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Droughtlander Reprieve: The Spider and the Stone

Droughtlander takes its toll on each and every Outlander fan. We scramble around finding books, shows, and events to fill the void while awaiting a new season. As Voyager comes to an end, we find ourselves in the doldrums, like Claire and Jamie, without our weekly episodes.

Often times, we search for a reprieve from these long never-ending months seeking anything Scottish, especially something historical. In our quest to find some sort of diversion, an opportunity arose for us to dive back in time to the era of Robert the Bruce with a novel entitled The Spider and the Stone.

Let us take you there with our review of this story…

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History Once Hidden, Is Now Exposed in the Short Film 1745

There are many aspects of history surrounding the institution of slavery that have been forgotten, left to remain hidden in the past, until subtle clues reveal the truth and invite questioning. As these invisible pieces of history begin to come to light, our perceptions begin to be challenged – opening our eyes to the true reality that slavery can be traced beyond America. The short film 1745 exposes the truth that Scotland also shared in this deplorable past, confirmed by documented evidence that it had a direct link to the slave trade.

For many, this important piece of history was not readily known nor reflected in the general teachings of Scotland’s dynamic past. Research has exposed that significant civic and personal wealth were derived from their involvement in the slave trade. However, it is of tremendous importance to also address the morality of slavery, portrayal of power, and the symbolism for wealth that surrounded its existence which further contributed to the complexity of this hidden past. A search to find and acknowledge this social inequality led to the inspiration for the short film 1745. This film tells the story of two enslaved sisters who must gather immense courage, find strength within each other, and overcome unspeakable adversity to succeed in their pursuit of freedom during Scotland’s most turbulent time of 1745.

It is with great pride and pleasure that Sass3 shares a unique interview with Morayo and Moyo Akande, the writer and actresses of the film 1745. We are proud to feature their story as we discuss their inspiration for this project, the importance of reflecting on this invisible piece of Scotland’s historical past, and how this film challenges all of what we understood about this time period. Come travel with us to the past as we explore the true realities that surrounded this significant year, while also sharing Morayo and Moyo Akande’s journey to acknowledge this important yet unknown piece of history.

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Mission Inn: Back In Time With The Frasers Venue

In a previous blog, we shared about our experience at the Back In Time With The Frasers event held at The Mission Inn in Riverside, California. Here we will go into more detail about this beautiful and historical hotel.

Plaque photo taken by Sass3 at Mission Inn.

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A Voyage to the Past at Green Dragon Tavern and Museum

“America,” I said softly. “The New World.” The pulse beneath my fingers had quickened, echoing my own.  A new world.  Refuge. Freedom.

~Claire Fraser

Voyager by Diana Gabaldon, Chapter 63

History – it’s all around us.  While in school we may not have fully appreciated it, but, as adults, we can see the importance of it, and even come to enjoy it.

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Fashion Fit for Royalty

I have always loved the costume designs detailed in Outlander. The first costume display I had seen was during season 1, where many of the iconic costumes were on display in Los Angeles. They were beautiful and authentic to the time period, even specifically weathered to make them more realistic. Seeing this exhibit made me truly appreciate the attention to detail and level of artistry displayed in Terry Dresbach’s designs. Nothing truly compares to her work. She was able to integrate the natural beauty of the landscape and culture into each design. It was breathtaking to say the least!

Claire and Jaime's wedding attire in Outlander season 1
Claire and Jaime’s wedding attire in Outlander season 1

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Furniture Fit for an Outlander King

Photo taken by sass3journey.com illustrating the view from the upper courtyard.

The Getty Center, located in Los Angeles, is a unique destination that was a must see! The architecture of the museum is as unique as the exhibits held inside. Before entering the museum, I first had to explore the Central Garden.  It can be described as a natural, living work of art that incorporates over 500 plant varieties that constantly change with the seasons.  A must see! Continue reading Furniture Fit for an Outlander King