An Outlander Review of Claire Fraser’s Riding Gloves by AbbyShot

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One of the greatest things as an Outlander fan is the growing availability of memorabilia we can collect or give as gifts to our dearest friends.  Searching for novel and unique items not only supports our natural addiction for the series, it also entertains us while the season is not in session.  Clothing that resembles the Outlander costumes are definitely a prize any fan would hope to own.

In today’s blog, we take a look at the officially-licensed Claire Fraser’s Riding Gloves from AbbyShot.  As we appreciate the level of craftsmanship of this item, we will also discuss how history shaped the use of gloves, our overall impressions, and our appreciation for having this unique piece to add to our Outlandish wardrobe.


A Historical Perspective on Gloves

In the history of fashion, gloves were an important article of clothing. They were utilized to not only protect the hands from the elements, but also as an accessory to demonstrate a degree of elegance in a time when it was the custom to cover exposed skin. Soft and smooth hands, unblemished by labor or the sun, were viewed with a high level of attractiveness. In the past, gloves were viewed as a deeply personal article of clothing due to the closeness to the wearer’s skin.

In the early centuries, women followed the etiquette of the time in order to strive for the standard that defined feminine beauty, poise, and perfection. Through the allure of storytelling in the Outlander series, this historical view of thinking was challenged through the character of Claire Fraser – a time traveler who can be described as independent, intuitive, and quick to give her own thoughts on any matter. Claire is presented as a woman of substance and conviction, where gloves were used as a point of practicality rather than decoration.

In the present time of the 21st century, the Claire Fraser’s Riding Gloves, as depicted in Outlander Season One, Episode 5, “Rent,” reproduced by AbbyShot represent this link to Claire Fraser.  Sass3 is proud to present one piece of clothing that demonstrates not only renewed style in our current time, but also serves as a symbol of our most beloved character.

Our First Impressions

When the parcel arrived, it was wrapped in a sealed plastic bag.  It’s hard to believe that the gem inside was an elegant black box with Outlander The Series printed in gold on the cover.  The box alone gave this product a sophisticated look, heightening the anticipation of opening this beauty! 

As one opens the lovely carton, a pair of white leather gloves encased in tissue paper emerge. The natural leather of the gloves gives a pleasing scent – immediately drawing you in to further investigate the degree of craftsmanship and artistry in the design.

The Gloves

Upon first look, it is evident the gloves are made of fine grain leather. The topsides are stamped with a lovely charcoal gray stag antler design.  It was so exciting to see the very gloves Claire was wearing in the television show!  AbbyShot’s description of the gloves state they are “made of soft kid leather that is traditionally used in the late 1800’s.”  We love the company’s reference to historical facts in the production of these gloves!

There are so many attributes of this stylish accessory that we truly appreciate.  One aspect that we admire is the quality of material used to create this piece.  We were pleased to find that the supple and flexible leather allows these gloves to be easily worn and used in daily activities.  In addition, the smooth inner fleece liner creates a feeling of comfort.  The ability to handle and manipulate small items efficiently while wearing them are also a plus.  

The gloves have a cozy fit, allowing one to go about daily tasks without having to remove them.

Tips for Ordering

It is recommended to use AbbyShot’s Glove Sizing Chart to get a correct size for the right fit. Measuring around the widest part of the hand, barring the thumb, and rounding down to the nearest number on the size chart will easily give you the appropriate size to order. The sizes available are small, medium, large and extra-large.

The 7.25″ measurement would be rounded down to 7″ for a size medium-sized glove.

Initially, the gloves will fit snug and then relaxes to mold specifically to the size of your hand. We found the gloves to be a true fit to size as described in the guide.

A Great Addition To Any Outfit 

Although they were fashioned after a pair of gloves from the 18th century, Claire Fraser’s Riding Gloves have a timeless design. They can be worn with an array of outfits and clothing styles of today. They are chic enough for a night out on a chilly evening, yet casual enough to wear with your favorite sweater and jeans on a brisk afternoon.

Claire Fraser’s Riding Gloves by AbbyShot

We have found that we love to pair the gloves with other items we have purchased from AbbyShot.  AbbyShot’s Outlander Tartan Shawl or Fraser Lambswool Scarf are the perfect complimentary accessories to wear with the riding gloves. They were made to go together and have drawn many compliments when worn on outings.

Outlander Tartan Stole by AbbyShot
Fraser Lambswool Scarf by AbbyShot

Ease and comfort make them the perfect pair of gloves for everyday use. With their slim size, they can easily be stored in an evening purse, the pocket of a coat, or the glove compartment of a car. We have enjoyed several Outlander-inspired articles from AbbyShot. These gloves are no exception. We can’t wait to see what else the company will have in store for fans! Stay tuned for news about the Jamie Fraser Leather Coat coming soon.

View our video of the gloves.


We highly recommend these gloves:

  • to any Outlander Fan
  • to the woman who enjoys adding detail to her attire when dressing up for special events
  • to a lass that needs functional and warm gloves that compliment any style
  • to be given to a loved one as a unique, special gift
  • to be paired with AbbyShot’s Claire Fraser’s Riding Coat

The Joy of Wearing AbbyShot

The enticement of emulating our beloved Outlander character is every reason to own and wear a replica of the beautiful Claire Fraser’s Riding Gloves. Matching this extraordinary pair of gloves with other Outlander accessories transports any lassie or sassenach into Diana Gabaldon’s world.

The replication of this item was marvelously executed.  AbbyShot also produces additional pieces from other television shows, movies, and computer games – an excellent way to live through your favorite character!

You can follow AbbyShot on Twitter and FaceBook to get the latest news from this wonderfully creative company.  We look forward to continuing to add to our collection.

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