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Whiskey Tasting with Our Jamies

Back in September 2016, we posted a great article about going whiskey tasting with our husbands.  To honor Saint Patrick’s Day, we thought we would repost it.  We also hope to reintroduce a great place for whiskey  – enjoy the read!

Fraser didn’t ask but poured them each a dram of whisky, warm-smelling and smoke-tinged. There was something comfortable in drinking whisky in company, no matter how bad the whisky. Or the company, for that matter.

—Roger MacKenzie

Written in My Own Hearts Blood by Diana Gabaldon,

Chapter 31

Of course, today our company was the best and the whiskey was right in line with the quality of our companionship. We, Sass3, took our Jamies – our wonderful husbands – out whiskey tasting together on a triple date.  The men whom we just adore are loving, supportive, honorable, and caring – the Jamies of our lives who tolerate our fanatic worship of Outlander and who say with endearment, “Yes, dear…” every time we ask to attend another Outlander gathering or event. How could we not cherish them?   So, our intimate group spent an afternoon savoring some spirits and took pleasure in simply being together.

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