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Dawn Chandler: Her Casting in the Outlander Season 2 Finale and Beyond

Dawn Chandler illustrates the magic of being a performer. She is able to interpret and tell a story that invites an emotional connection to her viewers, allowing them to truly feel part of the narrative being told. From theatre to television, she has begun to place her artistic mark with each performance credit. Her dedication to her craft is also portrayed in her desire to continue expanding her levels of presentation by going beyond each roles initial expectations. To watch her authentically interpret each character she embodies is always enjoyable to witness. However, we also believe one of her biggest merits lies in her genuine personality that she displays outside of her work as an actress. Her heartfelt messages to fans and our ease of conversation during this interview made us realize how grounded and humble she truly is – and we would love nothing more than to be able to sit down and enjoy a drink with her one day. It is with great pleasure that Sass3 presents the talented Dawn Chandler. We feel honored to have had the opportunity to communicate with her after the completion of Season 2 finale of Outlander.

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Five Reasons Why Sass3 Loves Caitriona Balfe


Photo courtesy: @p_uma_li

Caitriona Balfe – actress, model, humanitarian.  What a wonderful person she is! Here are just five of the reasons we, the Sass3nachs, love Cait.  The 2017 Golden Globes are upon us, and Caitriona has been nominated for “Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series Drama.”  We wanted to reflect on why the Sass3nachs love her and feel she deserves an award. Continue reading Five Reasons Why Sass3 Loves Caitriona Balfe