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Classic Homemade Scones Just In Time For The Holidays

Finally, Quinn was obliged to draw breath, giving Jamie the chance to stick a word in edgewise.

“No,” he said definitely. “Not for all the tea in China.”

Quinn’s long face creased in puzzlement. “China? What’s China got to do with it, for all love?”

Ah. Another of Claire’s sayings, then. He tried again. “I mean I will not try to persuade my uncle Alexander to pry this thing out of FitzGibbons’s hands.”

-Jamie & Quinn

-The Scottish Prisoner, byDiana Gabaldon, Chapter 3

Who doesn’t love the wealth of sayings that are elicited from Claire Randall Fraser during moments of frustration, passion, or to share points of humor? Better yet, we love it even more when Jamie attempts to utilize her quick responses and statements as his own,  such as this one found in The Scottish Prisoner. Isn’t it remarkable to think about how a literary character can become so appreciated and admired by avid readers and series audiences alike? With Diana Gabaldon’s poetic words and the Starz team’s uncanny ability to capture the best qualities of these beloved personalities, there is cause for so much celebration! To honor one of our favorite heroines, we have chosen to revel in the gallant nature that comprises Claire Randall Fraser in order to celebrate her strength, ingenuity, compassion, and dedication to her family. As mothers and wives, we can certainly relate to her on many levels – particularly in providing and caring for those we each hold most dear to us. It is the personal connection Jamie and Claire have to each other and their family that reminds us that there will always be this shared perspective that continues to link the 18th and 21st century:

“If you have the love of family, a few dear friends, food on the table, and a roof over your head – you are richer than you think.”


As we enjoy the magic of this holiday season, why not try one of our favorite recipes that is guaranteed to bring your entire family or dearest friends to your own hearth. Preparing the table in traditional holiday fashion will bring your own clan closer together, just as Claire and Jamie often did for theirs. This particular recipe is a family favorite that was found hidden in my mum’s collection. Baking is a favorite past time for us and always brings us closer together across generations. We have made these scones on many occasions and they never disappoint!

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