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OakOasis Preserve: An Outlander MPC Nature Walk

San Diego is known for its friendly people and great weather. There’s sunshine all year long, even during the “winter” months. When you add hiking trails to the mix, it is an ideal place for anyone who enjoys the outdoors.

With the growth of Sam Heughan’s popularity, many Outlander fans are inspired by his healthy and active lifestyle. His My Peak Challenge has motivated people to get in shape, following his diet and workout plan. Those who participate in Sam’s MPC also mimic his love for nature while exercising. In today’s blog, we at Timeless Sass3nach Journeys honor Mr. Heughan’s program by sharing a trail walk we completed at the OakOasis Preserve.

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The Peak Posse SoCal MPC 5K Brunch

Keeping fit is a goal so many of us have. When you combine Sam Heughan’s My Peak Challenge (MPC) with The Peak Posse SoCal friends, it is just down-right delightful – not to mention fun!

Some members of The Peak Posse SoCal (a division of The Peak Posse which is world-wide) gathered together for a 5K and brunch event in Southern California. Of course, Sass3 joined in on the opportunity to participate.

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San Diego 5-Peak Challenge

As part of Sam Heughan’s My Peak Challenge (MPC), a group of us in San Diego decided to do the Mission Trails Regional Park’s 5-Peak Challenge.  The goal is to hike to the summit of 5 peaks, take a photo with the sign, submit the photos and get a certificate and pin.

San Diego has many wonderful trails to hike, but so many people go to Cowles Mountain.  The Mission Trails Regional Park wanted to make the community aware of other trails in order to lessen the traffic on Cowles and to make people aware of other trails in the area. Continue reading San Diego 5-Peak Challenge