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Favorite Moments Of 2016

As we close 2016, we decided to take a moment to appreciate the positive experiences this year has offered us.  As three professional women, with families, we balance work, busy schedules, and taking time to go out and experience all that the Outlander fandom has to offer.  We have loved our time going to Outlander events, as there is no better way to get through Droughtlander than being with others who have your same addiction.  Sharing our adventures in all things Outlander was our motivation to start this blog.  We have enjoyed having a place to talk about our love for the books, author, show, cast, and crew.   As we begin the festivities to celebrate the new year, we wanted to take time to reflect on our favorite memories of 2016.  Come take a look at some of our favorite moments!

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When The Starlight Ends, A Weekend Journey to Venice Beach, CA

We are fortunate enough that we can hop in our car and drive to Los Angeles for Outlander fan-centered events.  For this journey we were headed to The Other Venice Film Festival.  There we would get to see Adam Sigal‘s independent film, When The Starlight Ends (WTSE), starring  Arabella Oz and our beloved Sam Heughan.


Since the event spanned over 2 days, we had plenty of time to play tourists in Venice Beach, CA.  In doing so, we also got in plenty of walking which we chalked up to be part of My Peak Challenge.

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A Fan’s Experience Meeting Sam Heughan

It’s every Outlander fan’s dream to meet the handsome Sam Heughan and when we heard our San Diegan friend had met him, we just squeed!  Here is the story of a regular gal, like you and us, spending time with Sam.

When the Starlight Ends

Sam Surprises Tiffany!
Oh my gosh! It’s Sam Heughan!

I wish I could say that I have been an avid Outlander fan since the early 90’s when Diana Gabaldon first started this amazing series. I was only three when the first book was published. I first heard of the Scottish time travel story in 2014 when Starz announced a new series called Outlander. After watching the first half of season one, I knew I was hooked. I read Outlander and A Dragonfly in Amber during my first droughtlander. Continue reading A Fan’s Experience Meeting Sam Heughan