An Outlandish Gathering of Sisterhood – A Holiday Ornament & Gift Exchange

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At Timeless Sass3nach Journeys, we embrace the sisterhood that accompanies this fabulous novel, Outlander, and when the three of us reflect upon our friendship, it still surprises us how close we have become. The connection to the book series has produced sparks that ignite long lasting relations. We have never experienced anything like it: women celebrating one another, honoring our cherished female roles as wives and mothers, and embracing our own power. We definitely identify with Diana Gabaldon’s character Claire Fraser (strong-willed, compassionate, feisty, and a relentless supporter of loved ones) and undeniably hold her essence within our hearts. The three of us are family and certainly feel fortunate to have such a long-lasting bond with one another.

Through Outlander, we continue to recognize the camaraderie developed. It’s a natural thing to reflect upon our blessings, especially during this holiday season. We are lucky to live in sunny San Diego and to be surrounded by others who love Diana Gabaldon and the show. So in today’s blog, we share our celebration of friendship through San Diego’s Holiday Gift and Ornament Exchange Party.  It has  become an annual event, making it the group’s 3rd one.

Holiday and Ornament Gift Exchange at Hooleys

On Saturday, December 9th 2017, our small and humble group in San Diego met for its annual ornament and gift exchange. Last year, the party took place at a tea house; however, the group wanted a more upbeat venue so the organizers found a casual and cheerful pub called Hooleys.

A small quiet back room for the party

With it being situated in La Mesa’s Grossmont Center, right off Interstate 8, Hooleys’ central location is ideal for the busy person. It offers casual dining and a bar with a TV to watch sports while grabbing a drink. It even provides entertainment during certain days of the week, making Hooleys a great place to simply hang out. Opening their doors ten years ago at the original pub and grill in Rancho San Diego, Hooleys continues to provide excellent service to their patrons throughout greater San Diego.

For more information about this venue, click onto their website link: .

Greetings from the Hostesses & Jamie

The three hostesses: Maria, Jessica, and Susie

Our lovely hostesses, Maria, Jessica, and Susie, have put together several events for the group. Today’s function was no different from their successful gatherings, but this event was very special as many new members attended. The SD family has always been very open and welcoming to all who have the same excitement for Outlander (or life in general) so it wasn’t surprising to see more and more people join in.

No Outlander celebration would be complete without Giant Jamie. The King of Men is always present at these gatherings, and here we see the jolly highlander, James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser, greeting all those who walk in.

Giant Jamie

Guests began at the sign-in table to create name tags.  We saw many new faces, so getting to know one another was a goal for many of us. Chatting all things Outlander as well as our personal lives, like family, were topics of conversations. Some even sharing meeting cast members of the show like Sam, Cait, and David. As always, reuniting with old friends was refreshing because it had been some time since we all were together.

Outlander Trivia by Maria

Maria leading the Outlander trivia

The afternoon started with mingling and drinks. Maria opened the festivities with some Outlander trivia. For this group, it’s always entertaining to check their knowledge on Diana Gabaldon’s novels. Guests were asked questions about the books and TV series. They were quite challenging, even for seasoned fans. The winners were rewarded with bragging rights and some Outlandish gifts.

One lucky fan won this precious tartan tea set.

The second place winner received Outlander inspired soaps. These beautifully handcrafted soaps were donated by Janice Florence of Ladybug Lather.

The Menu & Party Favors

Tremendous work went into the planning of this event. Susie, our lovely hostess, helped to create an Outlander menu that included salads and sandwiches. These options made it great for everyone.

Beverages were included, except for spirits. However, that didn’t stop us from ordering ours.

Jessica, Maria, and Susie created party favors for each guest. Every person received a bag of Outlander-themed giveaways that included a votive candle, Voyager-themed key chain and earrings (which Susie, Maria, and Jessica assembled), Mr. Willoughby’s fortune cookies (very creative we thought), a pencil for the trivia, and raffle ticket for a drawing. All were extremely happy with the gifts!

The Ornaments and Holiday Decor Exchange

For this year’s exchange, Outlander and Scottish themed ornaments and decor were brought. A lot of thought and love went into the gifts. Of course, the traditional “White Elephant” game was played where each guest was given a number to determine the order of each player. As each number was called, that person would choose a gift from the pool or steal someone else’s. A gift was considered no longer available if it was “stolen” three times. The tartan tea pot and cup were Outlander trivia prizes and were not part of the game; however, ladies would still try to “take” them! It was hilarious to watch! In the end, everyone left with an ornament or holiday decor.

These are three memorable gifts we adored:

A precious hand painted ornament with Voyager as the theme


Short bread cookies and two wee Jamie & Claire ornaments


Handmade David Berry tray

Take a look at the rest of the ornaments and holiday decor  (click on each thumbnail to enlarge photo):

At the closing of the party, we were not only pleased with our gifts, but also with our time together. Fun and laughter, along with wonderful company, are all we honestly wanted. We’ll forever keep these cherished moments with us.

The San Diego Group

It was a wonderful event, San Diego! What started as a love for Outlander to socializing at an ornament exchange, we’ve now found sisterhood.  We really gathered to celebrate life and one another.  It’s a special group that has developed something exceptional, and we have Diana Gabaldon to thank for that! Without her books, this circle of friendship would not have been realized.

Whether you celebrate Hannukah, Kwanzaa, Bodhai Day,  Christmas, or another faith, San Diego wishes everyone Happy Holidays!

The San Diego Outlander Clan


The crazy San Diego Outlander Clan  (ha!)

MERRY CHRISTMAS from Timeless Sass3nach Journeys!


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