San Diego International Comic-Con: Let Our Adventures Begin!

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Today marks the official day before San Diego Comic-Con! We were fortunate to have attended Emerald City Comicon earlier this year where we successfully attended panels and met the admirable Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe. We are ecstatic that the Outlander cast will be coming to our city to mark the return of the series. We are proud to be badge holders and are seasoned enough to know the importance of developing strategies to successfully navigate between events being held throughout our glorious city of San Diego. Are we excited? Yes, just a little! 

We can already anticipate waiting in the endless lines and making our way through a sea of crowds that encompass every aspect of this event – from anime to comics, movies to television, and beyond. Watching the highly anticipated panels and getting within proximity of actors and artists we admire will be our ultimate goal. We have each agreed to make the preparations necessary, as all invested fans do, to make our experience the best it can be given the wealth of fandoms that will be attending. We have talked about how to prepare for this convention, which we have undoubtedly taken to heart. In this blog we will explore the 5 things we look forward to experiencing as our adventures B-E-G-I-N!

Outside San Diego Comic-Con 2016

1. Attending Outlander Panels and Entering the Lottery for Autographs

We have taken great pride in preparing for our Comic-Con experience by talking to each other about what our greatest interests are while attending this event. There is clearly much to see throughout the convention center, such as the showroom floor, looking for exclusives that pertain to various media outlets, and experiencing offsite events. However, as you can imagine, we all agreed that the Outlander panels being held on Friday and Saturday will be our biggest priority.

Our panel experience at Emerald City Comicon 2017 was incredible. We can’t wait to see what is in store for us at SDCC! From moments of laughter to instances of reflection, Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe never disappoint their fans. 

We have been thoroughly researching who will be attending the panel on Friday, and we were ecstatic to discover that the Outlander cast will include: Sam Heughan, Caitriona Balfe, Tobias Menzies, Sophie Skelton, Richard Rankin, executive producer Ronald D. Moore, executive producer Maril Davis, and author Diana Gabaldon. Did your heart just skip a beat? Ours certainly did! We collectively sighed in unison as we processed this fantastic panel that will be moderated by fellow fangirl Jenna Dewan-Tatum. We hope, shall I say dream,  that our wish will come true – we each will win a chance to achieve entrance into the autograph sessions that will be held at the Starz booth on Saturday afternoon.

A second panel will be held on Saturday by prominent members within the fandom. They will be moderating the Outlandish Confabulation: An Outlander Fan Panel.  It is described by the official program of SDCC as a “no-holds-barred discussion of their favorite characters, storylines, and theories. From the main books to each television season: It’s all fair game!” We can’t wait to see what is in store for this panel. It promises to be filled with priceless moments and opportunities for fans to continue celebrating the show over this epic weekend of events. The excitement only continues to build!

Photo Courtesy / @captmorgnsgrl

The anticipation for Season 3 is currently at an all time high at this moment and seeing our beloved stars will be the best remedy to get us through the next two months until the premiere. To hear the cast’s perspectives and their collective laughter, that is inevitable given their banter with one another while on panels, will be the best reward – if we can successfully steer through the crowds and lines with like-minded fans. Words cannot contain our level of excitement of all the possibilities, yet we are clearly grounded by the realities that are often synonymous with the San Diego Comic-Con experience. Sass3 are dreamers, and we are not afraid to keep our dreams BIG! If we keep our level of optimism, while also knowing the natural camaraderie that is associated within the Outlander fandom, we know great things will always happen and priceless memories will certainly be made, regardless of what the final realities may be! 

2. Visiting the Booths on the Showroom Floor

Our blogs have clearly demonstrated each of our individual displays of books, memorabilia, or mementos we have collected throughout our journey as part of this fandom. San Diego Comic-Con is well known for being the ultimate Con experience. Beyond the panels and exclusives for the television and movies we love the most, we cannot wait to spend time on the showroom floor to see the wealth of Outlander items that will displayed that support our addiction and beyond. We have already identified our first stops and, without question, we cannot wait to see the items that will be offered for purchase. If you are an avid Outlander fan as we are, check out the following booths!

  •  Outlander at STARZ Booth 4029. Latest information from Starz has indicated that Jamie’s Print Shop will be recreated and will feature custom prints and giveaways! Swag will also be given out at this prized booth. We cannot wait to discover what we will find here, from memorabilia to seeing the visual imagery of the print shop itself, Starz has certainly found a way for fans to bring Outlander addictions to life! Also don’t miss the cast Instagram take over on Friday, July 21st. Follow them @Outlander_Starz!
  • Insight Editions Booth 3721We are so excited to see some new treasured Outlander based items that will be featured at this booth. We previously published a blog describing their newest products and event schedule for Comic-Con. You can read more by clicking here. We personally cannot wait to purchase their newly released items that we can add to our growing collections.
Photo Courtesy / Inside Editions.
  • Cryptozoic Booth 115. Free exclusive Outlander promo cards will be given out during the weekend events. Outlander Season 2 Trading Cards are set to release August 9th. We will be visiting their booth to purchase the exclusive SDCC Outlander two-card Preview Set. Each set will include an additional card as a bonus. We could not be more excited for this opportunity!

3. Admiring Cosplay Participants

Let’s be honest. Beyond seeing the events on our itinerary, Sass3 truly enjoys being around other fans, of all genres, who show their admiration of their favorite characters through their cosplay. We have seen incredible costumes that rival the true designs created for television and film. The countless hours of research and time spent in recreating these costumes is recognized by fans and artists alike, as their passion, attention to detail, and individuality is often shown throughout each cosplay design. It is not uncommon to see avid cosplayers have lines for pictures with fellow attendees that may even rival the true celebrities. San Diego Comic-Con will never have a shortage of cosplayers. Who knows who we might meet or encounter throughout our weekend adventures! 

Claire Fraser cosplay by Analeigh Cosplay at Seattle Comicon 2017.

4. Being With Fellow Fans and Looking for Kilted Hotties and Lady Pipers In the Process

Sharing your passion of Outlander with other fans will make the weekend events so much more enjoyable. Lines will be present everywhere we go in Comic-Con. However, the reward for the wait will be worth all our efforts. Time will certainly pass quickly as we gather with like-minded fans to discuss anticipated moments for the upcoming season and share our joys throughout the wealth of weekend events. Truthfully, it’s more fun when you are with friends and fan-family who share your same wee addictions to all that Outlander offers.

Photo Courtesy / Dark Isle. Tress in Scotland. “The stones amplified the sound like no other. It was an unforgettable experience”. She will bring her incredible sound to SDCC to support Outlander’s return. 

One thing we are particularly looking forward to is the music. We have heard confirmation that our favorite musical entertainment will be in attendance to support Outlander’s return. We are looking forward to seeing the Kilted Hotties and pipers as they travel through the streets and throughout the convention floor, bringing their own stage of fun, excitement, music, and, of course, a bit of Scotland to the heart of San Diego. Thank you Outlander and Starz for knowing what your fans truly want to see! We will always want to live vicariously through the adventures of our beloved Outlander charactersand, frankly, having Kilted Hotties and hearing the incredible music of Tress Maksimuik – only adds to the enthusiasm that we all share for this remarkable series!

Outlander “Kilted Hotties”

5. Obtaining Comic-Con Swag

There is so much to enjoy throughout the variety of weekend events. There will be opportunities to participate in interactive experiences that will highlight all adventure levels. Swag will also be in abundance, as items will be given away to highlight some of the featured guests of television and film. In years past we had gathered quite a collection while we explored numerous exhibits throughout downtown San Diego. We have found that a great place to gather information is by following the SDCC Unofficial Blog. This has allowed us to keep up-to-date with the latest information of all the current events for the weekend. This weekend will be defined by our planning, as well as our spontaneity to explore all that Comic-Con has to offer. We know this coming weekend will be a time we will always remember and collecting all the swag to mark our adventures together will create lasting memories for each of us.

Our Battle Plan

We have done our research, planned for must see events, and are ready for the this epic weekend that will be full of adventures. From Outlander to other favorite film and television series, we cannot believe the final count down for San Diego Comic-Con has finally arrived. One question now remains: Will all our preparations help us meet our goal of attending the panels and getting close to our favorite cast members during the autograph session? Only time will tell what is in store for us. We guarantee that our sleep will be minimal, and we may be completely exhausted in the process – but the rewards of our efforts will always outweigh these short term challenges. Please follow us throughout the weekend on our Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts. We will be highlighting our adventures as we go, and we can’t wait to see what will be in store for us! San Diego Comic-Con 2017 is here and we can’t wait to meet it face on! Lets go!

“Sorry Jack, no room for you in the Print Shop!”



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