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Sass3nach’s Appreciation for Sam Heughan’s Portrayal of Jamie Fraser

Temptation not only for him, but for me.  For him, the chance to be what he was made for by nature, what fate had denied him.  He was born and bred to this: the stewardship of a large estate, the care of the people on it, a place of respect among men of substance, his peers. More importantly, the restoration of clan and family.

-Claire Fraser

Drums of Autumn by Diana Gabaldon, Chapter 13

Jamie Fraser is one of the greatest literary characters. Diana Gabaldon has seamlessly created and developed him to be complete with a high sense of integrity, honor, ingenuity, and leadership that sets him apart from all the other characters.  Yet, he also shares the same hopes, fears and even mannerisms that can be subjectively related to each and every one of us.  This ability to present the character of Jamie Fraser with depth and human appeal is what allows us to clearly identify and feel as though there is a real personal connection to him.  For all of us, it feels like this bond has grown stronger with each book in the series and also from watching the award nominating performances of Sam Heughan, who portrays Jamie Fraser.

In this blog we wanted to send our sincere appreciation for all that Sam Heughan does on and behind the Outlander series.  From charitable endeavors to supporting social change, he has put his stardom to great use.  In addition, his portrayal of Jamie Frasier continues to capture his audience and take command of the screen.  To avid fans there is simply nothing better.  We know his relentless work ethic will lead him on a path of continued success and no one deserves it more.   Continue reading Sass3nach’s Appreciation for Sam Heughan’s Portrayal of Jamie Fraser

The Peak Posse SoCal MPC 5K Brunch

Keeping fit is a goal so many of us have. When you combine Sam Heughan’s My Peak Challenge (MPC) with The Peak Posse SoCal friends, it is just down-right delightful – not to mention fun!

Some members of The Peak Posse SoCal (a division of The Peak Posse which is world-wide) gathered together for a 5K and brunch event in Southern California. Of course, Sass3 joined in on the opportunity to participate.

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The Southern Sassenachs Positive Impact On The Lives Of Others

The Outlander fandom is powerful. It brings people together, who without the book or television series, may have never have met. Outlander is a medium to form friendships, share experiences, and most of all build comradery through our love for the book and television series. There is no doubt that Outlander fans are passionate. However, when you combine passion and purpose, it can generate change that expands well beyond any border. There is no better example of the level of impact one group can have, in and beyond their community, than the Southern Sassenachs. Driven to create a positive impact in the lives of others, they have come together to support the charities of Bloodwise and World Child Cancer – successfully raising money for each of these organizations.  It is with great pride and pleasure that Sass3 share their story:  from their early beginning of coming together to share their enjoyment of the Outlander series, creating a strong sense of community within their group, to ultimately transforming their passion for a greater purpose.

Photo Courtesy of WCC and Bloodwise / https://bloodwise.org.uk  &  https://www.worldchildcancer.org

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