DIY Voyager Give-Aways

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That Voyager gathering is just around the corner, and you’re making preparations for the festivities. In our previous blog, we shared our party ideas and recommendations for that special celebration. Here is a simple and inexpensive DIY (do it yourself)  give-away or souvenir your guests will love. We know there are different options to creating this gift, so we will also include an additional suggestion, at the end of this blog, to modify this particular mini project.

Today, we will share a cute pencil keepsake we created that is affordable and extremely easy to assemble.


With families of our own, we are always making sure we manage our time and budget. The materials for today’s craft don’t cost much and can be found at two stores that are easily accessible: Target and Michaels. In fact, we found four of the items on sale at Michaels, and we were able to apply an additional discount, saving even more.

Here are the items used for this project:

  • Pencils

These pencils were purchased at Target and only cost $2.99. We wanted to get the dark blue pencils, but they were out of stock so we grabbed this light blue box instead. This color ended up working much better because we like the contrast between the aqua and blue (ink).

  • Rubber Stamps and Blue Ink

For only $2.00, we found these really cute ship-themed rubber stamps. They are so versatile to use because we can freely place the stamps in various positions. The blue ink pad was about $3.00 and can also be found at Michaels. They offer so many types of ink and, if you are a crafty person, you probably already own some. We picked up the least expensive one, and it worked out just fine. 

  • Tags

At Michaels, the selection of tags are endless. Here, we decided to buy brown scallop shaped tags to add a tan shade to our craft. Also, the fact that this 24-pack was only $2.00 pretty much sold us!

  • Ribbon

This spool of ribbon was another steal at $2.00. We liked the choice of different designs because we could create variations of the gifts. 

  • Anchor Charms

These metal anchor charms are so cute. At Michaels this was our most expensive piece in our basket. At about $5.00, they are still a great deal because the package includes 40 charms. We will be able to use the extras for future projects.

  • Prepping Materials

To match the Voyager theme, we couldn’t resist using the ship rubber stamp. It matched the anchor charm we attached to the blue and white rope twine. The natural earth tone of the brown tag simulates sand, which nicely completed the nautical theme. We were pleased with the end product!

  • Directions

DIY Give-Away for a Voyager Gathering
  • Cut two straight lines in the middle of the brown tag for the pencil or pen to be held. We used a box cutter.
  • Take the ship rubber stamp and stamp the ship between the two slits. You may want to practice stamping on another piece of paper.
  • Thread the blue and white rope twine through the anchor charm. We taped one end of the rope to easily thread the anchor.
  • Tie the blue and white rope twine, along with the anchor charm, to the hole at the top and of the tag.
  • Finally, place the pencil onto the tag.

Voila! You are done!

  • Another Option

If you are really on a budge and you want to cut out a couple of materials, you can eliminate the ship stamp. Instead, you can write a message or the word, “Voyager,” at the bottom with a felt tip pen. Or you can have it plain with no other design, like the example in the photo above. To us, this option does the job too.

Alright, you are all set! This simple memento will be a nice touch for your next Outlander bash, specifically Voyager. Please let us know how this craft worked for you by leaving a comment below.

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