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Our Top 10 Things to Do on World Outlander Day!

To many people June 1st is a day to signal the start of summer, but to us it’s a special date to recognize our all-time cherished book and TV series, Outlander! As fans, we automatically celebrate this day not only rereading and discussing favorite passages from our best-loved novel, but also re-watching Seasons 1 and 2. Today we honor Outlander by sharing Sass3‘s top 10 things to do.

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Jamie Fraser’s Leather Coat: From Request to Reality

 Happy World Outlander Day!

Outlander is celebrating it’s twenty-sixth year on June 1st. ♥ The unique storytelling abilities of Diana Gabaldon are priceless. With a single stroke, she captures our imagination, creates an irreversible emotional connection, and opens the door to a new world that can not be singly defined. As we watch the books get skillfully adapted to the screen, there is no doubt that the attachment to this series will become inevitably stronger.

As we honor this special day, we were ecstatic to learn that AbbyShot is also acknowledging World Outlander Day with the commencement of pre-orders for their newest masterpiece: Jamie Fraser’s Leather Coat! With so many reasons to celebrate, today seemed like the perfect opportunity for us, Sass3, to sit down with each other to talk about our natural love for all things Outlander. After all, we still surprise ourselves at the plethora of times we drop everything – leaving our family, even our careers – just to experience Outlander! However, our love of attending events would not be complete without wearing the clothing and accessories that illustrate our appreciation for this dynamic series.

Join us as we spend time discussing our bond to Outlander, our appreciation for the original costume designs, and our new found attachment to AbbyShot‘s newest fan memorabilia – Jamie Fraser’s Leather Coat. ♥

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