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Creating Your Own Modern Outlandish Wear

The gown was two years out of fashion by cosmopolitan standards of Jamaica, but it was clean, which was the main thing so far as I was concerned.

The gown itself was not at all bad, it was of cream silk, half sleeved and very simple, but with panniers of wine-striped silk over the hips, and a ruching of claret-colored silk piping that ran in two rows from waist to bosom.  With the Brussels lace I had purchased sewn around the sleeves, I though it would do, even if the cloth was not quite the first quality.

“I’m glad you picked that one.” I said, touching the stone gently.  It was warm from his body.  “Goes much better with the dress than the sapphire or the emerald would.”

Jamie had finally taken time to notice the rest of my costume.  His eye traveled slowly over me from head to hem, and a smile spread across his face.

“Ye make a verra ornamental jewel box, Sassenach,” he said.  “A fine distraction, aye?”

Diana Gabaldon, Drums of Autumn. Chapter 6, pages 101 – 104.

I love fashion.  I often look at web sites of my favorite clothing stores to look for inspiration on looks and sewing ideas.  Lately, I have found myself often turning to Anthropologie and Pinterest for my newest ideas.  Unfortunately, my tastes do not often meet my budget.  So when I can, I try and make pieces myself.  There  is nothing better that adding new life to something that I already own or even upscaling a piece of clothing that was once considered out of style. Just as Claire’s gown in Drums of Autumn.  ♥

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Painting a Scottish Thistle

The thistle is a beloved image and the most recognizable symbol for Scotland.   “According to a legend, an invading Norse army was attempting to sneak up at night upon a Scottish Army’s encampment.  During this operation a barefoot Norseman had the misfortune to step upon a thistle, causing him to cry out in pain.  This alerted the Scots to the presence of the Norse invaders.”

A special Outlander Wine and Paint night was held to teach us how to paint this beautiful flower.  We wanted to share the sequence of steps we were taught to allow others the opportunity to do it at home.   You will be surprised with the results!

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Outlander Inspired Headdress


As in the previous post, I discussed how the red dress from Outlander Season 2 inspired me to make individual head pieces for the ballet production of Beauty and the Beast. The Red Dress is so beautiful in color and design, that I used this as inspiration to make supplemental headdresses. The Red Dress motivated me to use the same color palette, while I also referenced the famous portraits of the artist Frida Kahlo for individual headdress design. Continue reading Outlander Inspired Headdress

Outlander Inspired Head Pieces


The costume designs of Outlander Season 2 were breathtaking. The fabrics and intricate designs present within each costume displayed artistry that can inspire us all. The red dress was one piece that inspired me to create a couple of Do It Yourself projects. I was asked to create costume pieces for a ballet performance of Beauty and the Beast. I looked for inspiration in many places. However, the true artistry of Outlander was the best source for creative material. Continue reading Outlander Inspired Head Pieces