Transformation from Hobby to Enthusiast: One Fan’s Journey to Spreading Positivity in the Outlander Fandom

As professionals with families, we joined this new adventure of writing about our enthusiasm for Outlander to not only illustrate our own journeys, but also for those whose lives have been transformed by this dynamic series. Spreading positivity throughout this fandom is important to us. We enjoy sharing our endearment for the adventures we take, the experiences with other like-minded fans, and, most importantly, the connections we have developed with others across the globe. Neither one of us could have predicted the remarkable path we found ourselves following, as we express our enthusiasm for all things Outlander.  Needless to say, we are enjoying every moment!

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San Diego Comic Con 2017: Our Outlander Highlights

San Diego Comic-Con 2017 is a huge event any participant would describe as colossal! With about  150,000 visitors, it can intimidate any attendee – whether new to SDCC or a veteran. Undeniably, it is one of the largest affairs the city hosts where fans queue up for hours, and often times overnight, to be first in the panel discussion halls. Stamina is a must in order get through one day of Comic-Con. Making its presence known this year was Outlander, especially with its huge fan following. It drew people from across the country, and even the world, to see their favorite characters. Today, Sass3 highlights Outlander and briefly shares their favorite moments.

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Novel Adventures: Redefining the Face of Travel

Travel is a means for many of us to expand our perspective and our understanding of the world that surrounds us. These long-lasting benefits can also be found in reading. It can allow us to form new outlooks on life, inspire the acquisition of knowledge, introduce ourselves to new places of discovery, and even have the power of transforming our lives for the better. Each of these values are typically most inspired when reading novels that allow us to transport ourselves, often without knowing, into the character’s journey, voice, and soul. It is then not uncommon for increased personal investment to occur, as we willingly search for opportunities to escape into the fictional world that our favorite authors present to us. Many series have this power – such as Harry Potter, Twilight, Gone with the Wind, Poldark, Lord of the Rings, and in our case, Outlander.

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San Diego International Comic-Con: Let Our Adventures Begin!

Today marks the official day before San Diego Comic-Con! We were fortunate to have attended Emerald City Comicon earlier this year where we successfully attended panels and met the admirable Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe. We are ecstatic that the Outlander cast will be coming to our city to mark the return of the series. We are proud to be badge holders and are seasoned enough to know the importance of developing strategies to successfully navigate between events being held throughout our glorious city of San Diego. Are we excited? Yes, just a little! 

We can already anticipate waiting in the endless lines and making our way through a sea of crowds that encompass every aspect of this event – from anime to comics, movies to television, and beyond. Watching the highly anticipated panels and getting within proximity of actors and artists we admire will be our ultimate goal. We have each agreed to make the preparations necessary, as all invested fans do, to make our experience the best it can be given the wealth of fandoms that will be attending. We have talked about how to prepare for this convention, which we have undoubtedly taken to heart. In this blog we will explore the 5 things we look forward to experiencing as our adventures B-E-G-I-N!

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San Diego Comic-Con 2017: 5 Helpful Tips for our Outlander Fan-mily!

San Diego Comic-Con 2017 is just around the corner and being prepared for such an event will make the experience extremely enjoyable. In today’s blog, we share our top 5 tips to help you navigate your way through this epic event. This information is especially perfect for the new or novice Comic-Con attendee with some ‘need-to-know-tips’ from three San Diego locals and previous SDCC participants, Sass3.

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Outlander Items from Insight Editions Booth at San Diego Comic-Con

Outlander fans were ecstatic and jumped for joy when hearing there would be an Outlander presence at San Diego Comic-Con 2017. The Timeless Sass3nach Journeys is no exception. Our level of excitement further elevated when we found out that the season premiere was officially announced as September 10th 2017. With SDCC right around the corner, we anxiously await the multiple panels that will be held this year and the chance to participate in the autograph session. We are certain that the power of Outlander’s presence will be recognized by many!

We look forward to the exhibit floor booths, held at the San Diego Convention Center, that will contain memorabilia for all fans.  Of course, we were excited to discover that the STARZ booth (#4029) will be teasing fans with ‘The Print Shop’ – and swag! However, it was also thrilling to find out that it isn’t the only booth boasting Outlander. Insight Editions will also be in attendance on the showroom floor showcasing unique designs of popular fandoms.

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A Scotland and Outlander Fan – Lady Piper Tress Maksimuk

When one thinks of Scotland, images of coos, kilts, lochs, castles, and especially picturesque, green lush moors naturally come to mind. Matched with our romantic impression of this majestic land, we feel the connection that beckons our intrinsic desire to be a part of this wonderful country; we simply love her. However, one aspect that embraces all that we hold dear – the landscape and spirit of Scotland – is its music. Anyone can feel the magnetic pull of the Highland Scottish Bagpipes as it creates a hypnotizing pulse that radiates through the heart, a fond affection the soul cannot deny. We are drawn to this mesmerizing sound of their captivating melody, generating a vibration that echoes and transcends through space and time – transporting any recipient to a magical place. The Scottish Highland Bagpipes are deeply rooted to Scotland’s people, history, and culture – naturally making any Outlander fan drawn to these enchanting instruments.

Our readers already know, we completely adore Diana Gabaldon’s books – not for the sheer love story, the Scottish scenery, or the lively adventures, but simply because of the strong and powerful female character, Claire. With today’s cinema finally presenting resilient and spirited women role models, it’s Sass3‘s great pleasure to highlight today’s blog to a lass with unwavering abilities and a trailblazer who has broken the stereotypical notion of a piper: Tress Maksimuk.  

Let’s meet this extraordinary woman.

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J&C Visit the Wildflowers of Borrego-Palm Canyon

Outlander Jamie and Claire Funko Pop! figures headed to the desert of Anza-Borrego to visit the abundance of wildflowers that bloomed this spring. This is reminiscent to when Claire returned to Craigh na Dun in order to collect some flowers she saw at the base of a stone in 1945. That is when she was transported back in time and met Jamie. This blog is inspired by Claire’s love of flora.

Due to the rare, heavy rainfall this winter, Southern California has almost recovered from the drought. The hills, mountains and valleys became overrun with green grass and colorful wildflowers. This drew many to venture outdoors to experience the beauty of nature, including J&C.

Families and hikers flocked to Anza-Borrego Desert State Park. Claire – who has always loved herbs, plants and flowers – just had to go see the flourishing flora. Jamie, of course, went along with her. Let’s experience this adventure with J&C as they describe their journey through  pictures.

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Clan Tours: Walking The Paths Of Our Favorite Outlander Characters

The Outlander series has changed the manner in which we view historical fiction. Initially written for practice, Diana Gabaldon did not limit herself on the contents she wrote about. The portrayal of the world of Outlander includes elements such as war, adventure, spirituality, morality, family, bonds of friendship, and even components of fantasy. However, through it all, the story was built on the foundation of true history. Diana Gabaldon’s gift for research enables her to accurately reflect historical timelines of the 18th century while also portraying real-life figures and important points of world heritage within the light of fiction. Her gift of vivid and descriptive storytelling is unmistakable and unlike any other author. This often invites Outlander enthusiasts, like ourselves, to search for the footsteps of history upon which the series was based and, perhaps, follow the fictional path of our beloved characters in the process.

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