Have Your Own Star Chamber through the Beauty of Luminary Pottery

He who works with his hands is a laborer,

He who works with his hands and his head is a craftsman, 

He who works with his hands, his head, and his heart is an artist.

St. Francis of Assisi

Photo courtesy Inner Light Pottery / innerlightpottery.com

Often times, I fall in love with an artist’s design when I am reminded of a special memory. Other times it is from the feeling the specific art  piece can illicit, especially when that emotion is linked to something I hold most dear.  When I saw the beauty and elegance of the pottery creations by Inner Light Pottery, I was immediately struck by the exemplary level of artistry and design. The designs are unique and are truly one of kind.  Continue reading Have Your Own Star Chamber through the Beauty of Luminary Pottery

Swords from the Past

Source: Pixabay by Dariusz Sankowski / CC0 (1052010)

My father loved history.  He grew up in a very rural town in southern New Mexico.  He often told me that books were his way to escape his surroundings during his childhood and adolescent years. Through reading and travel, he learned about various points of European history that would equal the knowledge of a true historian. He often took me on his travels throughout the world where we could see living remnants of history that I had read in my school texts. We would also explore antique stores to admire remarkable pieces of furnishings, art, and other collectibles. This exploration of novelty antiques led my father to make some very rare purchases. Some of my favorite pieces of his collection  were his replicas of Celtic and Spanish swords, even a breastplate.

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Outlander Inspired Jewelry and Casual Wear

In our obsession, we tend to wear Outlander or Scottish themed jewelry and clothing quite a bit!

Over time, we have accumulated quite the variety of items, whether we purchased them ourselves or they were given to us as gifts.

Today in our blog we share several of our ensemble pieces and, for most of them, where they were acquired.  Here  are our treasures:

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