My Outlander love is not crazy like those Star Wars Geeks or Trekkies – Absolutely Not!

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It may seem a bit fanatic to some, especially to those who have not read or watched the Outlander series. We even surprise ourselves at the numerous times we would drop everything – leaving our family and, at times, our careers – just to experience Outlander. As I write this blog today, I think about those other freakishly, and I mean freakishly, crazy fans, like Trekkies or Star Wars geeks, who endlessly live their lives day in and day out with Star Trek or Star Wars on their minds, and I mean all the time! 

When I think about my love for Outlander, I put myself in a whole different category. I. Am. Not. Like. Them. I mean, my adoration of Outlander is really a love for the books by Diana Gabaldon – that’s where it stems. For that very reason, it doesn’t make me crazy. I just enjoy a really good story.

What? Star Wars was a novel series too?

Star War books from a fan.

Or maybe because most of the Outlander fans I’ve encountered are “mature” adults, and that makes us different than the rest. It’s not like I go to every single Outlander gathering, so long as it doesn’t divert me from family commitmentsYou know what I mean? Or that I purchase dolls like Luke Skywalker action figures or a Mr. Spock outfit.

Oh, wait, does purchasing plaid or tartan skirts count? Or how about getting a pocket Jamie and acquiring pocket people? Okay, so maybe, just MAYBE I am a bit extreme, but I wouldn’t consider myself a crazed lunatic!

Here, you be the judge of that.

I don’t dress up like this…

Two cosplay at the San Diego ComicCon 2017. Kirk and Spock.

Well, alright – but this was a party.

Some Outlander costumes at a gathering.
Some Outlander costumes at a gathering.

What can I say, it’s a cute look! 

Tartan skirt

Do I have a poster hanging in my home like this? Nope.

A Star Wars poster hanging in the room.

Umm, fine! I have these Outlander posters.

Outlander Season 1 poster with the Making of Outlander Book.
Outlander Posters from Insight Editions.

Look. Grown adults own these action figures and display them. Who does that?!

Star Wars action figures
Star Trek figures

Er, these aren’t the same because these are super duper adorable!

Outlander Funko Pop! dolls

Ooops, I forgot about these….. still, not the same!

Pocket people from an Outlander party.

Do I really need an autographed photo of the characters? See… too fanatic, don’t you think?

A Star Wars autograph photo with signature.

Oooohhh, that’s when I met Cesar Domboy in North Carolina. Fergus is such a cutie – I just had to.

Cesar Domboy signs a photo for Timeless Sass3nach Journeys.

Plus,  do I take the time to collect and organize trading cards? That’s a bit too much!

Star Wars Trading Cards
Star Trek Trading Cards

Wait, my Season 1 Outlander cards are just something fun, really! I only purchased them because the cards reminded me of the various passages in the books.

Season 1 Outlander Trading Cards

Nowadays, who purchases DVDs or Blu-ray discs when shows and movies can be streamed? I really don’t need to purchase any – they’re not necessary!

Star Wars DVDs & Blu-ray

…I have a reason for these… one was a special edition, which means they are unique. Again, completely different!

Outlander DVDs and Blu-ray

As you can see, my admiration for Outlander is nowhere near or even in the same category. I would say it’s pretty normal, wouldn’t you?!

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    vowel?) between addiction & adoration. Face it, crazy is in the eye of the perceiver. 😜

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