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We love to gather with our Outlander friends!

An Epic Outlander Celebration

We are the Outlanders, an incredible fan family!  Our Sass3nach journey led us on a weekend adventure to celebrate the third anniversary of the Outlander SoCal Edition group.

In this blog I will share the history of SoCal, entertainment at the gathering, and the raffle prizes.  At the end, be sure to click on our Flickr account and Jaxsen Brixey’s google photo link for additional pictures from the event.Outlander SoCal Continue reading An Epic Outlander Celebration

Whisky Galore U.S. Premiere

Outlander involves time travel…and whisky.  With Whisky Galore one can time travel back to a time when the war-rationed whisky supply on a small island was depleted in the early 1940s and a ship containing thousands of bottles of whisky crashed off the coast.

The St. Andrew’s Society of Los Angeles hosted the U.S. premiere of the modern remake of Whisky Galore at the Writers Guild Theater.  The original movie, released in 1949, was based on the 1947 novel by Compton Mackenzie.  The novel was based on the real-life events on the island of Eriskay where off the the coast the SS Politician sunk. The residents of the island seized the ship-wrecked treasure of “The Water of Life.”


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