could connect with fellow fans.  Sure enough, I found them!  My journey with Outlander SoCal Edition and Outlander San Diego began!

Beautiful centerpiece at the third year anniversary of Outlander SoCal Edition. These book boxes were the inspiration for this event.

Over the course of this time I have really tried to open up to meet new people.  Shy by nature, I often felt nervous about meeting new friends in this manner over social media platforms.  In fact, I brought my husband to my first event as reassurance.  My fears and insecurities of meeting others quickly faded, as I was whole heartedly welcomed by this group of incredible women.  Women from all backgrounds, bonded together because of the shared passion of the Outlander series.  There is no way I could ever thank everyone for this incredible opportunity to step completely out of my comfort zone and form these new friendships, where without this series, our paths may have never crossed.  So in honor of camaraderie and the shared bond to the power of Diana Gabaldon’s fictional world, I decided to dedicate this blog of book making as a symbol to old, new, and future friendships.  ♥

Art and Soul:  Instant Connections are Made

Photo taken by Jae as she entered the room to join the others for a fun afternoon of crafting.

It was a beautiful afternoon to meet with fellow fans to construct a piece of Outlander memorabilia that we all loved and admired from the SoCal Anniversary Gathering.  With utmost kindness, Black Jack Randall held the door open as I eagerly entered the room to join the others.  Arriving late due to family obligations, I was initially worried about being behind in the crafting process.  However, I quickly caught up as I was able to chat with old and new friends discussing the time that had passed since our last meeting to revisiting shared moments at Emerald City Comicon.  Members originating from Los Angeles to San Diego came together to participate in this unique event.  You simply couldn’t have asked for better company and a more welcome form of escape.

Moments of concentration were balanced out with lively conversation and, of course, laughter.  From my perspective, this event built a form of camaraderie that supported the spirit of friendship and ultimately finding a connection to one another through our mutual love of Outlander.

Imagine That – Just Add Outlander and Friendship Blooms

Before I found this connection to the Outlander Facebook groups, I had my hands full being a working mother of three children and wife.  Like many others, I rarely took time for myself and as a result I felt disconnected to the person I believed myself to be when I was younger with much less responsibilities.  However, this connection – to Outlander and members of this fandom – has brought more color back into my life.  I now find myself crafting, exploring places I have never been before, traveling to new locations with links to Outlander, and of course building new relationships with incredible people.  ” All because she wrote a book.”  My life has forever been changed in so many positive ways.  Here are just a few ways life is better with Outlander in it:

  • Forming meaningful connections with other people, by not being afraid to show them who I really am and allowing myself to know them in return.  In other words – I have no interest in being shy anymore! Being with other like-minded devotees who are equally addicted to the power of Diana Gabaldon’s word is exciting and something to which I always look forward!  The world of Outlander is an instant conversation starter proved time and time again through various events and experiences I have had.
  • Building a social network of support.  On multiple occasions, I have witnessed and seen fellow members come together in support of one another throughout all of life’s offerings.  There is nothing more special than that.
  • Encouraging and inspiring others to keep having adventures.  From My Peak Challenge to events such as this one – there are so many opportunities to connect to others who share the same interests.  I have traveled on hikes and trails, stepped out of my comfort zone to meet so many different types of people, and most of all I let the inspiration for adventure lead me to check off an item from my bucket list – meeting Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe!
  • Exploring interests I previously put aside, not only because I didn’t have time, but also I had no one to with whom to share this pastime.  This is the first time that I have found friends that share my love of history, going to museums, and admiring art of all mediums.  I have also re-discovered my love of writing!
  • Outlander certainly brings families together too!  In my case, crafting and cooking with my daughter have certainly been a favorite pastime as I await the highly anticipated season three.  You can see many of our adventures together in the sections of DIY and Tested Outlander Kitchen Cookbook Recipes of our blog.  All of the family friendly events as well as fan-based activities have created an environment where all are welcome.  This is one aspect I appreciate the most.  Women inspiring women – understanding the obligations of family, yet offering a place for escape to refuel the unmistakeable addiction only Outlander can create.

To all the friends I have met in this amazing group, thank you for being you and taking me just as I am.  I can’t wait to see what adventures lie ahead!  ♥



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One thought on “My Outlander Anniversary: Making Book Boxes with Fellow Fans”

  1. Love this! I totally agree about the friendships that have been built. My kids always look at me a little😑 sideways when I mention something my “friend”, so & so, said on Twitter or FB😄 I’m like, “whaa? You think you have to have met someone face to face to think you know them well enough to call them a “friend”? Then explain to me “Tinder”,” “Meet up”(or whatever it’s called😜) and any number of other social sites”. We all happen to love an amazing story with amazing characters. It’s like the most amazing international book club ever!!
    I look forward to meeting all of them IRL someday. 😍

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