Party Ideas for your Voyager Premiere

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Are you anticipating that premiere viewing party for Voyager, Outlander’s Season 3? We bet you are! The three of us have our get-together all planned out, and we would like to share some simple, quick, and inexpensive ideas with you. Here are Sass3‘s  party recommendations for your next gathering:


If you are extremely  busy like we are, planning a party can take up so much time (which we really don’t have). Although we have a plethora of creative ideas, here’s one we found that is simple and inexpensive: ship-themed decorations that don’t require a lot of planning or won’t break your budget. These cute ship and boat themed decor were found at Party City. Even if you grab just a few of these items, they can be paired or matched with any nautical color scheme: red, white, and blue. These definitely will add some fun to your meet-up (hover over or click on each thumbnail for photo caption):

A Dram

No Voyager viewing premiere will be complete without drinks. Whether it’s scotch on the rocks, whisky very neat, a cocktail from Outlander Kitchen cookbook, or wine, having spirits will definitely enhance the celebration. Below are some of our favorites:

Outlander Kitchen Desserts

Any dish related to Scotland or Outlander  is a winner! We love Outlander Kitchen and the book has SO many recipes that you will adore. This wonderful resource includes drinks, desserts, and meals. These are a list of our favorite desserts, most from the Outlander Kitchen cookbook:

Party Favors

Having a small souvenir for your celebration makes the event a special occasion. Guests appreciate and find it thoughtful to receive a small gift from their hostess. It doesn’t have to be grand or take a long time to put together because it’s the thought that counts. Here are a list of ideas for party favors:

Although these magnets were from our Dragonfly in Amber crafts, the theme can be modified to match Voyager. Click on the link (in green) above for the “how-to” for this easy DIY “give-away.”

  • Voyager Bookmarks and Wine Charms
Some give-aways from the 2017 San Diego Christmas Ornament Exchange.

You can create some bookmarks with stock paper and either stamp them with a ship design or tie a charm to the end of the bookmarks. You can find these stamps and charms at .

  • Nautical Pencils or Pens
DIY give-away for a Voyager gathering.

Purchase pencils or pens that match your nautical color scheme (red, white, or blue) at Target. Then, attach a small tag with a ship or nautical design, also found at Michaels.

You can read about this DIY project by click here.

Giant Jamie or Pocket Jamie

No Outlander or Voyager party is complete without this character, Jamie. If you don’t have a giant Jamie, then add your pocket Jamie or pocket people to your party.

Giant Jamie!
Pocket People from a fundraiser
Pocket People from a fundraiser.

You are ready! Have a fantastic time with the Outlander family. We would like to hear about your gathering and any party ideas.

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