Garden Party Decor Inspired by Aunt Jocasta

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Spring is nature’s way of saying “Let’s Party!”

-Robin Williams

Garden parties are great for teas, baby or bridal showers- any type of party, really! Spring and summer are delightful seasons in which to host celebrations surrounded by the beauty of nature.

A garden party can be simple or one could go to the extravagant lengths of the garden party in Versailles during Outlander Season 2! Jocasta, Jamie’s aunt, held marvelous parties in later books in the Outlander series. In this article, we share decorating ideas that perhaps she could have had at her parties and that one could also use for today’s celebrations. Sass3 has hosted and attended a wide array of parties, so we have gathered quite a few suggestions.


Floral Arrangements

If you don’t have a garden, you can still hold a garden party by using cut flowers, herbs, and plants. One way to add a distinctive earthy feel is by adding paper bags on pots. Place the newly arranged greenery on a cake stand to incorporate varying heights.  It’s a wonderful way to bring the outside elements indoors.


Succulents in a terra cotta pot with a decorative stake and ribbon is quaint, yet perfect.  The example below was for a baby shower. The yellow adds pop and the adorable monkey adds juvenile charm.


A potted plant on an ornamental charger with scattered rocks and charms completes the centerpiece pictured here. Add a couple of photos on a plant stake to create a conversational piece. This is ideal for a milestone birthday such as a 40th or 50th.  Family and friends can be entertained while reminiscing with the portraits.


A simple glass vase, tumbler, or even a mason jar filled with greenery are easy and inexpensive alternatives. Add a bit of moss at the bottom for even more visual appeal.

Idea from Mango Mango restaurant.

The hardware store can come in handy for garden decor.  Find a circular metal clamp to serve as a frame for a potted plant hanging on a wall or fence.  A spring-form pan, like for cheesecake, would work as well. Affix these to a wooden fence and they can stay up year-round.

Ideas from Mango Mango restaurant.

Add a few pieces of fruit such as lemons, limes, or apples to a capped jar and place around on tables. The differing colors of the produce can add the right touch to a bare table or countertop.

Ideas from Mango Mango restaurant.

A water-filled glass bowl with pebbles and a flower is another ornate centerpiece.  Fresh or silk flowers can be used. You could even put a gold fish in the bowl to add a wow factor.

IMG_5839 copy

If you have several mismatched or unsightly pots, glasses or vases, don’t fret! Wrap cloth napkins around them and tie off with matching ribbon.  No one will be the wiser as to what is under the napkin. Fill with colorful flowers for a nice POP!

13599983_10154066845171329_8426628325831119464_n copy

Even a crystal candlestick can serve as a floral pedestal! It’s easy to make following these few simple directions:

DSC_0018 copy

Use a small styrofoam ball in which to insert cut stems of silk or fresh flowers. Trim the stems of the flowers, leaving just enough length to securely hold in the styrofoam.



Use a hot glue gun to secure the floral bunch to the candlestick. Attach a decorative ribbon with a bit of bling to complete the look.

This can even be done with a styrofoam half-ball to use on a taller candlestick.


A variety of height, and even styles, of candlesticks will make for a festive party. Vary the color of flowers as well.


A hurricane glass is another way to decorate for a garden party, especially if it will be going into the evening.  The candlelight will add ambiance once the sun goes down.


Cut floral stems to just below the bud. Use hot glue to affix the flowers to the base of the hurricane.


Large floor pots can be dressed up with a ribbon and placed around the garden.

DSC_0011 copy

Food and Friends – Life is Good

Food presentation is another component of a garden party.  Using plants and flowers amongst the food and beverages adds to the theme. Place boxes beneath the table cover to add differing heights for food placement.


Situate utensils and dishes in an exclusive spot on a tall bar table.  Use tulle or organza to tie the tablecover around the table leg to add color. This will save space on the larger tables for all the food.

IMG_2700 copy

The flow of the party doesn’t need to remain solely in the garden.  It can flow from indoors, to the backyard, and even the driveway.

If you know you have food that should stay out of the sun or heat, set up a table indoors.



The countertop of a kitchen island works as a perfect surface for various food. Placing a table runner askew adds a bit more to the decor.


Creatively cut and arranged fruit on a platter makes for a colorful display. Using a crinkle-cut knife adds just the right amount of flair.


Be conscious of where the sun and shade will be during the party hours so you can set up food and beverages accordingly. Food that should be kept cold, or that you don’t want melting in the sun, can then be placed in the shade. Food like bread and crackers can be arranged in the warmer areas.


Refreshing Beverage Stations

Having the beverage station in a separate location from the food encourages guests to mingle throughout the party grounds.



A garden cart for the glasses and aluminum wash tubs filled with iced bottles and cans add to the garden feel.


If you’re serving coffee, a tray filled with whole coffee beans makes the drip-tray look a little nicer.  Some pebbles or even small dried flowers could work the same for iced tea.


Fairy Quote: “Just living is not enough,” said the Butterfly Fairy. “One must have sunshine, freedom and a little flower.”

-Hans Christian Anderson

IMG_1029Sass3 has gathered many times with family and friends. Adding a touch of nature and decorating for the festivities has been a creative outlet for us. What are ways you enhance your parties?  We’d love to get more ideas!

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