Jamie Fraser’s Leather Coat: From Request to Reality

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 Happy World Outlander Day!

Outlander is celebrating it’s twenty-sixth year on June 1st. ♥ The unique storytelling abilities of Diana Gabaldon are priceless. With a single stroke, she captures our imagination, creates an irreversible emotional connection, and opens the door to a new world that can not be singly defined. As we watch the books get skillfully adapted to the screen, there is no doubt that the attachment to this series will become inevitably stronger.

As we honor this special day, we were ecstatic to learn that AbbyShot is also acknowledging World Outlander Day with the commencement of pre-orders for their newest masterpiece: Jamie Fraser’s Leather Coat! With so many reasons to celebrate, today seemed like the perfect opportunity for us, Sass3, to sit down with each other to talk about our natural love for all things Outlander. After all, we still surprise ourselves at the plethora of times we drop everything – leaving our family, even our careers – just to experience Outlander! However, our love of attending events would not be complete without wearing the clothing and accessories that illustrate our appreciation for this dynamic series.

Join us as we spend time discussing our bond to Outlander, our appreciation for the original costume designs, and our new found attachment to AbbyShot‘s newest fan memorabilia – Jamie Fraser’s Leather Coat. ♥

Conversations of an Outlandish Kind

Our love for this series runs deep and it will always be present in everything we do.

World Outlander Day will unite millions of fans around the globe to honor our favorite author Diana Gabaldon. Without her, let’s face it, Jamie and Claire would never have existed. To contemplate that thought is something incredibly difficult for any of us to imagine!

Jae:  We were brought together because of our addiction to Outlander. As I reflect on all our adventures, I am struck by how much it has enriched our lives. What was one of your favorite memories?

Lady K: Oh, do I have to pick just one?! I must say, seeing Outlander costumes on exhibit has been a definite highlight. FIDM’s display of Season 2 costumes had several of my favorite pieces. Seeing the details and the work put into them is positively incredible. Terry’s designs are exquisite! I had to return to see them again – once wasn’t enough!

Mela:  Events like Comic Con in San Diego and Seattle would be two fond memories. Seeing Diana Gabaldon in Scottsdale is at the top of my list! And yes, I do agree about liking FIDM – seeing all the costumes Terry and her team designed and created is a special memory. I can’t help but think about Claire’s lovely dresses and Jamie’s kilt and that rugged leather jacket! I can’t just choose one either!

Jamie Fraser’s Leather Coat is masculine in design, certainly portraying the powerful image of his strength of character. Coat shown is the original piece displayed at FIDM designed by Terry Dresbach.

Jae:  I think I can imagine what one of our favorite costumes was at FIDM! Jamie Fraser’s leather coat was surely on the top of my list.  

Lady K: Absolutely! I fell in love with that jacket the first time I saw Sam in it as Jamie.  Then, finding out it was his father’s coat, struck a heart-string.  I love the cut of the coat… and it fits Sam so well!

Mela:  When I do think of this jacket (which I would love to have), I think of ALL the outfits it would match! 

Jae:  I would love nothing more than to complete my wish of seeing Outlander‘s Lallybroch while wearing my own version of Jamie Fraser’s Leather Coat! To have something of my own that symbolizes my favorite character or even asking my husband to wear his version – would be EPIC!

Words could not express our enjoyment seeing these costumes first hand while on display at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM). The admirable work of Terry Dresbach was a joy to see first hand. Being up close and personal to each principal actor’s attire allowed us the opportunity to marvel at her attention to detail which brought each costume to life. Hours were spent admiring each costume from every angle to account for the subtleties added to each garment. The level of artistry incorporated into the composition of each design told its own story – confirming that costume development is also one of the true foundations necessary for storytelling. We owe it all to Terry Dresbach and her creative team for making such exceptional costumes that reflect this historical time period.  You can read more of our appreciation for her inspiring work and a cherished moment we had with her by clicking here.  The opportunities we had to appreciate these items first hand has only increased our excitement to one day own authentic replicas of the clothing we most admire. Jamie Fraser’s Leather Coat is one item on the top of our list.

Jamie Fraser’s Leather Coat:  From Request to Reality

No details were left out in the creation of this design. Coat shown is the original piece displayed at FIDM designed by Terry Dresbach.

In March of 2017, we had heard that AbbyShot was going to release a replica of this favorite coat. AbbyShot actively sought input from fans and they eagerly answered this call to action by giving their suggestions of what they would like to see in the final product that was being created. AbbyShot created a fantastic blog on their website that gives insight into the step-by-step creation process of bringing Jamie Fraser’s Leather Coat to life. You can access this blog by clicking here. This blog, of course, drew a lot of attention from all members of this fandom – both men and women alike. AbbyShot masterfully utilized all social media platforms, including Twitter, to see what the fans of the show thought of this specific idea of product development. We were not at all surprised when they announced that it was one of their most popular requests! Thank you AbbyShot for listening to our requests and allowing us, as fans, to actively participate in this design process! ♥

 “Whatever the fans want, the fans will get!”  


How Will You Celebrate?

There are so many ways to acknowledge our devotion to this timeless series. From re-reading our favorite passages, being with fellow like-minded fans, or even adding to our own Outlander keepsakes – we know there is no shortage of ways to celebrate how our lives have been enriched by this series.

Photo Credit: Sony via AbbyShot

The possibility of owning memorabilia that is a direct representative of what we see in the show is something we are looking forward to.  We can not wait for the release of Jamie Fraser’s Leather Coat, officially-licensed by Outlander. It will be available for pre-orders starting on World Outlander Day, June 1st! It has been described by AbbyShot as a “historically accurate design from the18th-century. It is fully lined with corded buttonholes and seams for extra strength and durability. It is also a fully skirted, genuine distressed leather coat, with 40 antique brass buttons that would draw admiration from any bystander.”  As for the ladies, dinna fash yerself! They will have a ladies version available also!!!

Even the antique buttons were exquisitely detailed. Coat shown is the original piece displayed at FIDM designed by Terry Dresbach.

The level of craftsmanship and design of this leather coat will be a true reflection of the actual costume. It will certainly become a highly desired fan product to own based upon its meaning to the Outlander series – it is a symbol of Jamie Fraser’s recognition of his rightful place as leader and chieftain, that was once worn by his father, Laird Brian Fraser.

We know this will be an item that will be cherished by many. As we get through droughtlander together, AbbyShot is always looking for new suggestions and product ideas. Send your ideas via email to info@abbyshot.com and let them know your thoughts! Our next request:  you guessed it – we would love to have Jamie Fraser’s boots!

We are hoping the boots will one day be an item that will be available for purchase. Boots shown are the original pieces displayed at FIDM designed by Terry Dresbach.

Additional Memorabilia We Are Looking Forward To Seeing

AbbyShot didn’t stop at making only the leather coat. They are also releasing pre-orders at the same time for their Jamie Fraser’s Leather Belt which can be worn with their Handmade Jamie Fraser’s Leather Sporran. This soft genuine leather belt sports a replica brass buckle to secure around your waist, allowing you to carry your most precious items wherever you go.

Example of Jamie’s sporran he wore in the series. Belt and sporran shown are the original pieces displayed at FIDM designed by Terry Dresbach.

Who is AbbyShot You Might Ask?

They are a Canadian clothing company who have been in business for 15 years. Their garment designs are styled after clothing worn in movies, anime series, TV shows, and video games. Two years ago, Sony approached AbbyShot’s President, Bonnie Edgecombe, directly on LinkedIn, seeking a partnership on developing replicas and pieces inspired by the show. AbbyShot has gained quite the reputation for an eye for detail and quality. They ship to over 53 countries around the world and have fulfillment houses in the US and UK. They aligned themselves with the very mill in Scotland who created the registered tartans for the show, and now AbbyShot products are in 17 castles and heritage shops across Scotland alone, not to mention retail outlets in the US, Canada, Germany, Switzerland & soon to be New Zealand! Most importantly, they are also avid Outlander fans!

Send Us Pictures of Your Favorite Outlander Memorabilia

All of these designs would not be possible without the outstanding level of artistry demonstrated within the Outlander series by Terry Dresbach and her design team. We can not thank her enough for creating costumes that tell their own story by seamlessly lifting each character from page to screen.

As we celebrate in our own ways today, we wanted to wish everyone an amazing World Outlander Day. What might you be doing to celebrate? Please feel free to send pictures of your favorite pieces of Outlander inspired memorabilia in your collection. Once again, don’t forget the opportunity to pre-order from AbbyShot to secure a Jamie Fraser Leather Coat, Leather Belt, or Leather Sporran.   We know you won’t be disappointed owning a piece of Outlander history!   ♥

This design is impressive at every angle. Coat shown is the original piece displayed at FIDM designed by Terry Dresbach.

All photos from our blogs are owned by Timeless Sass3nach Journeys, unless noted or attributed. The use of our photos is not permitted unless consent is given.

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