Channeling Claire Fraser with Whisky Flavoured Tea

There is something within each of us that can draw immediate affinity toward a specific character, story, or even a particular series. Within these stories heroes can certainly be found. They give us strength, resilience, hope, and a renewed sense of courage. More importantly, pop culture now recognizes the importance of trailblazing female leads such as Wonder Woman, Hermione Granger, Princess Leia, the Wakandan Warriors, and Katniss Everdeen, to name just a few. However, there is also one literary heroine that easily comes to the forefront of my mind as I imagine an iconic character that is as relatable, as she is admirable. I am sure you can easily guess who I am thinking about! If you said Claire Randall Fraser, then you certainly know me all too well.

She is beautifully flawed, fierce, compassionate, follows her own convictions, independent, speaks her mind, and, most of all, demonstrates intelligence and wit to adapt to varying situations. A beloved literary character in so many regards, Claire inspires readers and viewers alike to search for ways to be closer to the remarkable characteristics that she wholeheartedly embodies. Perhaps through cosplay, exploring holistic remedies, internalization of her assertiveness and trusted sayings (JHRC is a personal favorite), or even in taking interest in her uncanny ability to enjoy a wee dram or two – one can can dream of the possibilities to channel her internal strength into their own lives.

Considered a woman ahead of her time, Claire always had the ability to find her niche and enjoy a taste of whisky in the process. In this blog I explore a welcome substitute, Whisky Flavoured Tea, that is reminiscent of that perfect wee dram we often read about in the Outlander series. This non-spirit alternative is ideal to drink during all times of the day, whether it be for simplistic enjoyment or used in ceremony with friends. I hope to surprise you by how good this tea really is!

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OakOasis Preserve: An Outlander MPC Nature Walk

San Diego is known for its friendly people and great weather. There’s sunshine all year long, even during the “winter” months. When you add hiking trails and nature walks to the mix, it is an ideal place for anyone who enjoys the outdoors.

With the growth of Sam Heughan’s popularity, many Outlander fans are inspired by his healthy and active lifestyle. His My Peak Challenge has motivated people to get in shape, following his diet and workout plan. Those who participate in Sam’s MPC also mimic his love for nature while exercising. In today’s blog, we at Timeless Sass3nach Journeys honor Mr. Heughan’s program by sharing a trail walk we completed at the OakOasis Preserve.

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Paca: From Acting, Advocating, To Creating a Story of Their Own

Diana Gabaldon’s timeless story has brought to the forefront themes of humanity, war, honor, hope, and the strength of bonds. Powerful characters and poetic narratives continue to captivate audiences, but it is also the degree of historical accuracy, of both the book and television show, that continues to bridge fiction to reality. A series beloved by millions has inspired a movement to reflect and pay tribute to the poignant events of the past that undoubtedly influenced the course of history. The rippling effect of Outlander’s global success opened doors to many unforeseen possibilities. Whether it be to relive literary destinations, celebrate the diverse history and heritage of Scotland, or to help expand the artistic community that celebrates this treasured story, Outlander continues to be a catalyst for connection and change across the globe.

We at Timeless Sass3nach Journeys have marveled at Outlander’s ability to pave new pathways to highlight and explore Scotland’s alluring landscape. Following new visionary concepts takes courage. However, when you surround yourself with kindred spirits who share the same aspirations to bring attention to the stunning backdrops of this series, one can most certainly find strength, certitude, and purpose. Paca, The Clan, is one such group that celebrates the value of friendship – building upon each other’s ideas, skills, and talents. Their natural and unstoppable camaraderie has led them to expand their roles to advocate for Jacobite history, support their local communities through charitable endeavors, and continue the Paca story by writing a screenplay to tell the story of a united group of Highlanders beyond the devastation of Culloden.

We are pleased to present our most recent interview with Grant McGregor from Paca. Come and discover their story and the progress of Grant’s period drama, Paca: After Culloden.

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How to Make A Blouse With Andover Fabrics

Have you ever been shopping or spent time in your local hobby store and found yourself suddenly inspired? This is exactly what happened to us during this DIY project. We are always trying to find ways to support our creative outlets outside of our professions. It helps to not only reduce our stress, but it also enables us to feel good about enhancing our skills as sewing and craft hobbyists. We at Timeless Sass3nach Journeys have featured a few of our designs throughout this category on our blog. However, today we want to share our latest sewing project using an Outlander themed fabric. Continue reading How to Make A Blouse With Andover Fabrics