Outlander Season 3: Voyager Will Bring A New Beginning

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“She is free in her wildness, she is a wanderess, a drop of free water. She belongs to no man and to no city. She knows nothing of borders and invents her own rules and customs. ‘Time’ for her isn’t something to fight against. Her life flows clean, with passion, like fresh water.”
― Roman Payne

When we read this quote, our minds immediately thought of Claire Fraser.  Although a fictional character, she is brought to life by the level of emotional depth that rivals reality. It is rare to feel that level of connection. The ability to directly identify to the emotions experienced during moments of success or life’s trials is perhaps what cements the bond to the Outlander series. That is the true power of this series – the story becomes personal. We can relate to each character in some form and become emotionally vested.  In our case, it led to re-reading the series again to recapture details that we may have missed and relive the joy of following this timeless story.  Voyager will bring trials, adventures, and affirm relationships.  A new beginning that can only take place with the introduction of new characters.

New casting only adds to our enthusiasm, making our anticipation for Season 3 even stronger!  In this blog we will explore the newest roles being brought to life this season, our interpretation of their character descriptions based on the book series, and most of all, what we look forward to in the future.  Perhaps, you may even be interested in the trivia at the end of the blog to test your own Outlander knowledge.  ♥

Before reading on, please be aware: new characters are being discussed, so if you don’t want any chance of spoilers, heed with caution….

From Book to Screen:  Voyager Brought to Life

We have often wondered – How can you capture this same level of investment?  Is it possible to be able to find actors that can bring this book to the same light we each held in our own imagination?  We believe the writing, casting, and entire production team did this and more.  Without question, the bond to this series has been strengthened by the ability to relive the book visually on screen. With the completion of Outlander and Dragon Fly in Amber, we know that Voyager will immediately recapture our love, appreciation, and addiction to this story.  Are we ready to be introduced to new characters and most of all the reunion of Jaime and Claire?  We are sure an astounding YES can be heard from all fans across the world.

One of our favorite coasters we received as an event gift.

The excitement of the anticipated season can be felt during each fan gathering, throughout social media forums, and of course during opportunities to personally be near the stars of this beloved series.  However, the progression of the storyline could never take place without the introduction of new and diverse characters that help to define and mold the journeys of Jamie and Claire.  From Mr. Willoughby, Lord John Grey, to even Young Ian – these characters will play an integral part in Season 3 of Voyager.  Are you ready for an emotional roller coaster ride that only Outlander can offer?  We sure are!  We never want to give away spoilers.  Rather, Sass3 wanted to send our appreciation and heartfelt welcome to the newest members of the Outlander team who will play pivotal roles in the series – Gary Young, David Berry, and John Bell.  Ready?  Let’s go!

Mr. Willoughby: Jamie’s Newest Companion

“I thought much of women; their grace and beauty, blooming like lotus flowers, floating like milkweed on the wind. And the myriad sounds of them, sometimes like the chatter of ricebirds, or the song of nightingales; sometimes the cawing of crows,” he added with a smile that creased his eyes to slits and brought his hearers to laughter, “but even then I loved them.”

-Mr. Willoughby

 Voyager by Diana Gabaldon, Chapter 45

Photo Courtesy / N. I. Stephany Photography.  Image of the ancient Forbidden City in China.

Yi Tien Cho, also known as Mr. Willoughby, is Jamie’s newest companion whom he found on the docks of Edinburgh living in exile from China.  He is a man gifted in many talents, including the art of composition and the knowledge of eastern medicinal practices.  The latter proving to be of great assistance on their new found adventures on the sea.  Drawn to alcohol and his love for womankind, he consistently requires supervision to help maintain his conduct.  His difficulty maintaining adequate forms of sobriety, constant shun from women in his new surroundings, and frequent cultural misgivings – continue to torment his soul, leading to re-evaluation of the sacrifices he has made while also serving as a constant reminder that he will always be an outsider in 18th century Scotland.

Sass3 anxiously awaits Mr. Willoughby’s appearance in Voyager, who will be played by actor Gary Young.  The complexity of his character will be a great addition to the storyline of Season 3.  We look forward to the portrayal of camaraderie that develops between him and Jaime, leading us to admire even more of his natural instinct to find common interest in someone who is so vastly different than himself.  If the relationship is similar to what we read within the book series, we know this season will be filled with moments of heightened emotion, witty banter, and constant safeguarding of Mr. Willoughby’s actions.  We can’t wait to see what transpires!  Priceless moments are guaranteed!

“It was in a way a most appropriate farewell for a poet,” he said. “Fleeing nameless, to the sound of great applause. As I passed the soldiers’ garrison at the city gate, I looked back, to see the many roofs of the Palace outlined by bursting flowers of red and gold. It looked like a magic garden—and a forbidden one, for me.”

-Mr. Willoughby

Voyager by Diana Gabaldon, Chapter 45

Photo Courtesy / N. I. Stephany Photography.  The Great Wall of China

Lord John Grey: An Unexpected Friendship Forms

I waved it away, and took a sip of brandy. “Yes, he mentioned you.  He said you had been the Governor of the prison at Ardsmuir, and that you were a friend—and that he could trust you,” I added reluctantly.  Possibly Jamie felt he could trust Lord John Grey, but I was not so sanguine.

The smile this time was not quite so brief. “I am glad to hear that,” Grey said softly.

-Claire & Lord John

Voyager by Diana Gabaldon, Chapter 59

Public CC0 Domain / Pixabay 259681. Craigmillar Castle in Edinburgh served as the filming location for Ardsmuir Prison in Voyager, Season 3 of Outlander.  A medieval castle with history dating back to the late 14th century, it is perhaps most known for the association to Mary, Queen of Scots.

The character of Lord John Grey has been described by Starz as “A steadfast and honorable British subject, torn between a finely-honed sense of familial duty and a strong moral compass of right and wrong. He is boyishly handsome with an upper class rearing — the consummate gentleman. However, a scandal from his past has relegated Lord John to an undesirable position as governor of Ardsmuir, a desolate prison in Northern Scotland.”  It is here that an unexpected friendship forms between himself and Jamie Fraser.  Time eventually proves that they each can find common ground through their interests in chess, discussions of literature, and views of shared moral code.  However, this friendship will be tried and tested, only the future will hold the key to whether trust can be re-established once again.

There is no doubt that Lord John Grey will be a welcome addition to Season Three.  His high moral code, dedication to his family, and sense of duty to his military service is admirable, yet his greatest merit lies in his offer of compassion where history dictates there was little to be found.  A true gentleman in every sense of the word, it is no wonder that Lord John Grey has a series dedicated to him by Diana Gabaldon.  The Lord John Grey Series is a worthy read and will capture your heart and soul once again.  The Scottish Prisoner is another one of our favorite novellas in this series.   The insight given into Jamie’s world while imprisoned, told from his perspective, will certainly bring you closer to the depths of loss he experienced.  It is here that he also develops a stronger relationship with Lord John Grey by defining moments of acceptance and trust, which served to bond these two noble characters.  This book will surely hold you prisoner until you have read the final page.  We look forward to actor David Berry’s interpretation of this beloved character that so many fans believe in and admire.  Another superb choice in casting that will surely bring highlighted moments during Season 3!

“I shall not ask you again why you left the prison,” he had said, calmly conversational. “But I will ask you—why did you come back?”

Fraser had frozen briefly, startled. He turned back and met Grey’s eyes directly. For a moment he said nothing. Then his mouth curled up in a smile. “I suppose I must value the company, Major; I can tell ye, it’s not the food.”

-Jamie and Lord John Grey

Voyager by Diana Gabaldon, Chapter 10

Hawk’s Head, a restaurant located on Riley’s Farm, is modeled after a traditional 18th century colonial tavern.

Young Ian Fraser Murray: A Lad Destined for Adventure

“Aye, take him.  It’ll be a great chance for the lad.”

“You’re sure?”  Jamie hesitated, speaking to his sister, rather than Ian.  Jenny nodded.  Her blue eyes glistened in the lamplight, and the end of her nose was slightly red.

“I suppose its best we give him his freedom while he still thinks it’s ours to give,” she said.  She looked at Jamie, then at me, straight and steady. “But you’ll take good care of him, aye?”

-Jenny Murray and Jamie Fraser

 Voyager by Diana Gabaldon, Chapter 38.

Pixabay CC0 Domain / 1674377

Young Ian is a lad destined for adventure beyond the boundaries of his family home in Lallybroch.  His personality can be described as venturesome, loyal, bold, fearless, and brave.  He exhibits attributes more similar to his uncle, Jamie Fraser, than his father.  This leads him to get himself into novel situations that set him on a clearly different course than his siblings.  He has a strong identification of his Highland roots, yet he is not afraid to mold himself based on his life experiences or the varying situations he may find himself.  Most importantly, he has unconditional love for members of his immediate and extended family.  This often leads him to moments that require sacrifice in order to protect those he loves or feels responsibility for, while also always keeping vengeance within his grasp to utilize when necessary.

The progression of Young Ian is one that Sass3 readily looks forward to.  His character will be molded well beyond initial expectations, adding to his diverse intrinsic nature.  We couldn’t be more proud to send a strong welcome to John Bell, who has been newly casted for this role.  Even more exciting is that we will get to see the progression of his character over the course of the series, which will be unlike any other.  From a young lad trying to find his place in the world to becoming an indispensable family member of multiple identities, including Highlander and Mohawk; his journey is one we can not wait to be lifted from the book to screen!  His free-spirited nature and kindred connection to Jamie formed at birth, will lead him to become a natural magnet for being in the center of situations that develop well beyond his initial intensions.  There is simply so much to enjoy about the complexity of his character.  Most of all, we can’t help but love his intuition and forethought of his uncle’s personal needs following the reunion with Claire.  For all of his attributes, Ian James Fitzgibbons Fraser Murray will always be one of our favorite characters!  ♥  

“Well, I mean…” Young Ian hesitated, glancing at me, and then hastily away. “I mean, nay doubt you’ll be wanting to…er…mmphm?” A Highlander born, he managed to infuse this last noise with an amazing wealth of implied indelicacy.

Voyager by Diana Gabaldon, Chapter 28

Public Domain CC0 / Pixabay 1875252

Season 3 Will Be Worth the Wait

The months waiting for Outlander‘s return to the screen will be difficult, however, there is no doubt it will be worth the wait.  Spending time with like minded fans, re-reading the series, exploring the novellas, and dedicating time to re-watch the series are perfect activities to get you through this time period.  However, imagining Voyager adapted to the screen – with teases of set imagery from the writers and producers – re-ignites the excitement, we as fans, all share.  In addition, there is also pure enjoyment in seeing fellow Outlander enthusiasts have moments with the stars.  We look forward to highlighting more of their experiences, with the newest cast members, in the near future.  So be sure to check back with us!

Who are the new characters you looking forward to seeing on screen?  Feel free to share your thoughts, as there is nothing we love more than talking with fellow fans about the upcoming season.  Be sure to also explore a previous blog about life on the 18th century ships:  On the High Seas with Voyager.  In the meantime, take a short trivia to test your Voyager knowledge.  We are sure you know the answers to these questions and more!

1. Peaceful One, 2. Ian James Fitzgibbons Fraser Murray, 3. February 15, 1755, 4.  Peanut Butter Sandwich (Jae’s personal favorite).  The picture above is a scarf purchased from Red Bubble, a beautiful addition to any wardrobe.  





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