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Prickly Thistle: Returning Tartan To Its Ancestral Home

“Life is a one ticket journey, and we do not all need to follow the same path. Be kind to others who wish to create a new one.”

– Clare Campbell, Prickly Thistle

We at Sass3 passionately believe in leaders who have an innovative idea to create change within their local communities. Yet, sometimes, we are lucky enough to meet pacesetters or pioneers who have greater goals and higher purposes to use their vision to spark change well beyond their borders. When we think of these qualities, there is one particular person that immediately comes to our minds – Clare Campbell, the founder of the tartan and textile company Prickly Thistle. We are proud to present her story through our most recent interview where we discussed her passion to forge changes in the tartan industry by establishing The Black House Mill Project and her journey to create the most authentic tartans in the world.

Clare Campbell embodies strength and courage, becoming a trailblazer for transformation in her industry. Come and learn about her campaign, synonymous to a modern day uprising, to support this important endeavor of bringing authentic tartan production back to its roots in the spiritual and majestic Highlands of Scotland.

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Sass3 Picks: Favorite Seattle Locations during Emerald City Comicon

Seattle.  Many people first envision rain when I tell them where I spent most of my life.  However, when I think of SeattleI am immediately reminded of the art, culture, ingenuity of novel businesses, friendly local people, and, of course, the stunning natural scenery that can be found in this magnificent city I so proudly refer to as my home.  It is a city that is surrounded by water and mountains, which completely validates the nickname the Emerald City.  I return as often as I can to visit with friends I have loved since Kindergarten, travel the steps I used to take during my time in college and graduate school, but, most of all, return to the treasured locations that remind me of my childhood.  These special places are often shared with my children.  However, this time I had a unique opportunity to return home to Seattle with my fellow bloggers to attend Emerald City Comicon.

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