The Outlander Trailers: The Effect On Our Global Heart Rate and Our Anticipation for the New Season

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 We have loved watching the trailers for Season 3, not to mention the heart stopping images from the Entertainment Weekly cover shoot.  This is a pure sign that Outlander is definitely back! If you have a wee addiction for anything Outlander, we can imagine your responses. The glimpses into the next season may have ignited a wealth of emotions – more likely it reinforced your addiction to all that Outlander holds true. The reflection of history, journeys of hope and faith, impact of war, examination of morality, suspense, test of character, voyages into the unknown, bonds of families, honor, and love. The absolute truth is that you are left wanting more! From our perspective, we were entranced and completely absorbed by the imagery of Season 3. Starz has done one thing completely correct, the adaptation of Outlander is and will always be OBSESSABLE. 

Only seven more days until the season premiere! As we get closer to September 10th, we couldn’t resist the opportunity to discuss our newly cemented addiction to this series, our desire to send a sincere thank you to the entire cast and crew, and reflect on our favorite moments of Droughtlander.

Our Attachment Grows Stronger With Each Season

A priceless Outlander panel held at SDCC 2017.

Outlander has certainly changed our lives, as we imagine it has done for so many others. We constantly find ourselves asking,  “How can we be more addicted to this series? Was there anything else before Outlander?” We have had so many discussions about what draws us to this show and immediately re-connects us to this story. The answer is simple: time stops as the quotes and excerpts step from the page to the screen, where the rawness of the expressed emotions can command the scene. From the initial trailer, one of our favorite quotes could be heard, toned in passion and love, that gives a prime example of the power of the spoken word.

“For I have lied, and killed and stolen; betrayed and broken trust. But there is the one thing that shall lie in the balance. When I shall stand before God, I shall have one thing to say ,to weigh against the rest.  Lord, ye gave me a rare woman, and God! I loved her well.”

-Jamie Fraser

Dragonfly in Amber by Diana Gabaldon, Chapter 46

Remembering these words spoken by Jamie Fraser and seeing the most recent pictures for the new season have given fans reassurance that the 15 months without Outlander will be well rewarded in this upcoming season. In every image and hint of what’s to come, we are momentarily transported back to the magic and brilliance of Diana Gabaldon’s world and, honestly, there is no other place we would rather be!

Those who are outside of this fandom, may not fully understand the impact of this series. Everyone must experience it for themselves and, when they do, quite often, a new door opens that they may have never known existed. Outlander has been the catalyst for creating new friendships across the globe, tracing forgotten pieces of history, and, most importantly, allowing the audience to find inspiration from the stories being told. All of these effects prove that Outlander is more than just pure entertainment. The characters’ stories are captivating and the power of their portrayal by the artists themselves has had wondrous effects for many viewers. We have heard re-occuring themes of transformation, healing, hope, strength, and connection. Outlander is a story we need, it is worth fighting for, and we hope we will be given the opportunity to see this story to its full book completion.

We are thankful for all they bring to the role as Jamie and Claire Fraser, the most heroic literary couple to date – in our faithful opinion.

The Premiere: There Is So Much To Celebrate

“Take our heart and soul as we witness separate timelines, increase our heart rate with every step of Claire and Jamie’s journey, and, most of all, continue to transport us away from the 21st century with every powerful image of our beloved characters.”

-Jae, Mela, & Lady K 

Gathering to share in the excitement of this series will be a common occurrence. Our countdown not only includes the premiere date but also our opportunity to gather with our own clan to experience it together. With wine, whisky, good food, and shoulders to lean on – we are more than ready for some of the most difficult scenes yet to come. There is no doubt that witnessing the two separate time continuums of Jamie and Claire will be extremely difficult. Seeing each character on their own, bound to the love they once held for the other, enforces the realization that neither are whole alone.

Watching how they cope with this loss and attempt to form a separate life will bring forth a fountain of emotions as viewers. However, for us, it will be the spontaneous emotional memories through flashbacks and visualizations when they are most vulnerable that will ultimately break our hearts completely in two. Luckily, we have each other to console and remind ourselves that we need to see these storylines in order to understand who they have become. We are tied to their journey, an epic ride filled with twists and turns that quickly take our breath away, but through it all we hold onto our convictions that their love can withstand time. We can take comfort knowing that this heroic couple will soon return to their rightful place with one another.

One of many of our favorite passages in Voyager.

From the print shop and beyond, Jamie and Claire’s reconnection to each other will hold some of the most poignant scenes in Voyager. To read these passages has created moments of vulnerability, disbelief, and surmounted happiness. Yet, seeing these scenes portrayed on screen – thoroughly brought to life through the talents of Sam Heughan and Catriona Balfe – will be unlike anything we have yet to see on television. The process of discovery of who they have become during this lifetime apart will include pivotal moments in their journey – there are a certain few we can not wait to follow. Through it all, we know love is always worth fighting for.

Season 3 is quickly approaching, and the anticipation of seeing more intimacy between Jamie and Claire only continues to build. With so many reflections on which scenes will be adapted that will highlight this renewed bond, it is wonderful to actually hear Sam Heughan describe the technical perspective of filming. We have so much more appreciation for all that the actors give of themselves to create the characters they play in order to capture the emotional connection that is needed to fully bring these scenes to life. The informational context of this video is equally as relevant for the upcoming season and, besides, who can resist the charm of Sam Heughan educating all of us on what it takes to create these heart stopping scenes? We certainly can’t!

This video was taken by @SamKraupner at the 2016 Jibland Convention.

Season 3: The Best Is Yet To Come

“You will be rewarded, for your patience, you really will. I think this is going to be one of our most epic seasons. It will be big in scale and in the amount of raw emotion and love on the screen. I think they will be rewarded.”

– Matthew B. Roberts, EW interview September 1, 2017

The process of adapting Voyager to the screen is no easy feat. This series has been created from source material that had no limitation in time, space, or context. However, this incredible team has never faltered from the immense task of constructing a fictional realm that replicates the one we each held in our own imagination. It certainly takes a global network to successfully accomplish this. We couldn’t enter the new season without sending our sincerest thank you to the entire Starz team for creating a masterful interpretation of the world of Outlander. As fans, we know our heartfelt devotion to this series is at times daunting. However, there is one unmistakable truth – at the completion of each season we are always left wanting more, and we never want this journey to end.

SDCC 2017. Diana Gabaldon, Ron D. Moore, Maril Davis, and Caitriona Balfe.

We can’t speak highly enough of the steadfast dedication of all cast, writers, and production crew. From the numerous panels we have attended, we find that they are equally invested in this series and have taken great steps to ensure that Outlander is a close reflection of it’s source. We admire their attempts to maintain historical accuracy throughout production design, the use of realistic effects through prosthetics and makeup that show the trials of our most noble characters, and the inclusion of memorable highlights from the book series that are well-loved by fans around the world.

“Thank you for giving us something we all need – a story to believe in!”

-Jae, Mela, and Lady K

Our Highlights During Droughtlander 

How will you welcome the new season? Will you be with friends, at a local gathering, or watching it at home? Either way, there are certainly some essentials that will be needed – tissues, wine, whisky, and more tissues! We can’t wait for this emotional ride to begin. We all should feel elated – we endured over 15 months of Droughtlander!  Let’s take a moment to recap some of our memorable moments between seasons.

  1. The Introduction of David Berry: Outlander‘s Lord John Grey

    Photo Courtesy / @SamKraupner.

Lord John Grey has been identified as Outlander’s Favorite Redcoat and we could not agree more. A gentleman to his core, we are anxiously awaiting to seeing his noble character come to life. From Ardsmuir Prison, the high seas, to becoming the Governor of Jamaica, Lord John Grey will become an invaluable ally and friend.

We all know David Berry is an accomplished actor. However, did you know he was also formally trained as a vocalist, even starring in a few musicals? A man of so many talents. The Outlander casting made a perfect choice once again! We suggest for you to sit down before you click play for the next video. We guarantee you will not be disappointed. Our message to Sam Heughan, “We believe you have met your Outlander match with David Berry!”

This video was taken by @SamKraupner at the 2017 Jibland Convention.

2. Meeting Cast Members at Comic-Cons and Fan Events

The past few months have been an adventure! We feel fortunate to have met some of our favorite key characters of Outlander, such as Sam Heughan, Catriona Balfe, and Cesar Domboy. In addition, SDCC 2017 brought us closer to Sophie Skelton, Richard Rankin, and the immensely talented Tobias Menzies. The talent of the cast of Outlander is immeasurable. However, what we have learned most through our experience and those of others – is that these actors demonstrate kindness well beyond the stage. Through their interactions with fans, advocating for charity, or bringing pure entertainment to their audience by means of lively paneled discussions, they have the ability to make us all laugh and reconnect to Outlander all over again.

3. Meeting Diana Gabaldon and Going to The Poisoned Pen

We have been fortunate to have met Diana Gabaldon on four occasions now, and we can distinctly remember each one. Beyond being our favorite author, she inspires us through her expansive knowledge, personability, and unbridled candor. She is the catalyst that has brought so many people across the world together, for the sole purpose of sharing our love for this series.

“All Because She Wrote a Book.”

4. Seeing Outlander Filming Sites Through Social Media

We have been elated seeing the gorgeous imagery that has been shared of some of the recent filming sites for Outlander. Each location is stunning in its own right, holding secrets to not only the fictional world of Outlander, but also true reflections of history. The most recent pictures we have loved is from the Signet Library located in Edinburgh, Scotland – home to the interior filming of the Govenor’s Ball in Season 3. Perhaps our strong affiliation to these filming sites is due to being avid fans of Lord John Grey. We have read all the novellas and truly can not wait for the introduction of his storyline. Honestly, there are just so many scenes to look forward to!

5. Finding Opportunities to Expand Our Love for History

As you have seen in our blogs, we truly enjoy following the footsteps of history. This passion has led us to travel near and far to expand our knowledge and understanding of what it was like to live in the 18th century. From museums to research, we are always looking to find adventures that allow us to increase our experiences beyond written text. These outings often include our families, and there is no better feeling when history comes to life. Our most recent adventure, inspired by Voyager, Tall Ships, and Matthew B. Roberts creative eye for photography, led us to follow in the footsteps of life on 18th century vessels. To be on these massive ships, hear their stories through time, and see artifacts from that time period was priceless! We can now clearly imagine Jamie and Claire’s upcoming voyage!

5. Experiencing the Print Shop

Walking through the Print Shop at SDCC 2017 will always be a highlight for us. Words could not express our endearment to the recreation of this set. There were details left throughout the booth that drew our attention and had us analyzing the possible reference to Season 3. Overall, our time spent here was the greatest reminder that we made it – Droughtlander is soon to be over – and we can now rest easy knowing we will have 13 incredible episodes to cherish.

Outlander Will Always Be Our Wee Addiction

Sass3 loves period dramas and historical fiction. We remain fans of so many movies and television series that depict these elements. However, despite it all, we always return back to Outlander. The Outlander team works diligently to produce a high quality series, setting the bar against all the rest. Their dedication as not only team members, but also as fans of Diana Gabaldon’s inspirational ability to write vivid stories that incite the heart, as well as the mind, has brought more depth to the adaptation of this series. We will always be thankful. Seven days and counting! Our premiere plans are set with extra tissues, whisky, wine, food, and friends. Who could ask for more!?! All that is missing is a “Do Not Disturb” sign to keep our families at bay. Dinna Fash, we are sure some crafty fan will create one for all of us.

Outlander is BACK… Our recent purchases at Barnes and Noble bookstore.


Stay tuned for our response to the premiere, pictures from the party we will attend, and much more! Don’t forget to tell us how you will be celebrating. We always love to hear from our readers. ♥

The Outlander Wine Collection from Lot18 .

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