One Fan’s Experience Meeting David Berry – Outlander’s Lord John Grey

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Outlander’s global community is one of the joys of this fandom, enabling the formation of new found connections to fan-bases around the world. This is something for which we are absolutely most grateful.

“All because she wrote a book.”  

As we form these new relationships, it is natural to share any new knowledge regarding hints to the storyline, filming information, or even the opportunities to meet the cast themselves. It is wonderful to support our fellow fans and live vicariously through their experiences, helping to make droughtlander a bit more easier to bare.

One of our favorite stories is a recent fan experience with David Berry, who has been casted as Lord John Grey in Outlander. He recently attended the Logie Awards, which is Australia’s equivalent of the Emmys in the United States. A red carpeted event, the nominees of these awards are chosen by their peers as well as votes given by the public. Some very special Outlander fans were able to personally meet David Berry at this event and seeing their excitement certainly heightened our anticipation for Season 3!

Photo Courtesy / Australia, New Zealand, Outlander Fans (ANZOFs)

It is with great pride and pleasure that Sass3 shares the story of Irene. We are grateful for the opportunity to highlight her fan experience and marvel in the captured imagery of David Berry. It is a story we are ecstatic to feature. Most of all, we love how Outlander continues to build friendships, create unique opportunities, and form a sense of comradery between like-minded fans across the world. Sass3 feels deeply honored to feature their encounter at the Logie Awards and gain greater insight into how it felt to meet David Berry, a talented actor in his own right, and also a rising Outlander star.

David Berry: Outlander’s Lord John Grey

Public CC0 Domain / Pixabay 259681. Craigmillar Castle in Edinburgh served as the filming location for Ardsmuir Prison in Voyager, Season 3 of Outlander.  A medieval castle with history dating back to the late 14th century, it is perhaps most known for the association to Mary, Queen of Scots.

David Berry’s portrayal of Lord John Grey will certainly add to the dynamic storyline of the next season. His high moral code, dedication to his family, and sense of duty to his military service is admirable. However, the true merit in his individual character lies in is his ability to treat men, with honor and respect – despite their affiliations during wartime. The Outlander series has hinted that this code of honor was often difficult to uphold, as history has proven that there was little compassion to be found if you were considered an enemy to the Crown. The formation of friendship to Jamie Fraser will certainly be a relationship that is built on trust, mutual understanding, and overall acceptance. However, this is not easily accomplished given the time and sequence of events in which they find themselves. There is no doubt that this adaptation of friendship, from the books to the screen, will certainly be one of the new highlighted relationships we will look forward to seeing.

David Berry’s commitment to his craft and his ability to seamlessly transform himself into his character roles are admired by many. When his casting was announced for Outlander Season 3, there was no doubt that we, as fans, began to look forward to the upcoming re-introduction of Lord John Grey.  David Berry’s versatility in his previous roles will certainly enable him to convincingly portray this fascinating character that excels in one realm, yet must hide components of his personal life in another. The complexities of his life and the responsibilities of the position he holds have been masterfully created by the finesse of Diana Gabaldon. She portrays Lord John Grey’s character to have wit, a sense of adventure, passion, and unbridled honor. To see David Berry bring these components to life will certainly be priceless. We can’t wait!

A Moment To Remember:  A Special Fan Experience

David Berry recently attended the 59th Annual TV Week Logie Awards held in April 2017. He was attending this red carpet event with his fellow cast members from the Australian series A Place to Call Homea period drama of love and loss set against the social change of the 1950’s. Already a great honor to be nominated, it was an even larger celebration when they were recognized as the ‘Most Outstanding Drama Series’.

As we await his transition to Season 3 of Outlander, we were ecstatic to have the opportunity to interview Irene – a group member of the Australia and New Zealand Outlander Fans (ANZOFs). She had a unique opportunity to meet David Berry while he was attending these awards. It was marvelous to be able to see how close she was able to get to the red carpet and interact with stars that continue to maintain an international audience. Her experience demonstrates that the stars of this series are not only immensely talented, but also display great personal character to be able to engage with their fans in meaningful ways – creating unforgettable moments that are admired by many around the globe. Here is her story.

Photo Courtesy / Australia, New Zealand, Outlander Fans (ANZOFs). A wonderful moment captured of Irene meeting David Berry at the Logie Awards.

We adore this picture of you and David Berry! We would love to hear how your love and appreciation for Outlander began?

I started watching the series on TV and really loved it. I had searched around and found the Australian fanbase on Facebook. As it happened, some of the Melbourne based fans were getting together for lunch and all things Outlander. I didn’t know anybody, but I decided to go anyway. Once there, I met three other fantastic ladies, Lynette, Lauren, and Jacqueline. This chance meeting has now created a lifelong friendship.

During the first season, we would get together and watch the episodes together. Around that time, I also started to read the books in the series, which I have now done twice over. We also started to travel together, and the four of us went to the ANZOFs gathering in Queensland where we met so many of the other fans. We had such a great time. The Admins of ANZOFs make everyone who is a member feel very inclusive. It is a great group to be part of!

Photo Courtesy / Australia, New Zealand, Outlander Fans (ANZOFs). Incredible smiles of Lynette and Marg captured with David Berry. Marg is one of the administrators of ANZOFs and David’s Facebook fan page entitled David Berry’s Society for the Appreciation of the English Beefsteak.

We each have a personal appreciation for the Outlander series, which often leads to certain afflictions for specific characters.  Do you have any personal favorites?

“The most important person who must be mentioned is the author herself, Diana Gabaldon. I would love the opportunity to meet her one day. She has created the Outlander world to include real events and integrated so many elements to create a fantastic series of books. We can’t wait for the next installment!”

It’s impossible to have one favorite character in this series. I love Jamie Fraser and Murtagh. I also really enjoy Ian in the books and Lord John Grey. However, at the top of this list must be Claire – she is such a great role model for women around the world. In my opinionshe is strong, yet sensitive. I just love her!  I also enjoyed watching Tobias Menzies. He is able to play both of his characters so well and each one is very believable.

Photo Courtesy / Australia, New Zealand, Outlander Fans (ANZOFs).

In the US, fans are not able to get this close to the red carpet and the stars. How were you able to get so near?

There are passes given out for bleacher seating for the red carpet to competition winners and the general public. We actually queued from midday to see the red carpet arrivals, but some had been there all morning. David Berry was invited as part of the cast for his work as James Bligh on A Place To Call Home.

Photo Courtesy / Australia, New Zealand, Outlander Fans (ANZOFs). David Berry receives a warm welcome by Lynette, Irene, Marg and Carol at the Logie Awards.

We love how close you were able to have personal interactions with the stars. How were you able to capture David Berry’s attention when he arrived to the event?

We let David know where we were waiting prior to his arrival. When he was coming up the carpet, we waved and he came straight over to say hello to us. He loved the signs and the t-shirts we created. Also, other cast members from A Place to Call Home came over to where we were standing. They posed for photos and signed our poster. They were very friendly! Sarah Wiseman is a huge Outlander fan, and, during our meeting, she indicated that she was excited to see David in the role of Lord John Grey.

Photo Courtesy / Australia, New Zealand, Outlander Fans (ANZOFs).

Can you tell us a little bit about your interactions with him? Was he pleased to see supporters for his current projects as well as Outlander? He seems so friendly!  We can’t wait to hear more!

David came over to our little group; he asked our names and he gave each of us a hug and personally thanked each one of us for coming. He happily signed the t-shirts for us.  Various other fans had even recorded messages for those who could not make it. We took lots of photos and we found that he was just so generous with his time. He is such a genuinely nice person, and we can’t wait to see him in the role of Lord John Grey. He told us that he had read all the Lord John Grey novellas!

That is so admirable that he has read each of the books in that series. Do you think he realizes how big the Outlander fan base is around the world?

I think he is starting to see the enormous size of the fandom. He didn’t appear to have any prior knowledge of the series before being cast. He will certainly have a welcome surprise with all the fan support!

Photo Courtesy / Australia, New Zealand, Outlander Fans (ANZOFs).

Season 3 Can’t Come Soon Enough!

Personable and friendly, David Berry will definitely be an exciting cast member to watch. One of our favorite revelations was to learn that he has read all the novellas in the Lord John Grey series. This will certainly enable him to gain greater understanding of this noble character that is admired by so many. Moreover, we can’t wait to see his own personal interpretation of this pivotal role that will undoubtedly be an integral piece to the Outlander series.

Sass3 wanted to also send a heartfelt thank you to Irene for sharing her experience. We truly enjoyed her photographs and hearing her perspective on this unique opportunity. This will definitely be a moment that will not soon be forgotten. ♥


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  1. I have been waiting to see him as LJG. A group I’m a member of, A Dram of Outlander is doing a read a long of TSP. We are almost done. Yesterday’s podcast, about when Jamie and LJG return to Helwater really caught and tugged on my heart. John follows Jamie back into prison (essentially) . I saw that while Jamie is confined to Helwater, his soul remains free as he continues loving Willie, Claire and his family. LJG is bodily free but he is imprisoned by his class, the military, the law and his sexuality. His love for Jamie, hindered by not only Jamie’s morals, but his own, as he is still in command of Jamie’s life.

    It wrings my heart that they have this strange friendship and then as soon as they return to Helwater it has to be hidden.

    I am waiting for Drums in Autumn, most particularly the measles incident. But I am looking forward to LJG’s appearances in Voyager.

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