Scott Kyle – More than Ross the Lallybroch Blacksmith

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Scott Kyle – a man of many talents: actor, artistic director, venue manager, commercial producer, teacher. He has played roles in several movies, has organized special events and works with today’s youth in order to build their artistic future.  He is so much more than we had imagined!

Scott became known to the Outlander world as Ross Owen, Lallybroch’s blacksmith in Season Two, Dragonfly in Amber. He has taken time to converse with us, Timeless Sass3nach Journeys. In our interview, we found that there is so much more to Scott Kyle than meets the eye. It is through his endearing portrayal of Ross that we became admirers of Scott. In this role, it is his character’s stirring interaction with Kincaid, played by Scottish actor Gregor Firth that drew our attention to Scott. In the episode they made a pact: if one met his demise, the other would care for his wife and children. It was a touching scene, but we don’t want to give away more. Due to his wonderful depiction of the blacksmith highlander, Scott’s fanbase began to grow. We also grew to love him because he graciously interacts with his fans on social media on a regular basis, taking the time to respond somehow to those who absolutely adore him. This commitment to fans hasn’t gone unnoticed. Scott is someone who would be a truly dedicated friend, much like his character, Ross.

In our interview, we were able to learn about Scott’s beginnings and his devotional work at a restored and revived theater in Scotland. It was a pleasure to get to know him and share his story.

The Beginning

Sass3: When did you discover you wanted to be an actor?

Scott: “I’ve always enjoyed telling stories, but I didn’t really consider acting as a career until I was in my twenties. I went to college at the age of twenty-one and that’s when I really started to believe that a career in the arts was possible.”

Sass3: What was your first paid job as an actor?

Scott: “My first paid job was touring schools teaching road safety to children through theatre workshops. I think that’s why I love doing workshops, it’s where I started.”

Scott currently gives youth theater workshops throughout the UK. On June 6, he traveled to Colmar, France to work with kids at The Institut Medico Educative Saint Joseph. This workshop prepared teens and young actors to perform onstage. The syllabus included breathing exercises, awareness of the body and surrounding, vocal and movement drills and more. Students worked in small groups to mentally prepare to become their character.

He shared a bit about his time with the kids with us, telling us that he had received a message from Laure Viennet, “a passionate, young teacher who works with kids who have additional support needs,” asking for his involvement. The class was working with the theme of “Travel Through Time” to learn and understand English. Outlander turned out to be one of the historical reference points used by the teacher. After a Skype chat with the class, the teacher asked if Scott would come to France to work directly with the students.

Photo courtesy of Scott Kyle / Scott and Laure during children’s workshop in Colmar, France.

Scott: “Things moved pretty quickly from there and with the help, support and donations from Outlander fans, we were able to travel to France and deliver a children’s theatre workshop. The workshops were a huge success with the national news channels covering the story as well as the local newspapers.”

Photos courtesy of Scott Kyle.


There are plans for a second workshop where Scott and Laure hope to have the students travel to Scotland in April 2018. The kids would also have the opportunity to tour some Outlander locations. Scott is also planning to continue to schedule classes similar to this internationally.

Scott is organizing the Highlander Fling event to be held on September 16 at Linlithgow Burgh Halls. The proceeds will support his international workshops, like the one he hosted in France, with children. You can help fund these endeavors at

Because of his stage and film production experience, Scott brings his expertise to these workshops. He has played the part of Stu Pearson in Kilo Two Bravo (Kajaki,) Stephen Clancy in The Angels’ Share, Billy in Singin’ I’m No Billy, He’s a Tim and Romeo in Romeo and Juliet.  To see the full list, click here.

Enter Outlander

Sass3: In your acting career, what has been the most rewarding role to play? The most difficult?

Scott: “Difficult to say as they all bring their own challenges, but Outlander was the biggest project so that was probably the most nerve wracking.”

“My Laird. My Laird. Is it true? Are we turning back?”

“Aye. We’re going back across the border. Home for winter.”

“Are they…are the British after us, then? Are they close?”

“I canna say, Ross, but I’ll see you’re safe.”

-Ross Owen and Jamie Fraser

Dragonfly in Amber, Season 2, Episode 11: Vengeance is Mine

Sass3: Which do you prefer: theatre, television or film?

Scott: “Hmm, very difficult to say, I love them all for different reasons, but I do like that the film and television work can be seen by so many people. All artists want their work to be seen, and I’m no different.”

Sass3: How did you land the role of Ross in Outlander?

Scott: “My agent sent me to an audition in Edinburgh and it was for the part of Ross. There was only a few lines, but I was really chuffed when I landed the part.”

We are quite chuffed as well!  Ross has become an endearing character, prompting fans to promote a #SaveRoss campaign. The fan based group, Scott Kyle’s Kylanders, has been created on Facebook and ScottsKylanders on Twitter.

Sass3: We can tell that you have an outgoing and fun personality, especially when paired with the other Outlander cast members. There must be memorable moments on set.  Could you share one with us?

Scott: “I really enjoyed playing shinty with Roman and Gregor as we were really going for it, and it was a good hour of filming just to get a few seconds on the screen.”

Sass3: How do you feel about Outlander bringing fans together and the rapid growth of your followers?

Scott: “I think that Outlander fans really get social media as they are using it to make real connections and to meet up with new friends around the world. I think it’s great!”

In May, Scott and his wife were able to meet up with Diana Gabaldon while she was in Scotland. They met following an event to commemorate the newly opened book department at the Old School Beauly, a picturesque shop situated in the Highlands. He gave us a bit of insight of their get-together.

Sass3: Was this your first time meeting Herself?

Scott: “Yes, this was the first time I have met Diana, although she was on set during some of my scenes, but because the set is so busy, we never got the chance to say hello.”

Sass3: How did you get the opportunity to have drinks with her? What was ordered?

Scott: “I had invited Diana to the theatre for the Highlander Fling in September. However, due to other commitments Diana could not make the event. She did however offer to meet Karen and I on the 13th of May instead. We had dinner and drinks at the wonderful Cringletie Hotel in Peebles, Scotland. We were treated to seven courses of wonderful food and Outlander themed drinks.”

Sass3: Is there any part of the conversation you can divulge?

Scott: “We had lots of different chats, but my favorite was hearing all about Season 3 and seeing how excited Diana was about the new season.”

Sass3: What is your impression of Diana?

Scott: “A class act just as I suspected. I hope to meet her again at some point in the future as we had so much to talk about and just so little time.”

We couldn’t agree more with Scott in regards to Diana – we have been fortunate enough to meet her several times and each time has been a true delight.

Photo courtesy of Scott Kyle / Karen Kyle, Diana Gabaldon and Scott Kyle in Peebles, Scotland.

Family and Inspiration

Sass3: You are so close with your family. We love seeing your posts, especially those of sweet Sadie. How does your wife, Karen, feel about your 240K (and counting) Twitter followers?

Scott: “I don’t think any of us quite understand what’s going on, to be honest. The support since my appearance on Outlander has taken us all by surprise, long may it continue.”

Sass3: Who has been your greatest inspiration in life?

Scott: “My mum 100%. She held down three jobs while raising my brother and I. I think I get my work ethic from her, and I’m very grateful to her for this.”  

Sass3: If you could act with anyone, living or not, who would it be?

Scott: “I think it would have to be Tom Cruise – ha ha! He’s the biggest movie star in the world, maybe Top Gun 3 – ha ha!”

Sass3: Who has been your acting role model?

Scott: “Tough question. There are so many people who I have learned from, but I would have to say Will Smith. I think he is great on and off screen, and that’s something that I try to replicate in my own life.”

Scott Kyle, we believe, is well on his way with that aspiration in life.  He interacts with fans via social media on a regular basis, even following back everyone who follows him on Twitter!

Working for the Future

It is evident that Scott wants to give back to the world as much as he can. He has worked hard to bring life back into Bathgate Regal Community Theatre in Scotland. As mentioned previously, he has been running youth workshops in order to keep the arts alive. He was a special guest at the Marine Corps University in Arlington, Virginia where he gave a special talk after viewing Kilo Two Bravo (originally entitled Kijaki) with U.S. Marines. The film has been used to train U.S. Marines. Scott was given a Medal of Honor for Educational Command from the Commanding General.

Sass3: You have done so much for youth theater through Bathgate Regal and while in the United States, and soon in Europe. What motivates you in this area?

Scott: “I want the next generation of performers to have somewhere to learn and grow, and I have tried to build that into everything I do.”

Sass3: What are your future goals and aspirations for Bathgate Regal?

Scott: “I hope that I have given the theatre a strong platform which will allow it to continue to grow and flourish for another 80 years – long after I’m gone.”

Hoodie autographed by Scott and personalized envelope.

The Person Behind the Actor

Sass3: Do you have other interests? What are you doing when you’re not acting or working at Bathgate Regal?

Scott: “I love playing and watching football (soccer). I also love taking long drives with my wife and taking in the great outdoors when the weather permits it.” 

Recently, this past spring, Scott traveled with his wife, Karen, to various cities in the United States. We asked him what stood out the most to him during his visits. Here are his responses:

  • Los Angeles, CA – “Loved the Baywatch beaches, ha ha.”
  • Philadelphia, PA – “The tour of the huge houses, never seen anything quite like it.”
  • North Carolina –  “Loved the scenery as we did a lot of driving.”
  • Washington, D.C. –  “I really enjoyed visiting the grave of the Unknown Soldier. I was very emotional watching the changing of  the guard.”
  • Virginia – “Has to be the food, we ate so much amazing food in Virginia.”
photo courtesy of @CarolJannello / Karen and Scott during their visit in the U.S.

Sass3: We love Outlander to the core, making us, to some, a bit nerdy. Is there anything you are equally as passionate about?

Scott: Laughing as he answered, “I’m also a big Outlander fan, believe it or not, so I’m the same as you!”

Sass3: Of course we have Outlander on our DVR. What’s on yours? What are your favorite television shows and movies?

Scott: “I love Vikings – I’d love to get a part on it.  And I love Black Sails”

Sass3: Do you have any current or future projects that you are excited about and can share with us?

Scott: “I’m hoping to make a big announcement in the near future, so keep an eye on my Twitter and Facebook pages.”

On May 30, Scott announced that he has a new job of programming for four theaters in Scotland. He is excited about this new and wonderful opportunity. He was unable to give more information, so we’ll just be on the edge of our seats to hear more of his new adventures.

Sass3: What is one thing you want your fans to know?

Scott: “They inspire me!”

Thank You!

We would like to thank Scott Kyle once again for taking the time to answer our questions. We hope that you can see the many facets of this talented man. Fans may have noticed him as Ross in Outlander, but there is so much more to Scott. He gives back to his community and has been able to extend his generosity by giving internationally. He is helping build the future of many young actors. We also find it quite remarkable that the U.S. Marines currently use one of his films in order to train. Scott has reached people all around the world, and he most certainly has touched us!

We raise a toast and look forward to following Scott’s continued success! Slainte mhath Scott! 

All photos from our blogs are owned by Timeless Sass3nach Journeys, unless noted or attributed. The use of our photos is not permitted unless consent is given.

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