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Party Ideas for your Voyager Premiere

Are you anticipating that premiere viewing party for Voyager, Outlander’s Season 3? We bet you are! The three of us have our get-together all planned out, and we would like to share some simple, quick, and inexpensive ideas with you. Here are Sass3‘s  party recommendations for your next gathering: Continue reading Party Ideas for your Voyager Premiere

Garden Party Decor Inspired by Aunt Jocasta

Spring is nature’s way of saying “Let’s Party!”

-Robin Williams

Garden parties are great for teas, baby or bridal showers- any type of party, really! Spring and summer are delightful seasons in which to host celebrations surrounded by the beauty of nature.

A garden party can be simple or one could go to the extravagant lengths of the garden party in Versailles during Outlander Season 2! Jocasta, Jamie’s aunt, held marvelous parties in later books in the Outlander series. In this article, we share decorating ideas that perhaps she could have had at her parties and that one could also use for today’s celebrations. Sass3 has hosted and attended a wide array of parties, so we have gathered quite a few suggestions.


Continue reading Garden Party Decor Inspired by Aunt Jocasta

Modern Party Decor for a 21st Century Brianna

I wonder if Claire ever threw Brianna a Sweet 16 party in the “unknown years” of Outlander between books one and two.  Perhaps Brianna celebrated her kids’ birthdays with parties too.  Well, having thrown a huge celebration for my own daughter recently, I wondered how these parties would have been decorated. Today’s blog is all about affordable party decor.  Although most of the decorations in today’s blog are for a Sweet 16 party, they can really be used for any type of event – Quinceanera, bridal shower, retirement party, 50th birthday, other milestone celebrations, and even an Outlander gathering. Continue reading Modern Party Decor for a 21st Century Brianna