The Golden Globe Awards: A Fan’s Journey

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Every year we look forward to watching the Golden Globe Awards. Watching favorite stars honored for their performances in film and television is enthralling. For a moment, the nominees can be seen beyond the characters they portray through candid interviews that discuss their perspectives or personal reflections on their achievements, as well as those of their peers. It is exciting to celebrate the artists that unite cinematography, music, and storytelling to enable audiences to feel inspired, incite dialog, or even expand the imagination. This year, the 75th Golden Globe Awards had greater meaning to us at Timeless Sass3nach Journeys. Caitriona Balfe, our favorite actress, was nominated for the Golden Globe Award for Best Performance in a Television Series.

Revered not only for her craft, but also for her humanitarian efforts and the societal causes she supports, Caitriona is greatly admired across the Outlander fandom. Her seamless ability to bring Claire Randall Fraser to life emboldens a new heroine to believe in, where confidence, strength, resilience, and wit contribute to a new definition of beauty. The opportunity to offer support for her nomination, as well as other greatly respected actors, led to the steadfast decision of four local San Diego fans to travel to Los Angeles, California to join Outlander SoCal Edition. The objective was simple: to join a team to showcase the magnetism that can be achieved by loyal fan support. Their shared successes were quickly apparent, as the team‘s collective voices of enthusiasm could be felt well past the boundaries of Beverly Hills. 

Follow the highlights of their efforts to support Caitriona, and discover the unforeseen encounters they experienced throughout their adventure that certainly lifted their spirits farther than they could have ever imagined.

Photo Courtesy | Steve Marshall Photography. Caitriona Balfe at the 75th Annual Golden Globe Awards.

Highlights of the Golden Globe Awards

The San Diego group included our own Timeless Sass3nach Journeys member, Jae, and three additional friends whose relationship was formed through their shared connection to the Outlander series. This is Janet, Jae, Maria, and Wendy’s remarkable story, expressed in highlighted reflections, who went forth on an adventure to offer support for Caitriona’s nomination while also revealing their endearment for other treasured actors in attendance. Their spontaneous expedition led to some magnificent moments. Here were some of their favorite recollections.

• Realization of Family Support 

Leaving professional careers and family responsibilities for the day is often difficult, but when there are opportunities for a new adventure, these fans are known to seize them. Support from family members offers great comfort when there is a desire to follow an indulgence to participate in a fan-based activity. However, there are occasions when families go over and above what was expected. One such example is Jae’s husband, who helped her prepare two special signs for the event. The hours spent together to plan and make these boards are a true depiction of team work. This form of encouragement expressed by family members, supporting a loved one’s free spirit, will always be held in high regard to us at Sass3

• Opportunities For New Discoveries

While navigating through closed streets and the police presence to get to the cheering location, Jae, Janet, Maria, and Wendy found an extraordinary home fit for Hansel and Gretel. The front of the home felt as though it had been lifted from the pages of a children’s story book. The property quickly secured the wonderment of many who passed by due to its unique detailing of gnarled trees, moat, sculptured crows keeping a watchful eye, and signage to ignite the imagination. Originally built in the 1920s as a studio set and later moved to the current location in 1934, The Witch’s House continues to hold a sense of mystery to this day. It can also be spotted in brief cameos on the big screen, such as in the film Clueless. It is a must see when you are in the Beverly Hills area. If you are curious about its history, as they were, take a moment to read a great article written about this unique property by clicking here.

• Waiting for Cait’s Arrival!

It was early in the morning when the group left San Diego to make it to Los Angeles before the festivities began. They joined the strategic placement of additional fans and lined the street that led to the red carpet. While standing in anticipation to catch a glimpse of her arrival, admirers continuously cheered and waved to the SUVs being cued to clear one of the main security checkpoints. Not all celebrities rolled down their windows, but when they did, it was magical

The award attendees that listened to the voices of fans to roll down their windows were also often gracious enough to have brief conversations with enthusiasts of film and television. There were so many surprise sightings on that special day that it is difficult to reveal them all. However, here were some of the most celebrated opportunities to interact with the stars.


Michelle Williams rolled down her windows to greet cheering fans. She brought Tarana Burke, the Founder of #MeToo to the Golden Globe Awards.


The talented and comedic Eric McCormack and his beautiful wife. We also saw Debra Messing’s SUV as she passed by the security check points.




How gorgeous is Rita Moreno?! Norman Lear is a legend!


Several SUVs were passing quickly by in the second lane. The possibility of Caitriona passing through these lanes were in the forethoughts of many fans. Hope continued to linger for a short time period, until images posted on social media of her arrival to the red carpet concluded the last glimmer of optimism that remained. Janet, Jae, Maria, and Wendy were saddened to hear that they had missed Caitriona’s arrival. However, those feelings were quickly replaced with elation following the award ceremony – as it was soon discovered that a photo of the entire group was posted on Caitriona’s Instagram account. The photo illustrated the insuppressible spirit of united Outlander fans. The picture, taken by Greg Williams, was a treasure to behold: a symbol of the steadfast fandom that Outlander undeniably creates.

Jae captured Greg Williams as he took a photograph of the group.

Caitriona’s response to the photo was priceless!

Via @caitrionabalfe. “Just you know …. the best fans ever. I feel so incredibly proud and lucky to be part of such an amazing community. Thank you Diana for creating this beautiful world. Thank you @outlander_starz for bringing it to life. And thank you @gregwilliamsphotography for capturing this group of legends !!! #Outlander.” 8 Jan 18. Instagram.

The buzz of this moment continues to linger with all who were present on that special day. Jae, Janet, Wendy, and Maria all agreed that going to Los Angeles was well worth it. Sharing these types of experiences as friends, both in and outside of this dynamic community, will always bring them closer together. Who could ask for more?!

• Building Camaraderie With Fellow Fans

Catriona Balfe continues to be a role model for the global Outlander community. Although she did not win at the award ceremony this year, her repeated grace and kindness continually inspires others to show the same mindset. During this fan gathering it was not uncommon to encounter conversations between new or established friendships, see individuals supporting each other by offering words of encouragement, sharing provisions, or even offering spontaneous hugs in the anticipation of the possibilities that might occur. The solidarity between those within the fandom has always been a remarkable phenomenon to observe.

It is well known that Outlander has been a catalyst to forming friendships. Love for the book and television series always seems to bring people together for the best reasons. On this particular day, the enthusiasm of the cheering team was evident to all that drove by. Reporters from the L.A. Times quickly noticed their presence and documented the moment on film, even asking a few questions as they drove by. When Jae was asked by the reporters, “What does she mean to you?” she quickly responded, “Caitriona is more than just an actress. She is a humanitarian and activist that stands for important societal causes. She means the world to us!”

A small article was written highlighting the dedication of the group supporting Caitriona’s nomination. You can read it by clicking here.

• Receiving Recognition From Another Courageous Star

Outlander is an empowering series. However, to Jae there is also another actress that has created treasured stories on film that captured her sentiments for adventure in Desperado, faith in love in Fools Rush In, shared belief in an artist’s ability to break through boundaries in Frida, and resilience in the comedy Beatriz At Dinner. Salma Hayek will always be someone Jae holds in great esteem, especially following one of her most monumental roles – the portrayal of Frida Kahlo.

Frida Kahlo is an iconic figure in modern Mexican art. Her colorful and intense interpretation of personal themes are often the centerpiece of her portraits. Many are moved by the emotional content she explores and the self-reflection of the pain she endured from polio and a life altering accident at the age of 18. There are several galleries in San Diego and Seattle that have had exhibitions inspired by Frida Kahlo, where Jae had purchased the shirt she is wearing above. She wore it to the event, holding onto the faith that she may possibly see Salma Hayek. Astonishingly, her dream came true. As a fellow friend yelled in acknowledgment that her SUV was passing, Jae ran to the edge of the street to showcase her shirt to stand in solidarity of Frida’s courage to transcend barriers and the tremendous sacrifice Salma put forth to bring this movie to life.

Photo Courtesy | K.S.S. Salma Hayek, waving back to fans following Jae’s demonstration of her treasured Frida Kahlo shirt.

To her surprise, the SUV window rolled down and Salma Hayek waved back to Jae as she neared the security checkpoint. Thankfully, the moment was caught by a fellow Outlander fan. To Jae, no words could describe that particular moment. It was certainly another highlighted point in their journey that will be ingrained in her memory, never to be forgotten!

• Dreams Turn To Reality

It is difficult to imagine any other event that could top the adventures experienced while cheering the SUVs that entered the Golden Globe Awards. However, sometimes surprises happen that can leave you without words and so euphoric that it causes for immediate celebration with those who were with you. There is no doubt that Janet, Jae, Maria, and Wendy share the same love for Outlander, but that same admiration can also be extended to another actor: Hugh Jackman.

Photo Courtesy | Steve Marshall Photograpy. Hugh Jackman at the 75th Annual Golden Globe Awards.

To these supportive fans, Hugh’s passion for his craft and his latest work on The Greatest Showman inspired the group to support Janet in holding a sign to celebrate his nomination for Best Actor in a Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy. The sign was displayed to all the SUVs that passed – all the while they continued to present their positive energy toward any award guest that interacted with them. Filled with ambition and belief, they each maintained their level of optimism that maybe, just maybe, Hugh Jackman would know about their presence.  Little did they know, one award attendee took a photo and referred it onward to Hugh Jackman.

Three days later, one notification on twitter set shockwaves:

Hugh did know they were there! They quickly responded to reveal themselves.

To be acknowledged was unbelievable. Receiving a like from the beloved actor was impressive. However, when the group was sent a personal response for their efforts – they were left speechless!

All their hopes and dreams were realized with Hugh’s recognition. Moreover, they had each other to celebrate this accomplishment. The Greatest Showman is a musical that inspires hope, belief in yourself, and acceptance of others. An exceptional message is written into this film and its infectious musical score. It is a message we all can believe in and is a must-see movie for the whole family. Now, this film has greater symbolism to this dynamic team of fans! Janet, Jae, Maria, and Wendy have been delighted by the amount of congratulations they have received from their peers. Their endearment for the events that transpired continue to be felt through the unbelievable posts held on social media.

All Good Things Have To Come To An End

Photo Courtesy | Steve Marshall Photography. Caitriona Balfe at the 75th Golden Globe Awards.

Who knew the wealth of experiences this special group of San Diegans would have together. That is the beauty of the friendships developed here – there is always a supportive environment that can be found. The ability to connect and display their fondness for film and television has now reached all corners of each star’s individual fandoms. More importantly, the events that transpired before and after the Golden Globes display a powerful theme: fans have an impressive voice, and when combined with positivity – nothing is IMPOSSIBLE!  


Our Sincerest Thank You

A special thank you to Steve Marshall, a photographer from Sass3’s hometown, for the incredible red carpet shots of Caitrion Balfe, Salma Hayek, and Hugh Jackman. It is exciting to see a local photo journalist cover all-inclusive events ranging from high school sports to the Golden Globes! 



References as of 1/20/2018:


All photos from our blogs are owned by Timeless Sass3nach Journeys, unless noted or attributed. The use of our photos is not permitted unless consent is given.

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