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Our Thanksgivings for Outlander and Beyond

This time of year is full of activity – shopping, Black Friday deals, Cyber Monday mayhem, cooking, and baking. It’s an extremely busy holiday with very little downtime, and we know you can relate. However, as Thanksgiving approaches, we ponder upon things for which we are grateful: family, friendship, our passion, and our health. Our year has been fortunate so, in today’s blog, Sass3 would like to express gratitude for all that we have accomplished, especially through Outlander!

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Find a Piece of Outlander at Britex Fabrics

Have you ever found yourself exploring a new city and then become awestruck by an unexpected finding?  That is what happened to me on my most recent trip to San Francisco, California.  This trip was meant to be a getaway to a big city, introducing my children to all the joys of San Francisco.  I relished the opportunity to share my favorite activities and expose them to new experiences.   From cable car rides to appreciating architecture and art – we found ourselves making memories that would last a lifetime!  However, it was our interest in exploring a quaint street in the heart of Union Square that led me to one of my most memorable experiences.  I found myself facing the back entrance to the world-renowned Britex Fabrics!

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A Cherished Moment With Terry Dresbach

Who motivates you?  I find myself constantly inspired by many people around me, as well as the creative minds behind the authenticity of Outlander itself.  From costumes to set design, I continue to be amazed by their innovation, drive for their craft, and their willingness to share their vision and inspiration of specific pieces with fans.


Watching the process from afar has been a pleasant journey.  However, when I had the opportunity to meet someone I greatly admire, I was filled with excitement that was beyond words.  Needless to say, I struggled to maintain my composure during a brief conversation with one person who absolutely moves me:  the beautiful and talented Terry Dresbach.

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Emmy Nominated Outlander Costumes at FIDM



On Saturday, August 27th, Sass3 headed north to FIDM, Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, to see the Outlander Costumes.  Back in July, initially we viewed the huge costume exhibit at the Paley Media Center in Beverly Hills; however, some of the pieces were not available.  For this road trip to FIDM, we were particularly interested in seeing Claire Fraser’s “Dior” dress. Continue reading Emmy Nominated Outlander Costumes at FIDM

We hear the call of Terry’s Costumes!

Have you been hearing the call of the Outlander Costumes like we have?  Well, when Terry Dresbach’s Outlander costumes became available for viewing at the Paley Center in Beverly Hills, once again and without hesitation, we dropped everything and answer that call. Here’s our our adventure. Continue reading We hear the call of Terry’s Costumes!