Richard Rankin and Sophie Skelton: Their Talent, Portrayal of Roger and Brianna, and What We Admire Most

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There are many characters in the Outlander series that immediately grab one’s attention. Diana Gabaldon has shared her writing process on several panels we have attended. We are always fascinated to hear her speak of her own manner in developing the nature and disposition of each individual within the series. She is able to follow her own instincts to masterfully bring the essence of each character to life. We admire her ability to draw from her own memories, use her imagination to create vivid context, and utilize true components of history to form her timelines. The results of her writing are unlike any other author we have experienced. As readers, it is easy to immerse ourselves in this fictional world and quickly form an emotional connection to the characters she introduces. Yet, as we follow their journey of adventure, success, hardships, and facing unfathomable barriers – each are capable of surprising us in the most unexpected ways.

There are a several roles within the series that endure surprising transformations through dramatic shifts in the storyline over the course of the books. A few that immediately come to mind include Young Ian Fraser Murray and Fergus Fraser. However, it is Brianna Randall Fraser and Roger Wakefield MacKenzie’s journey that comes to the forefront when we think of characters who will soon embark on a remarkable journey. Everyone loves characters they can root for, and these two will certainly not disappoint. Leaving fans who have read the books to hold their breath, we not only foresee the events in their future, but also look forward to seeing the progression of this dynamic relationship on screen.

Seeing Richard Rankin and Sophie Skelton at San Diego Comic-Con was an incredible experience, and we can certainly attest that their chemistry is a perfect match for what lies ahead for their characters! In our excitement for the new season, Sass3 couldn’t wait to celebrate these immensely talented actors and our top reasons why we admire this literary couple.

From Actors to Storytellers: Previous Roles Will Serve Them Well In Outlander Season 3

Autograph signing at SDCC 2017 Starz booth.

Richard Rankin and Sophie Skelton were fun, engaging, and had the ability to draw in audience members with their natural charisma while attending their panels at San Diego Comic-Con. We enjoyed watching every minute as they gave their perspectives on their roles and added stories of laughter in between! Richard Rankin and Sophie Skelton have made their presence known on screen prior to Outlander. We can not deny that throughout their diverse roles we have our own personal favorites. It was remarkable to watch Richard’s role as Captain Thomas Gillan in The Crimson Field and, of course, as Father Hrothweard in The Last Kingdom. Now if you have not seen The Last Kingdom – it is an absolute must! There is so much love about this series, and it will serve as a great reprieve between Outlander episodes.  We also enjoyed seeing Sophie capture the screen as her role as Jess in Another Mother’s Son. This film is a period drama based on a true story set in World War II. It will bring forth surmounting emotions, yet lead you on a journey of inspiration, hope, and strength of a mother’s love. A fantastic film that must be watched!

Autograph signing at SDCC 2017 Starz booth.

Reflecting on our favorite performances and seeing their characters build on the Outlander finale, reminds us of the immense talent of these actors. We are so close to the premiere of Voyager and, with the hints of what is coming ahead, our anticipation only grows. It has been magnificent to see Richard and Sophie fit seamlessly into the cast, becoming storytellers and drawing more fans across the globe with their ability to highlight the qualities we revere most in Roger and Brianna. As devoted Outlander book fans, we can certainly anticipate what will come for this dynamic pair – a diverse shift in storyline that will leave us filled with emotions and questioning “JHRC! What just happened!” The unexpected twists and turns, being caught completely off guard, and moments where you simply have to put the book down for the sake of your own well-being – are what we will always love most.

The television series also has the same impact and has become an emotional roller coaster ride of which we can never tire! We have all patiently awaited this epic season and with 14 days left until the premiere, we wanted to highlight these endearing characters by identifying the top reasons why we admire this new power couple.

Roger and Brianna: Their Story and What We Admire Most About Them

Roger, a history professor, lived a life that surrounded him with books and research –  until his path was forever changed on the day that Dr. Claire Randall and her daughter, Brianna, payed an unexpected visit to his stepfather’s home. A research project to look for Highlanders following the Jacobite Rising of 1745 will lead them toward a surprising path of discovery. Through it all, Brianna will always be a force to be reckoned with, no matter which time continuum she resides. She is bold, mindful, artistic, and faces every difficulty with a form of analytical determination.

SDCC 2017

Individually they are so different, yet when they come together as a couple – can we just say it – they will bring us endless goosebumps! Here is what we look forward to and admire the most in Roger and Brianna.

 ◊ Some of the Best Relationships Take Time 

As we anticipate the season ahead and listen to interviews with the cast, we know that Roger and Brianna’s relationship will take time to develop. Building a relationship is never easy, not even in the written world! We love that they were brought together for the common purpose of looking for Jamie Fraser, but it is the boldness of their individual characters that will always capture our attention. We can’t wait to see their spirited debates, dedication to their shared cause, and, most of all, the discovery of each other beyond the frame of friendship. This will certainly make the perfect poetic recipe for a relationship filled with purpose, spontaneity, moments of spirited expression, and, dare we say – passionate exchanges.

How many more days till the premiere?!!

◊ Dedication to Family and Bonds They Have Created

We don’t know about the rest of our readers, but there is something to be admired when someone has their own drive, interests, or convictions that set them apart from everyone else. For Brianna, it was the love of her family. Her perseverance to maintain her grasp on the life she had known before with Frank and Claire, yet, becoming more open to hearing the true reflections behind her mother’s story through the help of Roger. We love her fierce nature – undoubtedly rivaling her mother’s quick acts and thoughts of expression. Reading Brianna’s journey is a true pleasure, but having the opportunity to see her thoughts, emotions, and actions that will be a joy for any reader.

Leave it to Diana Gabaldon to use fictional characters as a reference for the relationships we hold most dear. We take to heart that a mother and daughter’s bond can not be easily broken, and, through time, that relationship can build towards a friendship. Shifting of perspectives, the growing ability to communicate as equals, and appreciation for who they are as individuals will allow Claire and Brianna to have an unbreakable bond that withstands time. Most of all, the spontaneous moments of Brianna serve as a reminder of the desires we have in our own daughters – that they will grow up strong, resilient, independent, compassionate, and speak their own truth without reservation. Ahhh, Brianna – you have the qualities that would make any mother proud!

“Roger, if she’s gone, there won’t be a soul left in the world who cares what I’m like, or thinks I’m special not because of anything, but just because I’m me! She’s the only person in the world who really, really cares I was born, and if she’s gone…”

-Brianna Randall

Voyager by Diana Gabaldon, Chapter 22

Autograph signing at SDCC 2017 Starz booth.

Now Roger, who could not love his passion for history and music? A man of strong morality and dedication to those he cares for with an undying fault – he will utilize his strengths in research to create a bridge to his growing passion for Brianna. His research on Jamie Fraser will lead Claire to her rightful path back to the 18th century, while in these efforts it will also help bring certainty to Brianna that he will be there through it all. He will offer her stability through surmounting changes, yet in his efforts he will be tried and tested  – as all great literary men are. Watching his consistent dedication and charismatic spirit will always be admirable qualities – add in the accent – and, well, the rest is written in Outlandish history!

“No, he thought, if he were being honest with himself, he wanted to tackle Claire Randall’s project because he wanted to go round to Mrs. Thomas’s guesthouse and lay his results at the feet of Brianna Randall, as knights were supposed to have done with the heads of dragons.”

-Roger Wakefield

Dragonfly in Amber by Diana Gabldon, Chapter 1

◊ Jamie Fraser Is Not the Only Romantic

We all enjoy a great love story. Jamie and Claire have certainly become one of the most endeared couple because of their unconditional love that transcends all time and space. Their love offers fulfillment by inspiring desire, passion, and respect. They love fiercely with everything they have, just as we see in their daughter Brianna. Her spirit is captivating, and Roger will certainly meet his match in facing her fiery nature. Roger, compassionate, rational, and full of heart, will show his dedication to Brianna through his words and actions – making us admire his steadfast and thoughtful nature.

Through song or statements of love, Roger is a man who gives us even more reason to have our tissues stocked and whisky close at hand. For there is nothing more captivating than a man who can express his emotions, ignite fires, and make you crave his love in all forms.

“Did Frank Randall not love you as his own? Take you as the child of his heart, knowing you were the blood of another man, and one he’d good reason to hate?”

He took her other shoulder and gave her a little shake.

“Did that redheaded bastard not love your mother more than life? And love you enough to sacrifice even that love to save you?”

She made a small, choked noise, and a pang went through him at the sound, but he would not release her.

“If you believe it of them, then by God you must believe it of me. For I am a man like them, and by all I hold holy, I do love you.”

– Roger MacKenzie

Drums of Autumn by Diana Gabaldon, Chapter 67 

“I spy Sass3!” As fans, we witnessed the charismatic nature of Richard Rankin giving a wave to Jae through the window. Bringing Roger MacKenzie to life will be effortless for a man of his talents.


“Sometimes”, he whispered at last, “sometimes, I dream I am singing, and I wake from it with my throat aching.” He couldn’t see her face, or the tears that prickled at the corners of her eyes.

“What do you sing?” she whispered back. She heard the shush of the linen pillow as he shook his head.

“No song I’ve ever heard, or know,” he said softly. “But I know I’m singing it for you.”

-Brianna & Roger

Fiery Cross by Diana Gabaldon, Chapter 105

◊ Sacrifice Leads to Trust

Every relationship takes sacrifice and a level of compromise to get through the curve of life. Roger and Brianna will have a sense of purpose that will dictate their immediate future in Season 3. However, they each are notorious for being headstrong in their own right which will influence their ability to simply communicate with one another. Surprising, isn’t it? As they are the only ones, as far as they know, who can understand each other the most. Following a historical trail to identify facts and locate ancestors, while also knowing the power of the stones – leaves them to hold secrets and sacrifice their own endeavors to solidify Claire’s. Dedication to their cause and to each other throughout this process will establish greater trust between them. It will lay the groundwork for their relationship as time progresses – sacrificing all modern conveniences and their current life to follow a new path toward the past. Now, that is true devotion!

“You thought I’d found somebody else…and you still came after me?”

He sighed, anger gone as suddenly as it had come, and wiped the damp hair off his face.

“I’d have come if you were married to the King of Siam. Bloody woman.”

-Brianna & Roger

Drums of Autumn by Diana Gabaldon, Chapter 40

SDCC 2017


Outlander Is A Wonderful Addiction To Have

Would you leave the modern conveniences of the present to return to family and find love? In our imaginative world our answer would be a united, yes! Romantic, certainly! Yet scary, may be more on point – knowing all there is to know about 18th century life. However, isn’t this the biggest joy of this series? We as fans gather, imagine, discuss, and revel in the journeys of our beloved characters of Roger and Brianna. Who could ask for more?!

What are some of your favorite qualities you admire about this couple? Are you inspired by their story? Tell us your favorite scenes and let us know what you hope to see in Season 3. We would love to hear from you!


Mòran taing!

We also couldn’t end without sending a special thank you to Diana Gabaldon for creating a series we greatly admire and being the catalyst for bringing people together across the globe.

In addition, we must also thank Ron D. Moore and Maril Davis, the executive producers of Outlander, for their dedication to lift this story from the books, to the screen, and straight into our hearts!

An incredible moment captured of Diana Gabaldon, Ron D. Moore, Maril Davis, and Caitriona Balfe.
Autograph signing at SDCC 2017 Starz booth.



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