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My Outlander Anniversary: Making Book Boxes with Fellow Fans

Let Life Surprise You…


Life takes us in so many different directions.  This blog marks the one year anniversary of when I first became acquainted with my local enthusiasts who love Outlander as much as I do.  I find comfort in the knowledge that there are others as equally passionate as I am about the Outlander series.  Each fan has their own story of how they found other like-minded individuals who have invested themselves into this amazing fandom.  How did I find this group, one might ask?  My simple answer – over coffee.

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Hot Pepper – Right up Claire’s Alley!

Whisky – the preferential drink of Claire in Outlander. It can warm the belly as well as soul.  The quote below makes me think of the Outlander fandom reading Diana Gabaldon’s books.

“I know some who are constantly drunk on books as other men are drunk on whiskey.”
― H.L. Mencken

Many fans of the books enjoy having a dram of whisky as well as reading.  Just as there are many books in the Outlander series, there are many types of whisky, one being Fireball Whisky, which is so versatile! Below is a simple and delicious concoction made with this tasty liquor.

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Outlander Coloring

Adult coloring books have been a recent trend these past few years.  Luckily for us, there is an Outlander Coloring Book and, of course, we had to buy it!  In our blog today, we will briefly share our time spent reviving this childhood recreation.

The front cover bestows one of the first moments where we see the strong connection between Jamie and Claire!

When one grows up, the time to sit and color seems to vanish.  We get busy with work, home, family, and so many other things! The adult coloring books, available at Barnes & Noble or Poisoned Pen (signed), assist to remedy this disappearing pastime.

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Voyager Themed Painting with Outlander Friends, The Perfect Droughtlander Activity!

As Outlander fans, you can imagine the lengths we go through to keep ourselves busy until the next season, Voyager.  Pastimes like rereading the series for the 5th time, listening to Bear McCreary’s Outlander CDs for the 10th time, and rewatching the series – oh, lets say the gazillionth time – is not new to any Outlander devotee!  It’s a regular occurrence, to say the least.  However, one of the most rewarding Outlander hobbies is assembling with other like-minded fans; this, we absolutely look forward to. We gather and can genuinely be ourselves – not worrying about (as we do with our friends who haven’t found the glory of  “Diana Gabaldon’s word”) whether or not we sound strange with our constant Outlandish talk. We are always right at home with our clan! Continue reading Voyager Themed Painting with Outlander Friends, The Perfect Droughtlander Activity!

From Compassion to Action: Outlandia Finds Purpose in Helping Others One Meal at a Time

Outlander.  It is a book and television series that is cherished by fans from across the world.  It is common to see friendships develop through the shared emotional bond to the Outlander series created by Diana Gabaldon.  Her seamless ability to incorporate history, spirituality, and timeless journeys for the soul tend to draw fans not only closer to the beloved characters but also to one another.  With the continuous growth of the fandom it is empowering to see that Outlander has also become the catalyst for global change.  The transformation of friendship, initially formed over the love of this series, has grown to become a community that supports making a true difference by assisting a variety of non-profit organizations.

From fundraising for donations, raising awareness of important societal causes, to even volunteering – it is admirable to see so many people come together for the greater purpose of helping others.  This is the true power of the Outlander Fandom.  Now we are rallying for the entire clan to help another noble cause.  Can you help answer that call?

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Keep Calm and Love Bees: A Personal Link Back to Outlander

Outlander:  A Place to Find Refuge During Life’s Most Unexpected Moments

Have you ever been faced with a difficult life moment and without conscious knowledge or thought turned to the Outlander series as a place of refuge?  Not under the best circumstances, but I found that this happened to me while sitting at the Ophthalmology office waiting for the physician to look at my son’s newly stitched, three-inch eye-lid laceration.  The depth of the laceration unfortunately led to the exposure of the lacrimal gland, causing additional complications.  An unforeseen accident, we were faced with surgeons and a series of doctor appointments that were not only stressful, but also terrifying in the process.  I have often heard many fans describe the Outlander series as place to find sanctuary or comfort when faced with difficult life events.  Here I was sitting in the doctor’s office, having the same experience that I have often heard from many other fans. Continue reading Keep Calm and Love Bees: A Personal Link Back to Outlander