How to Create an Outlander Inspired Centerpiece

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We find complete enjoyment in following the images and information shared through social media of the filming process of Season 3. The anticipation of the upcoming season is often hard to bare, so we find ourselves searching for ways to sustain our wee addiction to all things Outlander. We have been successful so far, as we have purchased new items to express our love for this series through Etsy, AbbyShot, as well as Redbubble. In our attempts to expand our repertoire of distractions while we await for the highly anticipated release of Voyager, we have joined various art groups and have even started developing our own crafting skills to bring other unique pieces of decor into our homes. We certainly find points of inspiration in all forms. In this case, we were inspired by one of Claire’s Parisian costumes that was on display at the Paley Center during the “Artistry of Outlander” exhibition.

Outlander Costume presented at the Paley Center
Photo taken at the Paley Center during the “Artistry of Outlander” exhibition.

Seeing this costume on screen was impressive, however, nothing can compare to seeing this entire ensemble in person. The level of detail in the accessories, the gorgeous color of the silk material, and the exquisite embroidery left us awestruck at the lengths Terry Dresbach and her team went to in order to create historically inspired pieces that represented 18th century Paris. Now if only we could recreate this piece to wear to San Diego Comic-Con this year!

We had high hopes we would be able to start this project and in preparation we had purchased a pattern to adapt in order to begin our attempts. Unfortunately, we have found that we must wait for a more opportune time as our professions and families have limited our ability to complete this large endeavor. So we chose to do the next best thing and take our original vision back to the drawing board. Using the color schemes of this gorgeous costume that inspired our sense of creativity, we elected to transform it into a memorable centerpiece that could be used throughout all times of the year.

The Process

Due to time constraints, we wanted to have a project that could be completed in a single afternoon.  This particular design was inspired by the centerpieces we have seen at prominent stores, such as Pier 1 Imports or Pottery Barn. We found that this project was fun and enjoyable for all levels of crafters. Most of all, it allowed each of us to design the centerpiece to our own liking and choice of decor in our own homes. All materials were purchased at Hobby Lobby, our local craft store. With the wealth of choices, we found that we each could easily express hints toward the Outlander series while also satisfying our own individual taste and budget.

The primary items we used to complete this project were:

  • A glass hurricane
  • A grape vine wreath that fits at the base of the hurricane vase
  • Acrylic paint
  • Glue gun
  • Silk flowers

There are so many different sizes you can choose to suit your needs, such as to serve as a table centerpiece or even add to your Outlander memorabilia on display in bookshelves or cabinets. We personally chose the larger size to enable ourselves more flexibility in the flower arrangement and to account for the size of the battery operated candle we wanted to use.


We chose purple hydrangeas, white roses, and gold accent pieces for the design.
We also chose to add some thistles we found at the craft store.

The first step was to paint the thistles to a more realistic color.  We chose to mix the acrylic paint colors of violet and white to get the desired shade of purple we wanted.


Using a small brush, we painted the thistles and then set them aside as we worked on the remaining floral arrangement.  While the thistles were drying, we strategically placed silk flowers along the base of the wreath. This allowed us to balance out the florals to make them even throughout the base of the wreath. Once we were confident with the placement, we then used the glue gun to permanently place each floret in the desired location. This was also the opportune time to place each thistle on the arrangement.

We alternated the roses, hydrangeas, and thistles evenly across the base of the grape wreath.

The design felt incomplete with only the flowers and thistles. So we wanted to add more detail by including gold accent pieces for the finishing touch. We, of course, had to add a decorative dragonfly to the top of the hurricane to signify the Season 2 of the series.  We safely secured it with our standard hot glue gun, making our design complete. We loved the results! The best part is that our husbands didn’t give us any resistance to add yet another piece to our home decor. Only Outlander fans know the significance of each detail we added!

Our centerpiece is perfectly paired with a card we received from a fellow fan group. That look that Jaime and Claire give each other will always be loved by us!

No matter what decorating taste you have, or if you are thinking of making a personable gift for a fellow Outlander fan, you will not be disappointed with these results. Simple and elegant, this centerpiece will be a beautiful addition to any home. We admire ours each evening, and with a glass of wine and plenty of magazines to enjoy – we are now kept in further distraction as we wait for Season 3!

Reading these magazines in the presence of candlelight from our new centerpiece creates a relaxing ambiance and adds to our enjoyment of reading. ♥ Thank you Entertainment Weekly for making fantastic covers and worthy articles of which we never tire. Seriously, these covers bring a smile each time we look at them!

With the show’s growing popularity we are sure there will be more covers in the future!

Who knows what we might create next. Come back and visit to find out. We will give one hint: we are using Andover Fabrics in our next design! Can you guess what it might be?


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