Insight Editions: Outlander Notecards and Stationery Set

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We love all things Outlander! …and this new fan product by Insight Edition is one you will definitely want to add to your collection. As mentioned in a previous Timeless Sass3nach Journeys blog article, Insight Editions carries a wide array of fandom merchandise. From posters to journals, one can find something fun and useful.

For those who enjoy sending a message the old fashioned way, Insight Editions has produced Outlander Notecards and a Stationery Set that even includes sealing wax – replicating the 18th century.

Let’s take a look at these pieces as we delve into the lost art of letter writing…

Boxed Notecards

Do you need to send a thank you note or catch up with a fellow Outlander aficionado?  Well, Insight Editions’ Outlander Blank Boxed Notecards are ideal.

The set consists of five different Outlander images and quotations on twenty blank, folded notecards. The lined envelopes will keep your message safe as it makes its way to your friends or loved ones.

Outlander Boxed Notecards

Vibrant and rich colors in the photos capture the beauty of Claire and Jamie. The box, in which they come, can serve as a keepsake as well. It’s the perfect place for Outlander devotees to keep special mementos.

Photo Courtesy / Insight Editions

Stationery Set

If you really want to get into the 18th century writing vibe, then the Insight Edition Outlander Deluxe Stationery Set is for you.

Photo Courtesy / Insight Editions

It’s a lavish collection which includes twenty sheets of letter-writing paper, twenty envelopes, a wax stamp,  two wax sticks, a paperweight, plus the Outlander Hardcover Ruled Journal. The Outlander logo is also featured across the board. It IS a DELUXE set!

Deluxe Stationery Set has a journal, paper, envelopes, paperweight, wax and stamp all included in decorative box.

Sitting down to pen a letter for that special someone, rather than sending the modern email, is made entertaining with the vibrant red wax stick and elegant seal stamp. Imagine the astonishment created when receiving a wax-sealed letter in the mail.

Outlander logo stamp

This stationery can also be used to add a bit of Jamie and Claire romance into a relationship with a love note scrawled across a page and sealed, not only with a kiss, but with the Outlander logo.

The wonderful keepsake box also holds the set as well as any other correspondence that is to be kept close to heart.

Photo Courtesy / Insight Editions

With all of these gorgeous stationery products, fans of Outlander can share the magic and beauty of Diana Gabaldon’s novels, the television show, Claire, Jamie, and Scotland – staying connected to the love story!  We know these will be popular gifts to own and don’t want you to miss getting yours.

Be sure to order yours at, and let us know how you enjoyed this set. Happy letter writing!

Learn More About Insight Editions

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We thank Insight Editions for the opportunity to share these marvelously crafted pieces of Outlander merchandise. We know you will enjoy them as much as we do!

Source of “Learn About Insight Editions” : Insight Edition Press Release.

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