A. Malcolm Printer and Bookseller: The Print Shop at SDCC 2017

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One of the most anticipated scenes in Outlander, Season 3 is Claire’s return to the 18th century and finding Jamie. Fans were quite pleased, and a wee bit excited, when it was announced that the Starz booth at San Diego Comic-Con would be a recreation of the set of The Print Shop, where said reunion takes place.

Here, we give our readers a quick glance at A. Malcolm Printer and Bookseller’s shop.

The Starz Outlander Booth

The actual print shop signed used on the Outlander television set.

Many 18th century print shop objects were displayed. The original sign from the show was hanging at the entrance to the booth. We  wonder how many other items were brought from the studios?!

The Print Shop bell. Could it also be from the television set?


A view inside The Print Shop.


Type case with roller and printed pages.


Quills, ink bottles, and frames.


Printed and wrapped sheets and books.


Decor around the booth.


Replica of 18th century stove.

Kilted Hotties

Manning the booth were “Kilted Hotties” – male and female. They would welcome guests, guide them through The Print Shop, and pass out prizes.

“Kilted Hotties” working at the Starz Outlander booth.

For those unable to make it inside the convention center, “Kilted Hotties” also roamed the streets outside with the Lady Pipers.

“Kilted Hotties” outside the convention center.


Here are the Lady Pipers playing at the Omni Hotel.


Visitors to the booth had the opportunity to win a variety of prizes: leather wrapped flask, gold temporary tattoos, sepia toned print of Jamie and Claire, tote bag, t-shirt with choice of design or the most coveted of all – an invitation to the Saturday afternoon autograph session with Diana Gabaldon, Ronald D. Moore, Maril Davis, Caitriona Balfe, Sam Heughan, Tobias Menzies, Sophie Skelton and Richard Rankin. “Kilted Hotties” were distributing Outlander bandanas.

Starz booth prizes included t-shirts, sepia toned print, flask, and tote bags. They also had advertisement cards.

In true fashion of a print shop, there was a print machine in the booth – a silk screen printing machine for the shirts. Winners of t-shirts would select their size and choice of five designs. It would be created right then and there.

Silk screen printing machine.
The back side of each shirt had Outlander printed in gold foil.

Autograph Session

On Saturday afternoon, Diana Gabaldon, Roger D. Moore, Maril Davis, Caitriona Balfe, Sam Heughan, Tobias Menzies, Sophie Skelton and Richard Rankin were escorted by the Lady Pipers to the Starz Outlander booth for the autograph session. Although tickets had to be won to go through the autograph line, fans crowded around The Print Shop to catch a glimpse of the celebrities.

Fans trying to get a glimpse and a photo of the stars in The Print Shop.


Comic-Con Autographs

Large posters were available to be signed and some brought their own collectibles to take through the line. Earlier in the week, Sam had posted on Twitter that he would sign My Peak Challenge items. Several fans brought MPC t-shirts and flags to be autographed.

Happy fans with their signed items.

Beyond The Print Shop Booth

There were a few other booths with Outlander merchandise. Insight Editions had their Outlander Journal on display.

Photo Courtesy / Insight Editions. Outlander journal.

Cryptozoic had signed trading cards in glass cases. They were also selling exclusice Outlander SDCC trading card packs and giving away promo card #9.

Cryptozoic’s exclusive SDCC and promo card #9.

If you were unable to attend San Diego Comic-Con 2017, we hope this small glance at the Starz Outlander booth filled you in on what was there. We are fully looking forward to season 3 and can’t wait to watch the true set of The Print Shop! Remember to tune in for the premiere on Starz on September 10.

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