A Sass3nach’s Outlandish New York Minute – Barbour and The High Line

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When traveling, we often tend to find some type of connection to Outlander. The hustle and bustle of New York City doesn’t sound like the type of environment where Jamie and Claire would come to mind, but it does when there’s Barbour and The High Line.

Lady K was traveling with family when the opportunity to visit a Barbour store to see Sam’s new collection arose. The unexpected walk along The High Line created a mental link with Claire. Here, we share her Outlandish New York Minute.


During a stroll through Central Park one afternoon, Lady K had an ulterior motive to spring onto her family. You see, the night before, she had looked up the nearest Barbour store with the plan to pop in for a gander. It worked!

As they approached the east side of the park, after visiting Belvedere Castle, she nonchalantly mentioned that there was a store on Madison Ave, just a couple of blocks away, that she wanted to peruse. Upon arrival to the storefront, her family exchanged glances and shook their heads as if saying “We should have known!”

Being the supportive family they are, they indulged her and entered the shop. They patiently followed while the camera snapped this picture and that. The store is neatly arranged and gives a feel of sophistication. Lady K started in the men’s section, where Sam’s portrait appeared often.

Then she meandered to the women’s side.

Lady K had a specific jacket in mind…the Sam Heughan Collection Castlebay Jacket. She looked amongst the women’s clothing until a kind older gentleman approached asking if she needed assistance. She told him what she was looking for and he led her to the “Holy Grail.”

Barbour Sam Heughan Collection Castlebay Jacket in sage.


Lady K gazed up at several Castlebay waxed jackets, in sage, hanging on display. The store clerk measured her by eye and pulled down the one he felt would fit best.

Castlebay Jacket in sage.


The sage wax coat is beautiful. The tartan lining is very warm and soft. The leather collar adds the just-right finishing touch. It is fitted at the waist and sports several pockets.

Sam Heughan Collection tag. Notice the tartan lining and leather collar of the Castlebay Jacket.


Lady K knew the family was itching to get back to the New York sights. She bid adieu to the sales clerk (and to Sam) and continued on her way. While walking through Central Park’s Literary Walk, she came upon two more Scots: Sir Walter Scott and Robert Burns.

The High Line

Central Park’s greenery, tucked into the middle of the large metropolitan city full of skyscrapers, is quite something. The lake, the pond, the wooded Ramble and even a castle – Belvedere Castle – helps one get away from the busyness of the concrete and steel found in the streets.

Further north, on the west side of Manhattan is a fairly new getaway spot: The High Line. This is where Lady K could imagine a 21st century Claire going to enjoy time away from the hustle and bustle that is New York City.

The High Line is built on an old elevated railway, creating a raised 1.45 mile walkway with many entrance and exit staircases along it’s length. All along the path there are trees, plants, shrubs, and flowers.

New York City’s elevated walkway The High Line.

Scattered throughout one can find benches, sculptures and vista outlooks. The Hudson River is visible when looking down a city street. Old buildings mix with new as the area is expanding rapidly. The old railroad tracks appear and disappear along the walkway, reminding one of the past.

In a few open areas, refreshments and souvenirs are sold. Claire would appreciate the “Plant Your Pencil” sold at the carts found along The High Line. What a clever way to introduce the concept of regrowth and gardening to children!

Plant Your Pencil “The world’s only sustainable pencil that you can plant after use and grow into herbs, vegetables or flowers.”

The image of Claire walking arm in arm with Jamie  down through the Art Gallery District, into the village of Chelsea, and finally reaching the Meatpacking District seems natural. They would sit for a picnic along the grassy field, wade through the “foot fountain” to cool off on a hot day, or sit on a bench to converse and gaze out into the city.

Add to Your To Do List

If you are planning to visit New York City, be sure to add the Barbour store at 1047 Madison Avenue and The High Line, which runs from W. 34th Street to W. 12th Street in the West Side of Manhattan, to your list of places to see and things to do.

What have you done in your New York Minute? We’d love to hear about it!

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