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Garden Party Decor Inspired by Aunt Jocasta

Spring is nature’s way of saying “Let’s Party!”

-Robin Williams

Garden parties are great for teas, baby or bridal showers- any type of party, really! Spring and summer are delightful seasons in which to host celebrations surrounded by the beauty of nature.

A garden party can be simple or one could go to the extravagant lengths of the garden party in Versailles during Outlander Season 2! Jocasta, Jamie’s aunt, held marvelous parties in later books in the Outlander series. In this article, we share decorating ideas that perhaps she could have had at her parties and that one could also use for today’s celebrations. Sass3 has hosted and attended a wide array of parties, so we have gathered quite a few suggestions.


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My Outlander Anniversary: Making Book Boxes with Fellow Fans

Let Life Surprise You…


Life takes us in so many different directions.  This blog marks the one year anniversary of when I first became acquainted with my local enthusiasts who love Outlander as much as I do.  I find comfort in the knowledge that there are others as equally passionate as I am about the Outlander series.  Each fan has their own story of how they found other like-minded individuals who have invested themselves into this amazing fandom.  How did I find this group, one might ask?  My simple answer – over coffee.

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Voyager Themed Painting with Outlander Friends, The Perfect Droughtlander Activity!

As Outlander fans, you can imagine the lengths we go through to keep ourselves busy until the next season, Voyager.  Pastimes like rereading the series for the 5th time, listening to Bear McCreary’s Outlander CDs for the 10th time, and rewatching the series – oh, lets say the gazillionth time – is not new to any Outlander devotee!  It’s a regular occurrence, to say the least.  However, one of the most rewarding Outlander hobbies is assembling with other like-minded fans; this, we absolutely look forward to. We gather and can genuinely be ourselves – not worrying about (as we do with our friends who haven’t found the glory of  “Diana Gabaldon’s word”) whether or not we sound strange with our constant Outlandish talk. We are always right at home with our clan! Continue reading Voyager Themed Painting with Outlander Friends, The Perfect Droughtlander Activity!

Outlander Inspired Headdress


As in the previous post, I discussed how the red dress from Outlander Season 2 inspired me to make individual head pieces for the ballet production of Beauty and the Beast. The Red Dress is so beautiful in color and design, that I used this as inspiration to make supplemental headdresses. The Red Dress motivated me to use the same color palette, while I also referenced the famous portraits of the artist Frida Kahlo for individual headdress design. Continue reading Outlander Inspired Headdress

Outlander Inspired Head Pieces


The costume designs of Outlander Season 2 were breathtaking. The fabrics and intricate designs present within each costume displayed artistry that can inspire us all. The red dress was one piece that inspired me to create a couple of Do It Yourself projects. I was asked to create costume pieces for a ballet performance of Beauty and the Beast. I looked for inspiration in many places. However, the true artistry of Outlander was the best source for creative material. Continue reading Outlander Inspired Head Pieces