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Remembrance of Outlander Season 1: The Enchantment of Tea Leaf Readings

Sass3 has formed a strong attachment to everything that Outlander embodies: historical fiction, spirituality, honor, morality, love, and even components of superstition. If you are an avid fan like we are, we are sure you can easily recall your favorite episodes that have created a stronger bond to this series. There are certainly scenes that we will always cherish, leading us to re-watch our favorite moments of each season. However, we also love to look back on the episodes that foreshadowed Claire’s future. In particular, the moment when Claire Randall had her tea leaves read by the charming housekeeper, Mrs. Graham. It was clear during their conversation that hints to her future were being foretold, and Claire would soon embark on a timeless journey that would capture each of our hearts.

The manner in which Mrs. Graham used this fortune-telling method of interpreting patterns in tea leaves was mysterious. Although, in reality it’s use has been well documented throughout history and across many different cultures. The bigger question we asked ourselves is this: Can a level of truth be drawn from this form of fortune-telling? Only those who had this experience will know. Fortunate for us, one of our own was able to partake in this rare form of reading to gain insight into her future by the intuitive interpretation of the leaves found in her tea cup. This was an incredible opportunity that we can not wait to share. Here is Jae’s story. Continue reading Remembrance of Outlander Season 1: The Enchantment of Tea Leaf Readings