How to Create Your Own Craigh na Dun

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Craigh na Dun is the enchanted, ancient ring of stones created by Diana Gabaldon to provide the portal through which Claire Randall time travels from 1945 to 1743.

One sure sign that you are addicted to Outlander is that you feel the need to touch any and all standing stones you come across. We had never noticed how many boulders and large rocks are used decoratively in yards, public areas such as malls and in front of restaurants, or even just along the roadway, until we witnessed Claire go through the stones at Craigh na Dun.

Images of Claire at the hilltop, hearing the buzz of the stones, immediately come to mind whenever I find a circle of rocks or any naturally formed ring of plants, hedges, or any piece of flora. While on hikes, it has become a pastime to stage photos of my Funko Pop! Jamie and Claire figures near flowers or stones. I decided it was time to have my very own Craigh na Dun and share this easy do-it-yourself project with you.

Claire and Jamie Funko Pop! photos. Clockwise: Border Field State Park, Mt. Woodson, Cowles Mountain, circle of stones in a yard in La Jolla, California.

Getting Started

The materials needed to create Craign na Dun can easily be found at a local hardware or garden store.

  • large whisky barrel or planter
  • plywood slab, cut to size
  • pebbles
  • selection of large rocks
  • moss
Cut plywood to fit several inches from top edge of whisky barrel.

Once you find the type and size of planter you would like to use, cut a piece of plywood to fit towards the top of the pot. This way, you don’t need to fill the entire planter with soil or pebbles.

Small Imperial Pebbles

Use the pebbles to cover the plywood and create a hill in the center of the planter. I used small Imperial Pebbles bought at RCP Block and Brick.

Pebbles formed into a hill in planter.


Within a container of large rocks at RCP Block and Brick, I selected several stones that made me think of Craigh na Dun. Since they were broken pieces, I was able to take them free of charge.

Variety of broken rocks.

Setting the Stage

Now that the hill has been formed, it’s time to add the circle of stones. Depending on the size of your container, select 6-8 pieces to make a ring with one in the center.

Symmetrically place stones in a circle with one in the dead center of the planter.


As the hillside holding Craigh na Dun was grassy, rather than rocky, some greenery needs to be added. To add a bit of contrast, I used sphagnum moss along the edge of the barrel.

Sphagnum moss is drier than Spanish moss and adds a bit of contrast.


Around the stones, I filled in a greener Spanish moss. It was a bit more pliant than the sphagnum moss, so I was able to pull the fibers apart to fit around each stone.

Loose Spanish moss is easy to pull apart into smaller strands.

I found I had to press the Spanish moss down with my palm to flatten it out. Be sure to cover the pebbles as much as possible with the moss.

Slight pressure is needed to flatten the springy Spanish moss.

The Call of the Stones

Once the moss is filled in around the stones, your project is complete. The only other items to add would be tiny Claire and Jamie figurines. I will be keeping a look out for something to represent these two iconic characters on my enchanted hill.

Now sit back, relax with a wee dram of whisky, and listen for the humming to call you forth in your quest to find Jamie!

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