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Droughtlander Reprieve: The Spider and the Stone

Droughtlander takes its toll on each and every Outlander fan. We scramble around finding books, shows, and events to fill the void while awaiting a new season. As Voyager comes to an end, we find ourselves in the doldrums, like Claire and Jamie, without our weekly episodes.

Often times, we search for a reprieve from these long never-ending months seeking anything Scottish, especially something historical. In our quest to find some sort of diversion, an opportunity arose for us to dive back in time to the era of Robert the Bruce with a novel entitled The Spider and the Stone.

Let us take you there with our review of this story…

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Insight Editions: Outlander Notecards and Stationery Set

We love all things Outlander! …and this new fan product by Insight Edition is one you will definitely want to add to your collection. As mentioned in a previous Timeless Sass3nach Journeys blog article, Insight Editions carries a wide array of fandom merchandise. From posters to journals, one can find something fun and useful.

For those who enjoy sending a message the old fashioned way, Insight Editions has produced Outlander Notecards and a Stationery Set that even includes sealing wax – replicating the 18th century.

Let’s take a look at these pieces as we delve into the lost art of letter writing…

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Ruth’s Chris Steak House: A Sass3nach and Her Jamie’s Review

“When I asked my Da how ye knew which was the right woman, he told me when the time came, I’d have no doubt. And I didn’t.”

Jamie Fraser

Outlander by Diana Gabaldon, Chapter 27

Claire and Jamie may have missed 20 wedding anniversaries together, but I bet if they lived near an establishment similar to Ruth’s Chris Steak House, they would definitely celebrate there. In today’s blog, I celebrate 22 years of marriage with my husband, sharing our traditional anniversary outing. Just like Jamie and Claire, my hubby and I are soul mates!

In Outlander, Claire traveled through time, and Murtagh escorted her to the cabin where she first saw Jamie. In my personal story, my mother took me across the street to meet the family that had just traveled across the country. For Jamie, it was love at first sight…for me as well.

Here’s one Sass3nach’s night out with her Jamie.

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Outlander Journal and Poster Portfolio by Insight Editions

Insight Editions has a myriad of products for television and movie fans of all types – including Outlander fanatics! Timeless Sass3nach Journeys had the opportunity to work with Insight Editions in order to share with you some of the items they have created based on the TV series Outlander.

Here, we’d like to tell you about the Hardcover Ruled Journal and The Poster Portfolio. Continue reading Outlander Journal and Poster Portfolio by Insight Editions

Sass3nachs React to Season 3, Episode 1

SEASON 3 IS HERE! Droughtlander is over…finally. New episodes of Outlander, based on Diana Gabaldon’s third novel, Voyager, have begun, and we cannot stop raving about the most recent installment!

We, Sass3, want to share our reactions to the premiere episode, “The Battle Joined,” directed by Brendan Maher and written by Ronald D. Moore, which aired on STARZ on September 10, 2017.

BE WARNED: SPOILERS ARE THROUGH-OUT THIS ARTICLE! If you have not seen the premiere episode of Season 3, read on at your own risk.

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Jamie Fraser’s Leather Coat: From Request to Reality

 Happy World Outlander Day!

Outlander is celebrating it’s twenty-sixth year on June 1st. ♥ The unique storytelling abilities of Diana Gabaldon are priceless. With a single stroke, she captures our imagination, creates an irreversible emotional connection, and opens the door to a new world that can not be singly defined. As we watch the books get skillfully adapted to the screen, there is no doubt that the attachment to this series will become inevitably stronger.

As we honor this special day, we were ecstatic to learn that AbbyShot is also acknowledging World Outlander Day with the commencement of pre-orders for their newest masterpiece: Jamie Fraser’s Leather Coat! With so many reasons to celebrate, today seemed like the perfect opportunity for us, Sass3, to sit down with each other to talk about our natural love for all things Outlander. After all, we still surprise ourselves at the plethora of times we drop everything – leaving our family, even our careers – just to experience Outlander! However, our love of attending events would not be complete without wearing the clothing and accessories that illustrate our appreciation for this dynamic series.

Join us as we spend time discussing our bond to Outlander, our appreciation for the original costume designs, and our new found attachment to AbbyShot‘s newest fan memorabilia – Jamie Fraser’s Leather Coat. ♥

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Outlandering at Shakespeare’s Corner Shoppe and Afternoon Tea – A Review

Finding time to gather with friends is always enjoyable, but when you add the ambiance of a true British tea house, it’s an absolute pleasure!

On a rainy Southern California morning, I had the opportunity to attend a themed tea tasting at Shakespeare’s Corner Shoppe and Afternoon Tea, hosted by Outlander SoCal Edition members Rhena and Stephanie. Continue reading Outlandering at Shakespeare’s Corner Shoppe and Afternoon Tea – A Review

An Outlander Review of Claire Fraser’s Riding Gloves by AbbyShot

One of the greatest things as an Outlander fan is the growing availability of memorabilia we can collect or give as gifts to our dearest friends.  Searching for novel and unique items not only supports our natural addiction for the series, it also entertains us while the season is not in session.  Clothing that resembles the Outlander costumes are definitely a prize any fan would hope to own.

In today’s blog, we take a look at the officially-licensed Claire Fraser’s Riding Gloves from AbbyShot.  As we appreciate the level of craftsmanship of this item, we will also discuss how history shaped the use of gloves, our overall impressions, and our appreciation for having this unique piece to add to our Outlandish wardrobe. Continue reading An Outlander Review of Claire Fraser’s Riding Gloves by AbbyShot

Traveling Tips for Your Next Outlander Event

When it comes to traveling to an Outlander event, distance doesn’t deter us from getting there. Many fans make long voyages that may take hours or even days to arrive to their destination. Whether you are a savvy jet setter or a budget conscious consumer, this blog may be for you. Today, I will share some of my travel finds, reviews, and insights. I will also present some secrets I have learned to find great air fares, accommodations, and rentals.

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Whiskey Tasting with Our Jamies

Back in September 2016, we posted a great article about going whiskey tasting with our husbands.  To honor Saint Patrick’s Day, we thought we would repost it.  We also hope to reintroduce a great place for whiskey  – enjoy the read!

Fraser didn’t ask but poured them each a dram of whisky, warm-smelling and smoke-tinged. There was something comfortable in drinking whisky in company, no matter how bad the whisky. Or the company, for that matter.

—Roger MacKenzie

Written in My Own Hearts Blood by Diana Gabaldon,

Chapter 31

Of course, today our company was the best and the whiskey was right in line with the quality of our companionship. We, Sass3, took our Jamies – our wonderful husbands – out whiskey tasting together on a triple date.  The men whom we just adore are loving, supportive, honorable, and caring – the Jamies of our lives who tolerate our fanatic worship of Outlander and who say with endearment, “Yes, dear…” every time we ask to attend another Outlander gathering or event. How could we not cherish them?   So, our intimate group spent an afternoon savoring some spirits and took pleasure in simply being together.

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