Our Journey to Cosplay with AbbyShot

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Outlander is a story that is appreciated well beyond the boundaries of traditional entertainment. For us, it will always be more than a book or television series. Diana Gabaldon’s stories speak inherent truths we all can relate to within our own lives. The journey she takes her readers on allow moments of reflection, enable deeper understanding of relationships, offer hope, and, most of all, encourage strength and resilience. It is easy to identify with each character in some way – perhaps through the emotions they expressed, the choices that they made, loss they experienced, or in the traces of humanity that easily come to life through the poetic words of Diana Gabaldon.

With our growing appreciation for all that Outlander stands for, it is not uncommon for us to show our dedication through our home displays, collection of memorabilia, or even through self-expression within our choice of clothing and accessories.  Who doesn’t love being reminded of moments within the frame of the Outlander world and reminiscing on the emotions that were evoked while watching this life-changing series!? We certainly do! Lets re-discover one of our favorite spots to find officially licensed Outlander inspired attire – AbbyShot.

Our Personal Outlandish Expression

Currently, our shelves are filled with multiple copies of each book – prized possessions that show marked traces of wear and have been re-read more times than we can recount. This is how each of us were introduced to this fictional world, by spending hours re-visiting passages to fully capture the words of Diana Gabaldon. However, it is the adaptation of the books to the screen that also continues to  transform our perspective. Reading a character through our own imagination is one thing, but being able to see and experience their emotional journey only builds to the connection we have already established. This is the reason why we add pieces of cosplay into our daily lives – to show our affiliation for this show no matter where we are. At gatherings these garments connect us to fellow fans, while outside within our own communities they spark conversations. I think we all agree, there is nothing we love more than introducing new people to the gift of Outlander!


A picture containing our pocket square, tartan shawl, tartan scarf, riding gloves.

AbbyShot has allowed fans to purchase cherished replicas from the show that carry so much meaning to each of us. Each piece symbolizes the characters that wore them and allows us to transport the wealth of sentiments each item represents into our daily lives. We have found that we can build strength, draw courage, and, most of all, provide ourselves with the comfort from knowing that Outlander is, and will always be, a vibrant part of who we are as Sass3. Currently, our closet holds the MacKenzie stoles, Claire Fraser’s riding gloves, and added pieces of plaid to keep us warm with the upcoming changes in weather. Every item we purchase is unique and presents a level of artistry we will always cherish and adore, but there is always room for more!

Without Terry Dresbach’s Vision, These Stories Could Not Be Completely Told 

Before we can begin to describe what these officially licensed clothing and accessories mean to us, we must first recognize their source. The innovative creations made by the talented Terry Dresbach and her design team have flawlessly developed costumes that serve as a medium to help portray a complex story. Her approach to developing each piece of clothing or accessory may be influenced by history, but this alone does not impact the viewer’s emotional ties to her designs. It is her natural ability to bring fiction to life by capturing the true essence of each character, in any given moment, that immediately grabs the audience’s attention. It is through her forethought to account for every detail within each costume’s composition, whether elaborate or purposefully weathered and worn, that truly transforms each actor to the role they so magnificently play. We have seen many of the costumes from Season 1 and 2 that were on display in the Los Angeles area. Every piece in the exhibition resonated with us. We can tell you each episode, every scene, and the feelings we felt toward each costume as we initially watched them – proof that she is equally a storyteller as well as a designer. Terry Dresbach continues to inspire us all.

What Cosplay Means To Us

“For us, we truly enjoy getting together with fellow fans for Outlander events. Incorporating costume inspired pieces into our attire for gatherings or even in our daily lives has been a common practice for us. We enjoy wearing things that symbolize our favorite characters and our connection to them, serving as a constant reminder of the show we treasure the most!”

-Jae, Mela, and Lady K

There are varying degrees to the level of devotion for cosplay. For some it may include full character dress or it may be to solely incorporate costume inspired attire into your daily wardrobe. As you can see from our DIY and our Outlandish Outfits sections of our blog, showing our endearment to our favorite characters comes a little too natural for us. Our shy mannerisms, especially for Jae, have been gradually replaced with greater assertiveness to speak to new people, and there is no denying that embracing a bit of cosplay into our lives has become a liberating feeling! There are multiple reasons why we love cosplay, but here are just a few:

  • It is fun!
  • We are able to express our own form of creativity when we can include these items into our own style while attending gatherings with fan groups or just being out with our families.
  • It serves as a way to express our addiction for this timeless story.
  • We have found that we have become more social too! These treasured items spark conversations, where we can easily chat about our shared interests with fellow fans or even convert a new one. Mutual adoration for the show and the books creates an immediate connection to people we may have never had the courage with whom to speak. As a result, we have developed friendships through chance encounters, and we couldn’t be more thankful to have these individuals in our lives.

With our clear devotion to this series, what do we have our eyes on next? With so many different items available now, it is hard to decide. However, from our perspective nothing can replace the officially licensed leather sporran and leather belt! In our eyes, there will always be something special about these particular products when paired with a kilt.

Photo Courtesy / AbbyShot. The officially licensed leather sporran presents great artistry in its design and reminds us of our noble literary hero, Jamie Fraser.

“Perhaps it is watching Jamie Fraser as the King of Men, where he found his rightful place as a leader,


Photo taken at the FIDM display in Los Angeles, California.

Or the simple fact that there is nothing sexier than a man in a kilt.


To us, AbbyShot’s leather sporran will always serve as a reminder of our most honorable literary heroes and the well-dressed men whom we revere the most.”

-Timeless Sass3nach Journeys

Get Them While They Last!

The leather sporran is an officially licensed product that was created through not only listening to their customers and traveling to the Outlander set in Scotland, but also by enlisting the help of a local artisan in Newfoundland, Canada. The immense talent of this craftsman is demonstrated in each sporran he creates, making only a limited amount at a time. With the tea stained muslin bags they are packaged in, this item is unique as it is memorable. For clear reasons, this is our next must have item. It would be great for our own Jamies, but it is equally as versatile for women too. Pair it with the Outlander knitted collection, and we have the perfect reflection of our most admired characters to face the change in seasons or what ever lies in front of us.

Are we die hard fans? Perhaps. We think our families would most certainly agree with this truth! Outlander is a story that has changed us from the moment we first read the series and we continue to be inspired from re-reading beloved passages from each book Diana Gabaldon has written. Many of our conversations with new friends have been bridged by our love for cosplay and show inspired attire. Our Outlandish wardrobe continues to grow as we purchase authentic representations of the costumes we cherish the most.

Thank you, AbbyShot, for producing items that are inspired by their true source while also maintaining the same level of craftsmanship that is shown in the original designs. Each product brings us immense joy knowing that we can keep a bit of the 18th century with us during our day to day lives. We may not be able to time travel, but our imagination and our heartfelt devotion to the transformative stories that Outlander tells will always remain a part of us. Our families consistently ask “How long will this addiction last?” For us, ‘that amount of time doesn’t exist.’ It will always be with us, through the friends we have met, the adventures we have created, the hobbies we now enjoy, and for the journeys yet to come – for which Outlander was the catalyst.

If you share in this addiction and display your devotion to this series, AbbyShot is the perfect place to find items to cherish for a lifetime. We certainly have found ours! ♥ We are confident that you will also find yours at AbbyShot. Be sure to share what your favorite purchase has been. We would be keen to know!



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