Remembrance of Outlander Season 1: The Enchantment of Tea Leaf Readings

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Sass3 has formed a strong attachment to everything that Outlander embodies: historical fiction, spirituality, honor, morality, love, and even components of superstition. If you are an avid fan like we are, we are sure you can easily recall your favorite episodes that have created a stronger bond to this series. There are certainly scenes that we will always cherish, leading us to re-watch our favorite moments of each season. However, we also love to look back on the episodes that foreshadowed Claire’s future. In particular, the moment when Claire Randall had her tea leaves read by the charming housekeeper, Mrs. Graham. It was clear during their conversation that hints to her future were being foretold, and Claire would soon embark on a timeless journey that would capture each of our hearts.

The manner in which Mrs. Graham used this fortune-telling method of interpreting patterns in tea leaves was mysterious. Although, in reality it’s use has been well documented throughout history and across many different cultures. The bigger question we asked ourselves is this: Can a level of truth be drawn from this form of fortune-telling? Only those who had this experience will know. Fortunate for us, one of our own was able to partake in this rare form of reading to gain insight into her future by the intuitive interpretation of the leaves found in her tea cup. This was an incredible opportunity that we can not wait to share. Here is Jae’s story.

A Unique Opportunity

I just love this picture of my fellow Sass3 lassies. It is a perfect reminder and depiction of Episode 101 entitled Sassenach. It is here we see Claire Randall intrigued and surprised by the fortune being told to her by Mrs. Graham. We can’t help but wonder the wealth of emotions she must have felt as her tea leaves and palm were being read – hinting of her journey to come. The foreshadowing of events in this episode reminds me that, perhaps, these forms of readings can have some remnants of truth. After all, many cultures have used these types of readings throughout history – who am I to discount this way of seeking guidance? I think it is fair to say that I believe in the possibilities of interpretation that are well beyond my rational understanding.  

Opportunities Arise When You Least Expect It

Our trip to Los Angeles was meant as a long weekend getaway to celebrate my oldest son’s birthday. We had a wonderful day at Universal Studios to welcome him to the tween years. The following day we decided to escape the city and head to the beach in hopes of finding some cooler temperatures. We soon found ourselves at the Santa Monica Pier. Due to the ages of my children, we decided to separate – my husband and oldest son spent the afternoon cruising down to Venice Beach while my cousin, two younger children, and I headed up to the promenade.

The streets were filled with tourists from all over the world enjoying the lovely shops that lined the picturesque 3rd Street Promenade. We enjoyed the variety of street performers that ranged from flamenco guitarists, magic shows, street dancers, and even global entertainers for children who created life sized bubbles for their joy and amazement. The four of us walked along admiring all the festivities found here and meeting many new people along the way. To our surprise, my cousin and I found the place where we were meant to be all along. Quaintly situated on a quiet corner, we noticed a beautiful table covered in an emerald green tasseled table cloth surrounded by an Irish tea towel and elegantly painted tea cups with their matching saucers. Our reader was as beautiful as her table design, wearing a striking plumed, floral straw hat, pearl necklace, and rose pink colored attire.

My cousin and I looked at each other – we knew we shared the same exact thought. We were here at the perfect time and were thrilled about the opportunity to have this unique experience of having our fortunes read. I, being an avid Outlander fan, felt immediately drawn to this moment. However, I couldn’t deny I hoped that my future would hold some sense of truth in it, just as Claire’s did.

“Only Lovely Fortunes Are Found In My Teacups”

When it was my turn for a reading, I sat down with an open mind and heart. This was easy to do, as our reader was extremely welcoming and appeared to take great interest in making sure she fully greeted each customer. When I asked her how much she charged for her service, she kindly smiled and stated that she always invests great care in each of her readings. She asked for each customer to gauge their own level of generosity for her payment. I wholeheartedly loved every aspect of her personality, so I offered the money I had left in my wallet and awaited my next instruction.

She quickly whisked the tea leaves in the large bowl so a funnel was created and stated:

“This bowl represents the universe, dip your tea cup into the deepest part of the bowl and lets find out what the future has in store for you!”   

After I did as she instructed, I lifted my cup of tea up so she could see the formation of bubbles formed along the rim. She carefully pointed to the lateral side of the tea cup, indicating that this pattern had meaning to her.  

“Do you see the pattern here? This has a certain meaning for you today. I can see romance in your future. I know you are married. Make sure you remember that your husband always has one arm around you. Even though he is busy doing other things, that one arm signifies that you are always in his thoughts. You are blessed with lots of romance in your future, always be open to that,” she says with a sly smile and a wink.

I realize to some this sounds far-fetched, perhaps even quoted from a romance novel. However, to me it immediately struck me. Jokingly, I stated, “Funny you should say this, we just had a disagreement a moment ago!” My heart lifted at that moment as I realized that despite life’s offerings, I have been fortunate enough to have found my own Jamie – where commitment, loyalty, and respect are his greatest qualities. Smiling to myself, I couldn’t wait to hear what she would say next. I was then instructed to pour the liquid back into the bowl, while being careful not to allow the loose tea leaves to fall. When this was completed, she took my cup and my true reading began.

She took her time as she carefully looked at the patterns formed at the bottom of my teacup. She analyzed the unique shapes that were formed to derive meaning from individual tea leaf placement. I was astonished at her predictions.

Taking her time to thoroughly analyze the leaves, she thoughtfully asked, “Do you ever think of starting your own business? I can see a pattern here that indicates whatever your thought may be – it is going to be successful. It will also be stressful, but it is important to remember success comes in increments. Remember that these increments are also a sign of success.”

She looks up to me with a smile and continues by saying, “When I look at the placement of the leaves, I clearly see a Dragon.”  

She lifts the tea cup closer to my view and asks, “Do you see it? There at the top. This is one of the luckiest symbols in tea leaf fortunes, in my opinion. This solidifies my thoughts on your future endeavors.”

She then smiles as she looks up to me, making sure I was catching the details of her reading, “I advise that you start saving now by putting money aside in preparation for this opportunity. I know it will be hard to save with having children to care for. Always be mindful of your duties as a mother, but if you do this – save and also invest in yourself – you are sure to find success.”

I leaned in closer. I was hooked. I honestly could see the dragon shape she had indicated to me. Perhaps it was my own enticement in her melodic voice, intuition, and accuracy in her reading so far – but there was no doubt I believed the fortune she was telling me. She continued with one more piece of information.

Photo taken by A close up of Jae’s tea cup.

She took one last look at my tea cup and smiled, “Do you see the depth of the tea and residual liquid that remains in its depth? That represents fertile soil. If you take a spade and dig deep into this soil you will find financial stability based upon your ideas. So in summary, believe in your ideas. Be confident that it will be successful. I am certainly confident that it will be.”

“Oh and one last thing! I also see an open opportunity to move or live abroad in the next year. Not sure how this relates to what I already told you, but it is best to be mindful of that.” She handed my tea cup back to me and laughed at the degree of excitement I was displaying.

  Finally, she said, “Now let’s release your fortune back into the universe. Place your cup into the bowl and let the leaves return to where they once were.”

My reading was complete. I thoroughly thanked her for the time she spent with me. In the end I felt a variety of emotions, such as happiness, relief, and gratitude. I am proud of my professional career of providing care and service to others. However, just prior to this reading, I was discussing with my family about my ideas for creating new materials that pertain directly to the clientele I serve. Could it simply be a coincidence? I choose to believe that it is not. I certainly felt that my future goals had been validated, and there is no doubt I am more passionate than ever to continue working on my business ideas, while also exploring other creative doors that are beginning to open.

There Is Always Some Piece of Outlander All Around Us

Outlander is a captivating and addicting story that can not be singly defined. The ability to seamlessly incorporate so many different elements is what makes this series truly unique. We appreciate how Diana Gabaldon is able to present a connection between history, fiction, and components of culturally based superstition – that is unlike any other author we have encountered before. Her powerful words allow us to be part of each scene, allowing us to reflect on our own related personal experiences – great or small.

There are many reasons for our logical and rational mind to disregard this form of divinitive art. However, the reading of tea leaves has been around for centuries. More specifically, the popularity of this form of fortune telling grew in the 17th century when tea was introduced to Europe from China. The intuitive knowledge to interpret and derive meaning in the symbols given by the leaves is often taught from generation to generation. Our beautiful and clairvoyant reader learned from her own grandmother starting at a very young age. With all this reasoning, based on history and length of practice, I think it is safe to say that I am, and will always be, a believer. Time will tell if my fortune will come true, but I certainly know I will have greater faith in myself to see these premonitions turn into a reality. I can’t wait to see what the future holds as I face it openly without reservations, believing in the premonitions that were revealed in my tea leaf reading. ♥ My life is certainly more exciting with Outlander in it!


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